The best ring lights for phones in 2023

Video chats and self-portraits as well, but individuals who utilize their mobile devices can truly reap the advantages of owning one, not exclusively TikTokers, YouTubers, and Twitch streamers. Extremely crucial for digital content creators aspiring to generate high-quality videos is possessing one of the top-notch ring lights for smartphones.

Additionally, photography also works well for up-close product shots. In addition, they provide flattering shadows and a ring-shaped reflection in the eye, making them great for vlogging, beauty shots, and selfies. They produce soft, even lighting to illuminate subjects. Whether sold as vlogging lights or selfie lights, all ring lights perform the same function.

In terms of phones, the top-notch ring lights are specifically designed to concentrate on, nevertheless, this guide includes multiple devices that these exceptional ring lights are tailored for (we have included these exceptional ring lights in our comprehensive guide).

If you are looking to purchase the perfect lighting solution for your smartphone, our list of the top ring lights for Android or iPhone handsets will provide you with the necessary information.

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The Nanlite Halo 16C is the top ring light for smartphones, due to its versatility and construction quality.

Each ring light does not include the RGB configurations, which generate various kinds of light, encompassing vividly hued light. The capacity to independently modify the light’s color temperature, hue, and brightness greatly astonished us, as it grants you access to an extensive range of configurations readily available.

What’s more, you can adjust these options by dragging your finger over the select pad to choose the desired color change in a very intuitive way – whether it’s a dramatic or subtle light fashion.

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The 16C Halo Nanlite is well worth the investment, although it can be a bit expensive. This ring light has a high-quality construction and provides a bright light. Additionally, it offers the convenience of controlling it from other devices and has built-in Wi-Fi. Furthermore, it has a USB pass-through feature, allowing you to charge your phone while it is mounted in the center of the ring. However, it does not come with a stand, carrying case, mirror, or smartphone bracket, but it is well-equipped in terms of features.

(Image credit: Neewer)

To begin, it provides you with all the necessary components. In brief, it includes a smartphone holder that can rotate 360 degrees, as well as a carrying bag, Bluetooth receiver, and an aluminum stand that is 61 inches tall. The Neewer 18-inch ring light kit is an excellent option that offers great value and is significantly more affordable compared to the Nanlite positioned higher.

The brightness adjustment allows you to dim the knob smoothly. Additionally, there is a switch that allows you to easily switch between a temperature of 3200K and 5500K. It also comes with two color filters (orange and white). However, it should be noted that the Nanlite is not as versatile as some other options, which may suggest a cheaper price.

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The Inkeltech 21-inch model is another great value option in our list of best ring lights for phones, as it comes with a carrying case, two remotes, and a large tripod. It also offers three hot shoe mounts for attaching other accessories or phone holders, and it provides plenty of room to position your phone or camera device with the large diameter light ring that includes metal inserts for screwing in.

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The price of your chosen light ring for your phone is still fine, but the light ring itself and the tripod could have a sturdier build. Above the Nanlite light ring, you will find an RGB mode or a wide range of color temperatures, but it lacks a wide range of colors. This is the downside. However, the dual remote controls are particularly useful as they allow you to adjust the color and brightness of the light without needing to be right next to it.

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