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Meet Bobby Wooten III, the new boyfriend of actress Katie Holmes. Find out all about his family members, net worth, height, and career.

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Meet Bobby Wooten III, Katie Holme’s Boyfriend

Page Six documented the relationship because it must have been significant, so Kathy, his mother, embraced him when they were seen passionately kissing at Park Central on April 28, 2022. They are exclusively dating each other, and the actress confirmed this during a photoshoot for People magazine. Katie Holmes, the actress, revealed that she is in a relationship in 2022.

Many people reported that they ended up leaving the Guggenheim Museum and visiting the park. Katie and Bobby were seen walking hand in hand or holding hands.

PageSix contacted the actress’ representatives for a statement but they have not replied yet.

Having been in a relationship for nearly eight months, Katie and Emilio ended things, making her connection with the musician her first public romance since May 2021.

The possibility of expanding his family showed up for him. There was no man in her life that Allure Magazine told Katie about. Although rumors are strong about Katie and Luke’s relationship, they were first spotted together in New York City in May 2013. Katie and Luke first met on the set of the film “Days Mania” by Paul Dalio. Katie is also rumored to be dating actor Luke Kirby.

In 2012, the performer from Batman Begins initiated divorce proceedings. Subsequently, in Italy, they tied the knot within that same year. Their daughter was joyfully welcomed in April 2006, with the announcement of their engagement made in June 2005. In 2005, she commenced a romantic relationship with Tom Cruise after terminating her engagement to Chris. Around 2004, she was betrothed to actor Chris Klein, renowned for his role in the film American Pie. Throughout her existence, Cruise’s mother Queen has been romantically linked or betrothed to various other individuals. At that particular moment, Katie was still grappling with the consequences of her separation from Top Gun actor Tom Cruise.

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As of May 2021, Emilio Vitolo Jr is in a relationship with the actress from the film Jack and Jill. According to sources, they ended their relationship in 2019. The couple kept their romance mostly private and refrained from addressing any speculation about their dating status. Following her divorce from Tom in August 2012, Katie ignited dating speculation with actor Jamie Foxx a year later.

What is the Net Worth of Bobby Wooten III?

Bobby Wooten III has amassed a total net worth of $750K.

He began his journey with playing the instrument, which eventually led him to pick up the bass. His friends then approached him and requested him to play the bass. Bobby, a talented musician, is primarily recognized as a bass player. In an interview with Bass Magazine, he asserted this fact.

He began with favorites such as Stevie Wonder’s “Red Hot Chili Peppers” and noted that he quickly learned many Motown songs, as well as other favorites like Bobby Byrne, David Kelly, and Carly Rae Jepsen. AllMusic credits David Byrne, Bobby Byrne, and Carly Rae Jepsen as musicians to follow.

On Saturday Night Live, Bobby took the stage as a member of the cast while David was the featured musical performer. Additionally, he showcased his talent on the live recording derived from the Broadway production. Bobby currently tours with a prominent American utopia band and has had a successful run on Broadway. Apart from his collaborations with fellow musicians, he has also graced the Broadway stage with his performances.

“In American utopia, explained David, each person has their own unique voice and character, which is why it resonates differently with everyone. Bobby, while interviewing Bass in December 2021, expressed the great impact of the show.”

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“Moreover,” he further commented, “developing a notion without causing any diversion is an admirable aspect that I learned from collaborating with him. He appreciates uncomplicated concepts.”

Moreover, Bobby has also been credited as the bass player on cast albums for stage versions of Moulin Rouge! The Musical.

As per Bobby’s Facebook profile, he pursued Jazz studies at Indiana University (Bloomington) and completed his degree in the year 2011.

Based on his LinkedIn profile, which could possibly be owned by Bobby, he is a freelance professional musician.

Age of Bobby Wooten III

Allegedly born in 1989, Bobby Wooten III will turn 33 years old in April 2022.

Family of Bobby Wooten III

While conversing with individuals, Ismadi Hernandez Wooten and Bobby Wooten II were referred to by his father Bobby Wooten III, as his parents and grandparents mentioned Bobby.

He informed the media, “It is an integral aspect of my identity. Although I do not currently attend church regularly, whenever I engage in music-making on Sundays, I invariably begin with gospel music — purely for my own enjoyment. It was not until I entered college that I received formal instruction in bass, focusing primarily on upright bass. Every week, I have the privilege of playing both the keyboard and bass at church. When I was approximately 5 years old, my grandfather decided to step down as the choir leader, prompting our relocation to Chicago in order for my father to assume that role.”

Bobby is credited as the main influence and inspiration in his family’s ensemble choral group, the Wooten Gospel. He works as an adjunct professor at NYU, where his profile is highlighted.

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He is a graduate of Archbishop Walsh High School in Irvington, NJ, and is currently studying at Rutgers University, where his mother, Wooten Hernandez Ismadi, works.

Connect with Bobby’s parents on Facebook; Bobby (@bobby.Wooten2) and Ismadi (@ismadi.Wooten).

Is Bobby Wooten III On Instagram?

Discover Bobby Wooten III on Instagram (@bobbywooten3), Facebook (@b3wooten), and Twitter (@b3wooten).

Height of Bobby Wooten III

Bobby Wooten III is quite tall, measuring 5’10”.

Related FAQs

  • When is the birthday of Bobby Wooten III?
  • As per a tweet, Bobby Wooten III commemorated his birthday on January 20th.

  • From where does Bobby Wooten III hail?
  • Bobby Wooten III was born in New Jersey. His family brought him up in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Is Bobby Wooten III Connected To Victor Wooten?
  • Victor does not have any relation to him, as stated in a Facebook post from Bass Player Magazine in May 2019. Several of her supporters are curious about her connection with Victor Wooten, a musician who has won the Grammy award five times.

    Curtis Mayfield, a renowned soul artist, started his career at the age of six by opening for his brothers’ tour. At the age of five, he began performing in theaters and nightclubs as a bass player, and at the age of two, he started learning to play music. He was born on September 11, 1964, outside Boise, Idaho, to military parents stationed at an Air Force base. He was the youngest of five boys, and his name was Victor.

    The Temptations, along with Dexter Wansel, Maze and Frankie Beverly, Ramsey Lewis, War, Stephanie Mills, and performers like Victor and his brothers and sisters have performed together on stage.

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