Mujeres metodistas fundaron el Día de las Madres en Estados Unidos

The formation of a peaceful world, the role of a mother is important, and it is emphasized to honor a mother’s love on a day created by Methodists, a mother and her daughter, who worked. The women who originated the idea wanted the complete opposite of commercialism and all that money spent on the American celebration in honor of Mother’s Day, which falls on the second Sunday of May, according to statistics.

In the late 19th century in the United States, other women, such as Julia Ward Howe and Julieta Calhoun Blakely, also advocated for a recognition, similar to Mother’s Day. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a document officially establishing the second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day in the United States. On that same day, there was also another event for Mother’s Day at one of Wanamaker’s retail stores in Philadelphia. In May 1908, Anna Jarvis organized the first official day of celebration for Mother’s Day at a Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. Before the official holiday for mothers existed in the United States, a Methodist mother had organized the “Mother’s Friendship Day,” where mothers gathered with former soldiers from the Civil War (which occurred between the North and the South of the United States) to promote reconciliation. In the late 1860s.

We request Harriet Olson, the present executive director of the United Methodist Women, and Donna Miller, the archivist of the historical United Methodist Church of St. George, to provide us with additional information regarding the women responsible for this occasion.


Harriet Olson, the present executive director of United Methodist Women, stated that when Ann Jarvis was striving to establish Mother’s Day as a nationwide occasion, and when her daughter pursued the same objective, they were not contemplating cards or flowers.

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Narrator: They wanted to honor mothers in a deeper way.

Olson Harriet: “They believed they were in the work of women and the testimony that women could provide about the necessity of peace.”

The hardships experienced by children and mothers during the 1860s resulted in the establishment of women’s organizations focused on serving society. Ann Jarvis and Reeves played important roles as storytellers.

“The needs of women and children could be seen there. Ann was in a coal mining area, which is now West Virginia. Women would gather with sisters in their respective areas to address their needs. Ann could witness the impact of the economy of that time on the people she cared about most directly.”

Donna Miller, the administrator and archivist of the Historic United Methodist Church of San Jorge, initiated the establishment of mother’s clubs where she discussed various topics such as the significance of ensuring that feverish infants remain hydrated, as well as matters related to hygiene and nutrition. Subsequently, the Civil War emerged, prompting the establishment of a field hospital in close proximity to the Grafton community.

Narrator: Ann recruited nurses for military hospitals, and after the war, she formed friendship societies to promote reconciliation.

Ann Jarvis was convinced that the mothers and women who were focused and clear in their powerful voices originated Mother’s Day in the United States as their efforts were so concentrated. They could see the devastation caused by the war on their husbands and children, which is why they worked for peace.

In Philadelphia, Ann Jarvis and her daughter Anna became members of St. George’s Episcopal Methodist Church as they grew older. The most important thing was always their faith. Narrator:

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Donna Miller: “Anna acted as a Sunday school educator in San Jorge. However, she is most recognized for her endeavors in establishing Mother’s Day recognized, which is presently a nationwide commemoration. Together with John Wanamaker, a renowned entrepreneur from this region, they succeeded in persuading President Woodrow Wilson to endorse the petition.”

Ann, más tarde, imaginó el Día de las Madres como un día especial en el que estaría en contra de que se volviera demasiado comercial. Se imaginó a sí misma asistiendo o visitando juntas iglesia, y enviando un clavel, una flor económica cuyos pétalos están firmemente unidos como símbolo de amor maternal, a su madre. Ella mantuvo su propósito de ser una madre fiel que nunca llegaría a ser como Anna Jarvis, hija de la celebración, cuyo propósito de la celebración del Día de las Madres era llegar a ser madre.

Donna Miller: She was displeased with the individuals who transformed this significant occasion into a commercial establishment. Therefore, she had a plethora of things to express to the Hallmark store. She also had numerous remarks for the Salvation Army, which began vending carnations. Initially, when she adopted carnations as the emblem of Mother’s Day, they were being sold for a mere few cents. However, the price swiftly escalated to one dollar and fifty cents, and eventually to two dollars each, as individuals realized they could profit from carnations. Her critiques of Hallmark are genuinely commendable. She declared, “How can one be so indolent as to simply purchase someone else’s sentiments for their mother? This day of the year should be dedicated to sitting down and sincerely conveying one’s thoughts about their mother. Furthermore, I enjoy enlightening children about her, as the history of the church is not solely about ministers. It is about the congregation, the people who constitute the church. I firmly believe that they served as an exemplary illustration of such individuals. Additionally, encouraging children to contemplate their mothers is always a virtuous act.”

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August 5th is celebrated in Costa Rica. December 8th is in Panama. The third Sunday of October is Mother’s Day in Argentina. May 30th is celebrated in Nicaragua. Mother’s Day in Bolivia is on May 27th. May 15th is in Paraguay. May 10th is in Mexico, El Salvador, and Guatemala. The second Sunday of May is celebrated in Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Venezuela. The first Sunday of May is celebrated in Spain and the Dominican Republic.

Mother’s Day is celebrated in various countries around the world.

Several days of celebration, known as Antrosht, are observed in Ethiopia to honor motherhood. During this feast, families come together to eat a great meal and sing songs in the autumn. In Thailand, Mother’s Day is celebrated in August to commemorate the birthday of Queen Sirikit.

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