Unarmed Black man shot 60 times as he fled Akron cops

In a barrage of gunfire, Akron law enforcement pursued and fatally shot an unarmed African American individual on foot.

The police in Akron released a video of the shooting of Walker Jayland, who was killed in a pursuit that had started with an attempted traffic stop on June 27.

Demonstrators peacefully marched through the city after the video of the Akron Justice Center was released. “The murder was a turning point, but it was stated in the NAACP President Derrick Johnson’s statement that Walker’s death was not in self-defense.”

The mayor described the shooting as “heartbreaking” while requesting patience from the community.

According to an attorney representing Walker’s family, the officers continued to shoot even when he was already down on the ground. Walker suffered over 60 injuries, although the exact number of shots fired by the eight officers remains uncertain.

According to Akron Police Chief Steve Mylett, he stated that it altered the essence of the situation from “a regular traffic stop to now a matter of public safety.” As per the police, a camera belonging to the transportation department recorded what appeared to be a flash resembling the discharge of a firearm originating from the automobile. The police stated that less than a minute into the chase, they detected the noise of a gunshot emanating from the vehicle. Around 12:30 a.M., Officers made an effort to halt Walker’s vehicle due to unspecified infractions related to traffic and equipment.

During a rapid succession of gunfire lasting approximately 6 or 7 seconds, law enforcement officers discharge their weapons from various angles before engaging in a 10-second pursuit. An individual, donning a ski mask, emerges from the passenger side of the vehicle and proceeds to sprint towards a parking lot while the car maneuvers over a curb and onto a sidewalk. A group of officers, armed and vociferously shouting, cautiously approach the decelerating vehicle on foot. The sequence of events that transpired after the approximately six-minute chase is captured in the police body camera footage.

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Police claimed that at least one officer had attempted to utilize a stun gun initially, but that proved to be ineffective.

The local police union officers, in a statement shared with reporters on Sunday, stated that they believe the number of shots fired and their actions will be justified, as they thought there was an immediate and serious threat of harm.

The police said that further investigation is needed to determine exactly how many times Walker was hit and how many rounds were fired by the officers, but more than 60 wounds were found on Walker’s body.

He stated that he is refraining from making a judgment on their actions until they provide their statements. However, it is crucial that they are held responsible and capable of expressing the exact dangers they encountered. The chief emphasized the importance of being prepared to justify their actions and articulate the specific threats they were confronted with when an officer fires at someone.

According to the police, the victim was not carrying any weapons, but a firearm was discovered in the vehicle.

The footage from the body-worn cameras, provided by the Criminal Investigation Bureau of Ohio, offers a comprehensive and objective perspective of the entire incident during which the investigation expert and the fair completed their duties at Yost General Attorney State.

Akron law enforcement is carrying out an independent internal inquiry regarding whether the officers breached department regulations or policies.

The officers involved in the shooting are on paid administrative leave, according to the Department. One of them is Black and the other is white. Their length of service with the Akron police ranges from six and a half to seven years.

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The demonstrators peacefully marched through the city after the video was released in front of the Akron Justice Center. Derrick Johnson, the President of the NAACP, participated in the protest, referring to the killing as a “murder.”

Late on Sunday, the police in full riot gear fired a dozen tear gas canisters to disperse a handful of protesters outside the justice center, as reported by WKYC-TV.

The lawyers stated, “The DiCello, Bobby attorneys, are even attempting to provide aid to Walker before the police handcuffed him, calling for peace but also seeking accountability for Walker’s family, due to the excessive and unreasonable gunfire by the police.”

“I can’t understand how we ended up in this situation with a chase,” DiCello remarked.

DiCello stated that Walker’s family is unaware of the reason behind his escape from the authorities. Walker, who recently lost his fiancée, was mourning her death, but his family did not have any other cause for worry. DiCello also mentioned that Walker was not involved in any criminal activities.

“I trust that we bear in mind that when Jayland sprinted across that parking area, he was without weapons,” DiCello expressed.

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