Toni Braxton’s Net Worth: Her Riches, Marriages, Kids, and More

Toni Braxton, an iconic American artist, is said to have been the best-selling female R&B musician of all time. She was once dubbed the “Queen of R&B” and is well-known as a pianist, producer, record actress, and songwriter.

Throughout her entire career, this iconic musician has remained in the hearts and minds of her fans. Despite facing both ups and downs, she has become one of the most influential R&B artists of all time. She is widely known for her songs such as “Me, Myself, and I,” “Irreplaceable,” “Once Again,” “Take a Breath,” and “My Un-Breaking Heart.”

If you are a fan of this musician, you may be wondering what Toni Braxton’s net worth is. So, once again, get ready to breathe and we’ve got all the info below.

Although Toni Braxton has reportedly earned quite a bit of money, currently worth about $10 million, throughout her career from her other performances and songs.

This accumulated wealth has been diligently acquired and has enabled the artist to lead an exceptional life with her children.

Quite a big chunk of cash, but it is still as much as some other artists in the space, $10 million isn’t!

Toni Braxton at the 2009 American Music Awards Red Carpet. Image by Burningkarma on Wikimedia Commons.

How Did Toni Braxton Accumulate Wealth?

Toni Braxton, the legendary artist with a soulful and amazingly powerful voice, has earned a net worth from more than 67 albums distributed worldwide.

With her albums, singles, live shows, and other ventures, Braxton has accumulated a considerable fortune for herself.

She remained one of the top earners in her field and she prevailed, even though the artist had some early financial trouble in her career. Today, Toni Braxton has had more hit songs than many other female R&B artists, stemming from her time in the early 1990s music scene.

Herself for life comfortable than more a create to able been has Braxton Toni many and shows television reality, performances her through.

She has not only released numerous prosperous albums but also appeared in television series, entertained regularly in Las Vegas, and played a leading role in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Vehicles Owned by Toni Braxton

Throughout her career, Toni Braxton has been associated with various vehicles, but were you aware that she has also gained significant recognition for her exceptional musical talent?

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Many of these vehicles, including a Bentley Bentayga, which was her most cherished car, and multiple Porsches and a Rolls Royce, were acquired using Toni Braxton’s considerable net worth.

The Bentley is the car that she has been most associated with since it was gifted to her by Birdman.

Recently, this musical icon has been linked to a GLS 600 Mercedes-Maybach, which she posted several photos of on her IG, showing how glamorous she still is.

The Residence of Toni Braxton

Throughout the years, Toni Braxton’s acquisitions of properties have been funded by her overall financial value, alongside her widely recognized passion for automobiles.

One of which was the acquisition of her over 5,000-square-foot residence in Calabasas, California.

In order to advance her professional life, she utilized the substantial earnings generated from the sale of the California residence, which exceeded $3 million in 2016. The artist had originally acquired the property in 2014 for approximately $2.9 million dollars, situated in the residential area known as The Oaks.

What is Toni Braxton’s Earnings for Each Performance?

Toni Braxton is now known as one of the highest-earning female R&B artists of all time. Throughout her successful music career, she has had ups and downs when it comes to her finances.

Despite two bankruptcies and over the years, Toni Braxton has managed to maintain a lavish lifestyle, showcasing her wealth and net worth through her numerous performances.

Although she has never publicly revealed the exact amount, she is said to have earned a considerable sum through various performances.

It is known that she earned between $750,000 to $1 million per year at one point or another, during her various performances in Las Vegas and globally.

toni braxton
Toni Braxton performing at the Diane Warren Tribute for PBS in April 2010. Image by Louise Palanker on Wikimedia Commons.

What is the Price of Toni Braxton’s Tickets?

The cost of tickets for special and VIP events is usually higher. The price fluctuation often depends on the seating options available around the venue and the specific concert venue. The ticket cost will vary widely depending on where you want to see Toni perform.

Many reports indicate that Toni Braxton’s concert tickets in Las Vegas range between $120 and $60, allowing you to see her perform more frequently now and in recent years.

Toni Braxton’s Childhood and Adolescence

Braxton Michelle Toni was born on October 7, 1967, in Severn, Maryland to her parents Evelyn and Michael. She was a musical prodigy of exceptional talent.

She worked in a beauty salon while she was giving birth, and she was once an opera singer. In addition, she was involved as a pastor and clergyman in the local Methodist church, and her father worked for the power company.

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Braxton is the eldest of four sisters and one brother who grew up in a very close-knit and somewhat devout family.

Tamar, Trina, Towanda, and Traci, along with their younger sisters, grew up singing and performing within their family church. It seems like there are a lot of singers in their family, just like Katy Perry, who also has parents in the clergy.

Different talent competitions and showcases, along with other platforms, started to showcase her skills as her parents recognized the significance of music in her life, despite some limitations in her early home life.

Despite the strict rules set by her parents, Braxton’s love for gospel music was unmatched by anything else, and her siblings did not allow her to listen to any other genre.

Once they saw how much Stevie Wonder and Chaka Khan meant to them, artists began to listen to their music and were somewhat captivated by their unique style.

She has never put aside music for love, although she still wanted to do other things. As she got older, the idea that she wanted to sing solidified, and she began to explore various musical styles.

With her passion for music, Toni Braxton intended to pursue it in the field of education and become a music instructor.

Rather than following a path in music, she ultimately abandoned it when Bill Pettaway caught wind of her singing and persuaded her to do otherwise. She even enrolled in college with the intention of pursuing a music career.

toni braxton las vegas
Toni Braxton’s image on the side of the Flamingo in Las Vegas in 2008. Image by Rob Young on Wikimedia Commons.

Toni Braxton’s Professional Journey

She and her sisters were expelled after Toni Braxton, who enrolled in Bowie State University in her hometown with the intention of becoming a music teacher before starting her career as an R&B artist, was given a music contract.

“LA” Reid and “Babyface” Edmonds discovered Toni through their expertise, although the music of the Braxton sisters did not gain traction.

She was requested to capture a melody that was subsequently added to the soundtrack of “Boomerang.”.

Toni signed to the record label LAFace, and her hits like “Heart My Un-Break” and “Song Love Sad Another” soared to the top of the charts.

Braxton achieved numerous accolades throughout the years including Best Female R&B Vocal Performance, Best New Artist, and additional honors as a result of the triumph of these singles.

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After the success of her specifically composed melody, Toni Braxton ventured into both the diverse world of Broadway and the enchanting realm of Disney, where she was cast as Belle in “Beauty and the Beast”.

Tamar and Vince, her sister’s reality TV series, also made guest appearances on. Their family’s life revolved around the debut of Braxton Family Values, which also marked the beginning of her television career.

She stopped to have and nurture a developed heart, but she had to set to work for a longer period and continued to perform in Vegas. She took her soulful musical sound to Las Vegas with the premiere of “Revealed Braxton: Toni” from there.

Toni Braxton, who has been one of the most influential artists in R&B, decided to explore other domains, particularly during her leisure time.

Toni Braxton’s Romantic Partnerships

They apparently hit it off and went on tour together as the opening act for Condition Mint, his band. After meeting him, Keri Lewis subsequently married Toni Braxton, giving birth to their first child in the early 2000s.

During this time, she stayed focused on her career and her children, giving both a bit of her time. Several years later, in 2013, they divorced after raising their two children together, even though they were a great pair.

In 2016, Toni Braxton began dating the rapper, Birdman and just two years later, they were engaged. The wedding, however, never happened.

Throughout the years, she has never been married, but she has dated Braxton and has also known other men. Additionally, she has been linked to celebrities such as Eddie Murphy and Shemar Moore throughout her successful music career.

Toni Braxton at the 2009 American Music Awards Arrivals, Nokia Theater, Los Angeles, CA. 11-22-09. Image from Shutterstock.

Toni Braxton’s Kids

Toni Braxton has only been married once, to Keri Lewis, during the early 2000s, resulting in two children.

These children are the only ones that she has had, even though she has had an active dating life since her divorce.

Despite the failed marriage to their father, she has remained dedicated to her two sons. Diezel Ky Braxton-Lewis entered the world in 2003, followed by Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis in 2001, making him her eldest child.

Toni Braxton’s second son, Diezel, was diagnosed with autism at an early age, prompting her to become an advocate for him and get involved with Autism Speaks.


Over the course of her career, Toni Braxton has accumulated a substantial wealth for herself in terms of her net worth.

Braxton Toni, who has been widely recognized as one of the most legendary and talented R&B musicians of all time, has achieved great success on the charts with numerous hit albums and songs.

While she may have a heart condition that regularly prevents her from performing, we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next in her career, and it’s from far over.

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