Reese’s Dessert Cake

Description via Reese’s: Tenderly baked chocolate cake adorned with Reese’s peanut butter filling enveloped in creamy genuine milk chocolate.

When you’re experiencing intense gas and leaving behind something that will worsen your diarrhea, take a walk inside and grab Pepto Bismol to alleviate the discomfort. This is what Banter Junk is all about.

The new Reese’s Snack Cake consists of two Reese’s flavored cakes that are shaped like heavily enhanced Twix bars.

You are not going to eat either, and there’s no way you would like them because the whole pack contains 380 calories. However, each cake only has 190 calories.

The first thing to note is that these possess a pleasant fragrance; one can discern the aroma of peanut butter diffusing through the chocolate.

Another aspect is that these objects feel quite compact, even if they’re not particularly weighty.

The chocolate covering of Yodel Drake’s or Ho-Ho Hostess is “flaky” and crisp, but it is not fluffy and soft like frosting. The final thing worth mentioning is that the chocolate exterior is similar to the surrounding chocolate of a candy bar before taking a bite.


Maybe it’s just because the chocolate cake doesn’t melt down like candy bars on the milk chocolate version. The Reese’s peanut butter creme tastes the same, salty and sweet, in the candy version as well. The chocolate cake is “soft-baked”, which feels more like a dense brownie that is less satisfying to bite through than the fluffy, soft cake I was expecting. There are two layers inside the baked chocolate cake: peanut butter creme and chocolate cake. I can confirm that these are dense as I bite into them.

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Besides the diarrhea, you can freely enjoy snacking in your car without any worries. Each bite is perfectly clean and the cake doesn’t crumble at all. Here’s a silver lining.

Overall, I think the Reese’s Snack Cake tastes fine, but when I eat cake, I don’t quite hit the spot. I want a soft creme filling or a buttery peanut frosting, both of which are heftier and dry. So, unless you also want to buy a nice bottle of milk from the gas-station, it doesn’t wash down well with each bite.

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