What happened to Jeff and Jordan from ‘Big Brother?’

After the conclusion of the season, a romantic bond was formed between Jordan and Jeff, two former contestants of Big Brother. This alliance, which ultimately became known as a leading pair, didn’t just happen overnight, but rather developed steadily over the course of a mere few days.

In 2014, Jeff popped the question to Jordan during a unique episode of Big Brother season 14, after five years and one adventure on The Amazing Race. Just before they welcomed their first baby, Lawson Keith Schroeder, into the world, they formally got married two years later.

Let’s take a look at these two lovebirds. Today, they have a happy marriage and two children, in addition to the various responsibilities they have in their life.

In the process, when Jeff hosts the panel on DBL, he often cracks bone funny jokes, showing off his regular appearances and melting the hearts of kids and his wife, who tend to make jokes but not when he’s on the panel.

Jordan posts parenting, fashion, and beauty advice on social media

Jordan knows exactly what she’s talking about when it comes to beauty – from using Genesis PICO lasers for pigmentation treatment to eyebrow pencils, lip filler procedures, and lip gloss products recommended on social media. She has enough experience to know which ones to recommend and has experimented with them. With a naturally beautiful canvas to work on, Jordan knows a thing or two about beauty.

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Jordan specializes in all things fashion, but it’s not just makeup that garners most of the attention on her Instagram account. She loves casual spring outfits and has stellar recommendations for women who love fashion.

They are the presenters of their own podcast, Togethermess

In June 2023, Jordan and Jeff announced that they were starting a podcast called Togethermess, which revolves around the concept of the relationship and appreciation they have developed through their numerous appearances on TV reality shows such as Boot Camp, Marriage and Race, The Amazing Brother, and Big. They are not shy about attributing their success to the exposure they have received on these shows.

Without any explanation, the wife and husband occasionally spill tea, which means that even the ugly and bad things are shared here. Jordan and Jeff are the parents to two children, and they are often in the spotlight, dealing with a lot of messes.

(Attention Love Island contestants!) Jordan and Jeff, as starters, were simply trying to process and build a bond in the competition, without aiming to achieve Instagram followers or fame. Unlike other reality dating shows, their relationship on Big Brother turned into a real-life romance, which is why they also discussed their belief in the term “showmance.” The inaugural episode of Big Brother, centered around their casting process, aired in July 2023, even before they finished filming.

Here, we find ourselves in this place because we are aware of the true nature of God’s reality. If these lovebirds sneeze, we know it means there is hope on the horizon, and we selfishly hold onto that. It’s nice to know that they still have feelings for each other, despite the ever-changing climate of the entertainment industry. It’s been over a decade since Jordan and Jeff stole our hearts on Big Brother.

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