Tucker Carlson Edited Out Kanye West’s Antisemitic Rants, Leaked Footage Shows

Motherboard reported on Tuesday that despite the extensive nature of Tucker Carlson’s interview with Kanye West, which aired on both Thursday and Friday nights, it seems that the conservative television host omitted a significant amount of noteworthy footage.

In the final broadcasts, the superstar rap known as Ye casually peddling antisemitism claims, while his own children manipulate by using “fake children” to make strange statements. These segments from the omitted interview showed this.

West also disclosed that he has received the COVID-19 vaccine, a detail that the vaccine-skeptical Carlson chose to omit from the broadcast.

During Paris Fashion Week, West wore a shirt that said “White Lives Matter” while appearing with right-wing provocateur Candace Owens, which resulted in receiving negative criticism. In order to address the criticism, he was invited to appear on Carlson’s show before engaging in an anti-Semitic outburst on social media last week.

In the interview aired on Fox News, West was presented as a conservative folk hero, with concerns about mental-health issues, struggles documented, and observations on social and political matters. He was praised for his thought-provoking, profound, and captivating views.

After boldly implying that “individuals at The Gap” were aware of the Uvalde school shooting in advance, West pondered at a certain juncture, “Have I entered the realm of Alex Jones?”

“No, I believe you’re speaking truthfully and that’s acceptable if you are,” a gullible Carlson responded.

He has had both his Twitter and Instagram accounts locked. West has been under fire for openly making antisemitic threats against Jewish people, which he found “funny.” Additionally, he defended his embrace of the white supremacist slogan “White Lives Matter” in the days following the broadcast interview.

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Beside Owens, Carlson has consistently praised the rapper aligned with MAGA, while Fox News has tried to abruptly change their stance on West after his offensive remarks, completely disregarding the ensuing controversy.

Carlson expressed anti-Semitic tropes by attributing control of Diddy, a prominent hip-hop icon, to Jews. Additionally, West claimed that “JEWISH PEOPLE” were involved in an online event called “death con 3,” which Vice obtained footage of. We now know this thanks to the footage.

“When I say Jew, I mean the lost 12 tribes of Judah. These are the people who are known as the people of Christ’s blood. This is who our people are. This is my belief as a Christian, claiming that Planned Parenthood was founded alongside the KKK, after obtaining clips of Vice telling West.”

The movement of Hebrew Israelite Black has also been accused of promoting antisemitism, with claims that the assertion that Blacks are the “real” Jewish race is baseless, referring to the unfounded claims from the West that they amplify anti-abortion conspiracies.

During their conversation, at a certain moment, West apparently requested Carlson to eliminate one of his peculiar statements.

I probably want to edit that part of the final outcome, as it seems like some people might be upset or angry about it and it could be seen as a bad example.

He informed the Fox News host, “I would rather my children were knowledgeable about Hanukkah rather than Kwanzaa. At least it will involve some financial manipulation.” West also seemed to be unhappy that his kids go to a school that observes Kwanzaa, seizing the chance to throw out another overtly discriminatory stereotype against Jewish people.

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He was unable to catch a glimpse of her so that one of his children was “abducted” on her birthday, and West alleged that “phony kids” were dispatched to his residence to manipulate his own children in extra unaired footage.

In a conversation about COVID-19, West noted matter-of-factly that he is vaccinated and never made a statement that something was broadcasted. Carlson has been one of the most vocal critics of vaccines, falsely and repeatedly claiming that the shots are deadly and even dangerous to his viewers.

A representative from Fox News did not promptly reply to a comment request.

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