40 Deeply Symbolic Japanese Hand Tattoos

Japanese hand tattoos are essentially symbols that are tattooed onto the hands or fingers of individuals. These Japanese tattoos can be anything from abstract designs or pictures to words or characters. Although they are often done in black ink, some artists may use color to add additional meaning to their work.

You may observe hannya masks, cephalopods, or kanji tattoos adorning someone’s hands as their preferred form of ink.

Japanese hand tattoos are rich in significance and symbolism.

Tattoos often symbolize power, bravery, and strength. The dragon and tiger are two of the most popular designs.

In some cases, it may symbolize the personal power and inner strength of individuals. Tigers are often used to represent the power to burn away evil spirits and the sun.

A tattoo of a dragon can be used as an artistic design element, representing power or strength, but it can also have deeper meanings behind it.

When someone looks at your hand, it is crucial to comprehend the meaning of each symbol before getting a tattoo to avoid any future misinterpretations. Symbols such as flowers, cranes, and frogs, which are prevalent in Japanese hand tattoos, may hold significance in Japanese culture or history.

Top Japanese Hand Tattoos

Hand Tattoos Known as Irezumi

Tattoos have long been a significant part of Japan’s history, serving as symbols and artistic forms. Irezumi, the name given to hand tattoos, typically feature intricate designs that cover the entire hand. These tattoos can be found on both men and women, often used to portray one’s status within a community, such as belonging to a clan or gang.

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The design of an Irezumi typically incorporates Buddhist symbols like dragons and tigers. The dragon represents strength, while the tiger evokes courage and protection. Dragons were believed to possess magical powers and could potentially bring wealth to their owners. Tigers, on the other hand, were considered powerful creatures residing in caves filled with gold coins.

What exactly is a Japanese Hand Tattoo?

Tegaki, which is a hand-painted Japanese art form, originated in Japan. It is used to express the experiences and ideas of the wearer’s body. The practice of tegaki dates back to the Edo period (1603-1867), when it was used as a form of communication between lovers and friends.

The act of writing can also be done with symbols or images that represent something significant, such as animals or flowers, instead of using words. The writing can be done in script, kanji, or calligraphy. Tegaki is a form of writing that is created by using a brush and ink to write on one’s own skin.

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