Who is Sumner Stroh: Adam Levine’s alleged mistress

Stroh, a 23-year-old individual from Texas, caused a stir in the entertainment industry on Monday by sharing a video containing purported screenshots from the popular musician Maroon 5, who is 43 years old. Levine, who is presently in a marital relationship with Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo, aged 34, and has two children with her, supposedly expressed his desire to name their upcoming baby Sumner.

Is it really serious that Sumner, the boy whose name you wanna know, wrote “question serious Ok” in an Instagram message? And apparently, Levine wrote “question serious Ok” in the same Instagram message, expressing the possibility of having another baby.

“In the previous year,” Stroh informed Page Six that their alleged affair took place. She commented, “Physical, indeed, but I’m not revealing any additional information.”

Levine’s representative refused to provide any further statement apart from the singer’s Instagram post where he denied the alleged romantic involvement.

The Post also contacted Stroh’s representative for a statement.

An Instagram and OnlyFans model rocked the world with allegations of an affair with Adam Levine.
An Instagram and OnlyFans model rocked the entertainment world with allegations of an affair with Levine.
Instagram/Sumner Stroh

In July 2021, she succumbed to the decision to launch an OnlyFans. Stroh, a 23-year-old Texas native who relocated to LA, initially started modeling – primarily alluring bikini photographs – on Instagram, where she presently boasts 382,000 followers and growing.

“I gave in hahah,” she wrote on Instagram at the moment. “What you’ve all been requesting is finally available!!!!!!!!”.

Users can obtain “VIP” privileges by tipping $100, enjoying engaging and stimulating benefits. Stroh, an alumnus of the University of Texas who recently showcased herself in a Longhorns jersey, primarily promotes her OnlyFans account through captivating photos, currently available for free, featuring a total of 257 posts.

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A year ago, Stroh was also active on YouTube, with more than 6,000 followers, showcasing paradise beach destinations like Mexico and Antigua through vlogs on travel, fashion, and beauty.

Sumner Stroh alleged she was involved with singer Adam Levine last year.
Stroh alleged she was involved with Levine last year.
Instagram/Sumner Stroh

Verge Agency represents both her X-rated and G-rated content equally.

Stroh has also been very involved on TikTok, with nearly 400,000 followers. It’s the platform where she made the Levine accusations.

Aside from the scandalous recent clips, a significant portion of her TikTok content revolves around fashion and nonnarrated modeling. Despite previously griping about the lack of music and alcohol service at Disneyland, she finds the platform to be filled with “kids screaming.”

Sumner Stroh has a huge TikTok presence and revealed the allegations on the platform.
Stroh has a huge TikTok presence and revealed the allegations on the platform.
Instagram/Sumner Stroh

Particularly on videos that are not supporting her argument, TikTokers have criticized Stroh severely for the role she asserts she had in Levine’s romantic life following the alleged disclosures.

Last August, Stroh captioned a video where she’s got her finger on her mouth “*a little toxic* or I don’t want it.”.

“**Some users responded that they are not interested if they are married with children,**” one user replied.

Sumner Stroh posted alleged messages between her and singer Adam Levine that implied an affair.
Stroh posted alleged messages between her and the singer that implied an affair.
Instagram/Sumner Stroh

Other sleuths allegedly believe that he reached out to name her baby in reference to Levine, as they found a video on her page from 27 May.

Leo, don’t mess with us. We always take three steps ahead, as seen in the video where Stroh’s face appears with the caption “on game”.

“Well, now we understand the context of this,” one user commented on Monday.

Fans now think Stroh teased her alleged affair with Levine on TikTok.
Fans now think Stroh teased her alleged affair with Levine on TikTok.
Instagram/Sumner Stroh

However, that is not the only video fans are finding suspicious at the moment.

Stroh previously mentioned her zodiac sign in a video on September 29, 2021, during the period of the alleged romantic involvement.

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That video is titled “when you’re their initial lion.”

“GOD,” one user remarked on Monday. It received 48 likes.

Adam Levine denied he had an affair with Stroh.
Levine denied he had an affair with Stroh.
Patrick McMullan via Getty Image

Stay updated with the news about Adam Levine by following the coverage of the New York Post.

  • Adam Levine allegedly had an affair with Sumner Stroh, according to a model.
  • Adam Levine refutes allegations of a romantic involvement with model Sumner Stroh.
  • Who is Sumner Stroh: Adam Levine’s supposed lover.
  • The complete timeline of Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo’s relationship.
  • On Instagram, Stroh stated that she is “conscious that individuals will attempt to fill in the voids with numerous inaccurate presumptions.”

    Stroh said, “I don’t feel like doing any favors in this manner I’m about to go.” Hopefully, at the very least, I can find some truth in it, but it’s a lot to digest.

    In light of the accusations, Levine also turned to Instagram on Tuesday, confessing that he “went too far” with Stroh.

    Levine stated, “I demonstrated a lack of good judgment by engaging in flirtatious conversations with individuals other than my wife. Throughout a period of my life that I now regret, I exceeded the boundaries of appropriate behavior. However, I want to clarify that I did not engage in an extramarital affair. There were situations where my behavior was inappropriate. I have acknowledged this and have actively taken measures to rectify the situation within my family.”

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