World News | ‘No chance’ Charles will meet Harry for ‘peace talks,’ with William adamantly opposed: report

According to insiders at Buckingham Palace, a report dismissing the official visit of Prince Harry to France next month, where he is expected to have some in-person time at the Invictus Games in Europe, with King Charles III, has been rescheduled.

The Daily Beast reported that, as per the OK! Magazine, Charles was desiring to have a meeting with Harry in London on September 17th in order to initiate the process of resolving the negative sentiments between them. As stated in the OK! Report, Harry would make a stop in the United Kingdom after overseeing the Invictus Games in Dusseldorf, Germany. However, individuals within the palace dismissed the notion that the monarch would rearrange his schedule for such a meeting, especially considering the significance of an important state visit. Nonetheless, they acknowledge that he is always receptive to the idea of reconciling with his rebellious second son.

FILE - Britain
Britain’s Prince William and Britain’s Prince Harry walk beside each other after viewing the floral tributes for the late Queen Elizabeth II outside Windsor Castle, in Windsor, England, Saturday, Sept. 10, 2022. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner, File)

According to Tom Sykes, a correspondent for the Royal Beast Daily, Prince William is facing another roadblock. “Tête-à-tête.” “There is a chance for William to agree” “Harry is not involved in the talks” “If Charles was to open peace talks, even on day one, it would be engaging.”

“Charles will not be encountering Harry and neither will William. Absolutely no possibility. He feels completely deceived by what Harry penned about him in the book and expressed about him on Netflix,” a close associate of William’s informed the Daily Beast.

“As recounted in Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’, he had flown from California to the U.K. In April 2021 for Prince Philip’s funeral. The opening scene of the memoir reveals the details of Harry’s last meeting with his beloved younger brother, William, which is widely known.”

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“Elaborate on my perspective,” Harry penned. He described his enthusiasm and anxiety. As per Harry, this gathering occurred in a regal cemetery within the premises of Windsor Castle. “Discover an escape route,” Harry wrote, and to discuss the current situation, my dad, and my elder sibling, Willy, I had requested this clandestine rendezvous at that time.

Harry’s brother and father arrived together, strolling side by side, exuding an almost intimidating aura and appearing prepared for a confrontation. Harry mentioned William as his “ultimate rival” in the chapter and had no intention of listening to anything he had to say.

“Please, boys — do not turn my last years into a torment,” Pa positioned himself amidst us, gazing up at our blushing countenances. “That’s sufficient!” He elevated his hands. Harry inscribed, “It became so intense that he and I started bickering, uttering some of the identical things we had uttered for months — years. After he had silenced me on numerous occasions.”

ORG XMIT: LON123 Prince Charles accompanies his youngest son Prince Harry to Eton College, west of London, Wednesday, Sept. 2, 1998, where the teenage Prince will be a boarder with his older brother, Prince William. Eton college is the elite boarding school favored by the aristocracy for centuries and is just across the River Thames from Windsor Castle, a weekend base for the princes
Prince Charles accompanies his youngest son Prince Harry to Eton College, west of London, Wednesday, Sept. 2, 1998, where the teenage Prince will be a boarder with his older brother, Prince William. .(AP Photo/ Martyn Hayhow)

His brother William is now completely disgusted by what his brother has done, and it is understandable that he feels very, very sad. Kate also criticized Harry for his actions. The way he has brought up his children has been criticized by both Harry and Kate. It is a total violation of his privacy, and it is literally William’s worst nightmare. Just look at it as a ‘Spare.’ Ultimately, he can only do what he can do. But it has been very painful for William. They were very close growing up, so it feels like a betrayal. A friend of William’s previously told the outlet that his brother actually hates him if William’s friend Sykes asked.

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  • The Daily Beast told a friend in June that the Duke of Sussex caused physical pain and anguish to his 96-year-old grandmother when she was dying, by airing certain grievances against certain members of the royal family and the institution she represented for 70 years. Even a friend of the late queen, who had a special relationship with his grandmother, questioned Harry’s claim that he had a “special” relationship with her. Meghan Markle and Harry expressed dismay at the criticisms of the royal family in their six-part Netflix series “Spare” and their friends have also expressed their dismay since the death of Queen Elizabeth II nearly a year ago.

    The recent removal of the honorific “HRH” from Prince Harry’s title by the royal family’s website, and the subsequent eviction of him and his wife from Frogmore Cottage, demonstrate his willingness to cut ties with certain family affairs. The Daily Beast also reported that Prince Charles continues to express a conciliatory tone when discussing Meghan and Harry, stating that the king has no expectations for their return. Despite these developments, there are ongoing reports that the queen always hoped for a reconciliation with her American daughter-in-law and son.

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    According to a friend who spoke to the Daily Beast, the friend stated, “The king has a deep affection for both his sons and is always available to Harry. However, I doubt they will have a meeting on Sept. 17. The king will be busy getting ready for his official trip to France.” The friend also mentioned that the king has no intention of altering his plans for the sake of Harry.

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