12 Nude Instagram Accounts You Have To Follow

Can we only tell the future? Hoping that our nude travel account can remain under the radar of evil Instagram spies during this time. So, we swallowed our pride and dried our tears. We need to keep appearing nude on Instagram to maintain our presence in mainstream social media. But if we want to continue promoting naturism outside of the world, we realized that we need to keep our clothes on. However, we hadn’t really figured out a way to do that yet, so we almost bought a ticket to Silicon Valley to show off some butt or kick some butt. We were angry, sad, helpless, and speechless. Until today, we still haven’t completely recovered from the shock of our nakedwanderings@account Instagram being suddenly banned.

We are more determined than ever to use Instagram as a channel to promote nudism and show some amazing nudes to other nudists. We gain strength in terms of social media followers. We face the same problems as others who promote nudity and the acceptance of the nude body in general. We are not alone in this, fortunately.

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Everyday Nude Life Instagram Accounts

@a.naked.girl – A Naked Girl

Stella is one of the most popular influencers on Instagram who shares nude photos. You will find her walking naked in the woods or cutting the grass, and painting her house. She showcases the beauty of living in the nude, both in her garden and in her home. Stella started her Instagram account after being inspired by @getnakedaustralia mentioned earlier.

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@our.naked.story – Our Naked Story

Last year, Liz and Blake started their Instagram account, and we don’t yet know where they will be going, as they are an active Californian couple who literally live in a nudist resort. We know that they enjoy doing average things or enjoying the nature of nearby national parks.


@the.naked.farmer – The Naked Farmer

If you thought farming was not a cool job, you might reconsider after taking a serious look at Ben Brooksby’s website and Instagram account, where he aims to promote mental health issues in his country and around the world.

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@Nude_yogagirl – Nude Yoga Girl

Even if yoga is not your thing, you can still consider the girl in her twenties with the Instagram account “yoga_nude@” as a mother who is into naked yoga. Within a span of 3 years, she has been able to gain more than 850 thousand followers and attract lots of yogis from around the world. Additionally, you might enjoy the amazing landscapes she captures on her account.

@nakedinmotion – Naked In Motion

Merveille Willow is the woman who introduced naked yoga classes in New York City. She also focuses on empowering all sexual orientations and genders, and she battles against body shame in addition to teaching naked pilates and yoga.

@kemeticyogi – Kemetic Yogi

During one of his retreats at EcoParque da Mata in Brazil, we encountered an Atlanta-based yoga teacher who arranges naked yoga sessions and spiritual getaways worldwide, following a fascinating individual.

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Are you aware that we know about the embarrassing comments you made in this section? Also, have you forgotten that you have your own Instagram account where you have posted your favorite nude photos?

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Nude Travel Instagram Accounts

@naturistgirl – naturist girl

She loves to travel to natural places where she can enjoy her relaxing time in the nude. You’ll find her snapshots on her account as she travels to Croatia and Thailand, just behind the corner park.


@Naturistdan – Dan Carlson

If someone has been to naturist places in different parts of the world, we hate to say it, but they must be @Naturistdan themselves. However, he hasn’t crossed your path yet, so you can also see his Instagram account. They have seen him butt naked in South Africa, Greece, and Australia, and even from the USA.

@n_wanderings – Naked Wanderings

If there is an Instagram account that you like to follow, it’s @n_wanderings. It’s one of our new courses, and it depends on your life if you want to follow it. Keep following @n_wanderings around the world to get inspiration for your next naked vacation. And of course, it’s just a silly joke to laugh with. It’s up to you.

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Nudist Feature Instagram Accounts

@getnakedaustralia – Get Naked Australia

This account has been featuring people who are happy being nude in Australia for a long time, with the goal of normalizing nudism and nudity. However, a significant portion of naked Aussie butts must appear on @getnakedaustralia.

@naked.in.nature – Naked In Nature

If you need some inspiration about great places to drop your pants or find amazing photo ideas, surely you’ll find them here. The best place to enjoy yourself in the nude is definitely in a natural environment.

@Mynudebeaches – myNudeBeaches.com

Additionally, you can discover a remarkable compilation of the finest nude beaches from all around the world, where you have the opportunity to wipe the sand off your buttocks. Moreover, the name @Mynudebeaches uniquely associates with thoughts of enjoying skinny-dips, watching the sunset in the nude, and embracing the essence of summer.


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