How 2 inmates were able to escape from a Philadelphia prison, according to court documents

Two inmates in Philadelphia planned and executed an escape by enlisting the help of a lookout inside the prison, who acted as a quick call to Uber and a fence to create a hole in the prison.

Hurst Ameen and Grant Nasir are now in custody, charged with four more offenses, as three individuals stated during the investigation that this occurred on the tenth day after the initial arrest.

As per the records acquired by CNN, Hurst, who was 18 years old, placed a call from within the correctional facility three hours prior to his escape from the Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center.

Someone answered the call and then handed the phone to a “stranger male.”

“Meet at the bridge located behind (the correctional facility),” Hurst informed the individual on the recorded call.

Following that phone call, the getaway was a success.

Grant and Hurst slipped out of their cells around 8:30 p.M. On May 7th, crawled to the shower area of their cell block, and waited to give Huerta Flores-Jose a clear affidavit.

Grant and Hurst hurriedly made their way into the night, overcoming additional barriers and climbing over two layers of barbed wire. They then cut a hole in the prison fence, sneaked out through it, and made their escape.

Nearly all of this was caught on camera, though Philadelphia law enforcement did not notice for nearly 19 hours, court documents say.

Mayor Jim Kenney visibly expressed his frustration on Monday, stating, “It is evident that the system failed and people were not able to do what they were supposed to do.”

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Philadelphia prisoners apprehended; four additional individuals accused of aiding their escape and elude apprehension.

Evade prison and avoid being captured by assisting in their escape, as they now face additional charges. Four more people are involved in the escape and evasion.

At the end of the call, Hurst recorded saying “Love you Xiang.” According to the documents, Hurst called the number belonging to 21-year-old Xianni Stalling prior to her escape on Sunday afternoon.

Stalling’s name was also used to book an Uber ride for Grant and Hurst after the pair called Uber to escape from the prison and drove away to an intersection more than two miles from South Philadelphia in address.

Police say that Hurst and Abrams are associated. According to court documents, police have identified Michael Abrams, who goes by the nickname “Mike,” as someone named Hurst during the incident. Police also state that Hurst and Abrams are connected to the same gang.

Authorities pursued numerous leads during their search for Hurst and Grant, and the investigation covered Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware.

Grant was found after three days of escaping in Philadelphia, disguised as a Muslim female wearing a head covering and full garb, as per the service marshals in the US.

The aforementioned service facilitates the voluntary surrender of Hurst, an 18-year-old member of an old family, who managed to escape after nine days.

Amir Woods, together with his sibling, Hurst, was apprehended without any trouble as marshals visited a dwelling where they suspected Hurst would be concealing himself and apprehended him boarding a vehicle with his mother and brother after negotiations fell through and the family failed to meet three deadlines to surrender Hurst.

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Flores-Huerta was charged with two felonies related to escaping the prison, while Woods, Abrams, and Stalling were each charged with four felonies related to aiding in the escape. Similarly, Woods, Abrams, and Stalling were also charged with four felonies each for allegedly assisting in the felonies.

CNN is requesting input from lawyers concerning Woods, Grant, and Hurst, while attorneys are delaying in response to the rejected Huerta, Flores, and Abrams.

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