A qué hora juega la selección argentina ante Suecia y qué necesita para hacer historia en el Mundial femenino

DirecTV Sports and Public TV are set to air the Argentina versus Sweden match on Wednesday, August 2nd, at 4 am (Argentinian time). This game will mark the conclusion of Group G, with Argentina competing at the Waikato Stadium in Hamilton, New Zealand. The team is required to secure a victory and has the potential to make a substantial contribution to the legacy of women’s football in the nation.

Winning is a must for Germán Portanova’s team as the first step. It would mean adding the first triumph in the history of the Argentine women’s national team to the World Cups, and it is a candidate for the title in this World Cup, which takes place in New Zealand and Australia, and where it is necessary to defeat one of the teams.

The Netherlands will face the United States in the round of 16 as the leader of their group, culminating their selection. The Nordic teams in Group G, ranked by FIFA, should only know if they advance as second or first, as well as the third-placed teams in the last World Cup and also placed third in the previous World Cup.

Argentina will need to also focus on the Wellington Regional Stadium, where Italy and South Africa will compete against each other simultaneously, in their quest for victory in Hamilton. In order to have a chance at their dream, they must rely on the hope that the Europeans don’t emerge victorious. If they end up with a draw, the Albiceleste would secure qualification due to their superior goal difference. Conversely, if the African team emerges triumphant, we will need to wait and observe how the tiebreaker criteria unfold, starting with the goal difference. The Argentine victory always remains the primary requirement.

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At the moment, Sweden holds 6 points, Italy holds 3 (-4), and South Africa holds 1 (-1) just like Argentina (-1).

With the following order, the tiebreaker will be resolved if there is still a tie in these two records: Argentina has two and South Africa has three goals currently. The “highest number of goals scored” will come into play in case of a tie in that item, although FIFA establishes that in case of a tie in points, the first tiebreaker criterion will be the goal difference.

• Highest number of points obtained in the group stage matches between the respective teams.

• The major difference in goal scores in the group stage matches between the respective teams.

• Highest number of goals scored in head-to-head matches in the group.

• The highest number of points obtained for sportsmanship based on the number of yellow and red cards received.

• FIFA Raffle.

Eight defeats were recorded in other presentations. (2023) South Africa vs. 2-2 and (2019) Scotland vs. 3-3 and (2019) Japan vs. 0-0. Until this tournament, Argentina had achieved three draws as the best results, considering the history of their participations. Regardless, a victory or qualification to the round of 16 would not be engraved in Argentina’s history.


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• To win, South Africa needs to surpass Italy and have better records in the tiebreaker criteria.


Stadium: Waikato Stadium (Hamilton, New Zealand).

Schedule: 4 AM in Argentina / 19 in New Zealand.

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Referee: Salima Mukansanga (Rwanda).

Television: Public TV and DirecTV.


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