Dancer injured by video screen collapse at Mirror concert has only a 5 per cent chance of full recovery

Even though traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have informed him that the chances of successful treatment are low, Lee’s family has also suggested that he try acupuncture therapy. According to daily updates shared by Reverend Derek Li Shing-lam, the father of the son whose sensory nerves and vertebrae may not fully recover, there is a 95% chance (as of September 3) that his son may not fully recover from the damage. This information was translated and reported by the China South Morning Post.

Each day, with only the frigid ceiling in his field of vision, our energetic son is now immobilized on the bed. The anguish in our hearts is beyond words, each time my spouse and I stand next to Kai-yin’s bed, the clergyman penned in a poignant declaration.

Lee was left in critical condition after being hit on the head by a falling screen at the concert in Hong Kong’s Coliseum on July 28, according to a medical source from South China Morning Post. Doctors reportedly were able to stabilize his spine, although it is uncertain whether he will determine which nerves will grow back if his damaged nerves become paralyzed and intubation is required. In addition to sustaining injuries to his lungs and head, Lee was left unable to move his limbs, as his fourth and third sections of the cervical vertebrae had been dislocated, the source added.

According to a report by HK01 on (August 1), Lee has gone through two surgeries but is still in a critical state.

Mirror has not yet released a statement regarding the incident, in which three fans saw an accident unfold and were treated for shock.

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During his visit to the hospital on July 29, Lo Ting-fai, the CEO of concert promoter MakerVille, was said to have respectfully bowed and expressed his apologies to Lee and fellow dancer Chang Tsz-fung, who were both injured in the incident. According to the executive, Lee was conscious during the visit and able to communicate.

MakerVille is under investigation for a potential violation of health and safety regulations, as per reports. On August 24, it was disclosed that a task force led by Hong Kong’s Secretary for Culture, Sports, and Tourism, Kevin Yeung Yun-hung, discovered that one of the metal cables supporting the screen had broken, while the eye bolt for the other cable had also failed. However, Coconuts Hong Kong stated that the investigation did not assign blame to any party at this stage.

Yeung inquired, “If we simply adhere to the phase associated with the Mirror incident, there’s a chance we could compose a comprehensive collection of instructions and scrutinize each element. However, if these regulations are implemented to another concert, would they remain appropriate?” According to Asia One, the secretary pointed out that distributing a set of protocols for all future live performances might lead to further complications in the future. Additionally, he informed journalists on September 4th that the police required additional time for their investigations since they were interviewing numerous individuals.

If we set strict limits to innovative ideas, we must also be mindful of the need to consider one thing: we need to be careful not to hang on to something when we are over the stage. This is something we need to be sure about. For example, you need to be more cautious.

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Yeung did not reveal the identity of the contractor who was responsible for setting up the collapsed screen. Additionally, according to reports from HK01, the screen was not adequately tested during rehearsals. A staff member at the concert informed the outlet that although there were plans for the screen to be “raised up and rotating,” not all of its positions were tested during rehearsals.

The security of the entertainers was not secure, and the well-being of different organizations was also doubted, as disclosed in the explanation of the petition. Not only was the practice time inadequate, but an internet petition was established on Change.Org demanding the protection of Mirror during their performances following the occurrence.

As of the time of writing, the petition has acquired 14,747 signatures.

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