A former passenger details what it’s like inside the missing Titan submersible

As per a previous traveler, the lost underwater vehicle, which was en route to observe the remains of the Titanic, depends on various commercially available components, such as a gaming controller for navigation. However, it is also furnished with multiple mechanisms that can resurface it in case of an urgent situation.

In November, David Pogue, the correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning, embarked on the OceanGate Titan for a task and remarked that it felt akin to riding in a “minivan lacking seats.”

He informed NPR on Tuesday, “And while you’re touring the Titanic, you alternate gazing through the porthole.” “There are a couple of computer monitors and there exists a solitary circular window at the conclusion, approximately 21 inches in diameter.”

“It performs precisely what we require and it is a proven, highly dependable element. His justification is that although it may appear inexpensive and consumer-oriented, it possesses the appropriate controls and buttons to move in various directions. The submarine is operated by Stockton Rush, who is both the designer and CEO of the submarine, and he serves as one of the two pilots.”

The main thing, though, is that we designed the carbon fiber tube in conjunction with NASA and the University of Washington, with the intention of it being a failsafe.

As of Tuesday evening, the ongoing international rescue mission to locate the submarine and the five individuals aboard continued.

In an interview with NPR’s Mary Louise Pogue, details about what it’s like preparing to travel on Titan, and the potential scenarios that current riders might encounter, have been discussed.

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This interview has been slightly modified for the purpose of reducing its length and enhancing its clarity.

Key moments from the interview

Regarding the preparations made for his journey on the Titan.

If something goes awry, there’s not a great deal you can accomplish since that’s essentially the end of it. We rehearsed donning and removing fire masks and a fire extinguisher, which constitutes the sole protective equipment within the Titan itself. We familiarized ourselves with its components. We were granted extensive tours of both the interior and exterior of the Titan.

Even in the event of unconsciousness, individuals can be brought to the water’s surface, where the sandbags can be released and the hooks securing them can be dissolved after a specific period of time. This means that there is a safety mechanism in place, even if all passengers are unconscious or if there is a power outage. Some of these methods still function. The sub can reduce its weight by discarding its legs, utilize the thrusters, inflate a balloon, discard lead pipes, and release sandbags. Redundancy is employed to ensure multiple options for resurfacing. In total, there are seven distinct methods to reach the surface, allowing for a successful ascent.

Regarding the reason behind the current inability to locate the missing ship.

It would truly be a horrifying situation to be trapped and adrift, unable to escape. Without the help of an external team, there is no way to exit. The fact that there are 18 bolts securing you from the outside adds to the tragedy. Currently, they are floating somewhere on the surface, their exact location unknown. Finding it amidst hundreds of miles of turbulent seas seems like an impossible task for an aircraft. The entire ocean is covered in whitecaps, while the submarine itself is also white. The waves reach a height of six feet. Honestly, we are completely clueless. I mean, we have no idea.

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Regarding the difficulties he encountered during his journey.

It’s been a season of zero, and they typically only manage to get down once or twice in those five days. These expeditions by OceanGate, where they spend five days over the shipwreck [Titanic], make up each of these dives. I’ve learned that these dives rarely go as planned. However, I didn’t see it coming, and I was crushed and devastated when we had to abort the dive. Then, we ran into a mechanical problem and descended 37 feet. The trip was not smooth.

What motivates individuals to embark on a voyage aboard the Titan, notwithstanding the risks involved?

These paragraphs essentially comprised a list of ways in which you could be permanently disabled or killed. I mean, it would make your toes curl. I will tell you when we boarded the vessel surface, we signed waivers. There is no governing body, so these dives take place in international waters.

This lifestyle is a risk, you are aware. However, not all of us may relate to it. It is a lifestyle that appeals to wealthy adrenaline enthusiasts who thrive on taking risks, not to the general public or travel companies. Therefore, this is exclusive.

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