Terrified Riley Gaines ‘ambushed by screaming trans activists who physically attacked her’

After delivering a speech advocating for the preservation of women’s sports, Riley Gaines, a champion swimmer in college, reportedly encountered a person dressed in feminine attire who allegedly physically assaulted her multiple times. This incident occurred when she was unexpectedly attacked by vocal transgender activists while recording herself.

Yesterday evening, a collective of advocates unexpectedly attacked Gaines, who is 23 years old, and compelled her to secure herself within a chamber for approximately three hours at the campus of San Francisco State University.

She was locked in the room for nearly three hours, Gaines’ husband, Louis Barker, said he had brief conversations with his wife.

Barker stated, “She was receiving police security and was nevertheless struck by an individual dressed in feminine attire.” “It disgusts me to experience such powerlessness,” it infuriated me to that extent. I was trembling. She informed me that she was assaulted on several occasions by an individual wearing women’s clothing.

‘The prisoners are running the asylum at SFSU…I was ambushed and physically hit twice by a man,’ Gaines wrote in the tweet.

This is proof that women need sex-segregated spaces. I assure you that I am still doing something right, only to assure myself further. When they want silence, they prefer you to speak louder.

The investigation into the incident, as stated by the San Francisco Police Department, is currently underway; however, no individuals have been apprehended in relation to the occurrence.

The spokesperson added, “After the conclusion of the event, the officers from UPD made the necessary decision to move the event speaker to a different and secure location to address the disruption that occurred.”

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy denounced the event as ‘a shocking assault on freedom of expression on a university campus’.

He posted on Twitter: ‘House Republicans support Riley Gaines and her courageous and relentless endeavors to safeguard women’s athletics.’

While addressing the students, Gaines’ remarks provoked a strong negative reaction in the form of intense cries that overwhelmed her speech.

Eli Bremer, the representative of Gaines, expressed in a detailed statement to Fox News Digital that this evening, Riley Gaines delivered a speech at San Francisco State University, where she recounted her own experience of competing against a male athlete named Lia Thomas at the Women’s NCAA Swimming Championships in the previous year.

In the past year, her goal while speaking at universities has been to educate her peers about her experiences and the impact of the growing number of biological males in women’s sports. She has been questioned about her somewhat uncivil manners and has been encouraged to thoroughly debate and consider diverse viewpoints on the integrity of Title IX.

It is shocking that in America in 2023, it is deemed acceptable for male biological students to violently assault an upstanding woman’s rights. Rather than engaging in a thoughtful discussion tonight, Riley at SFSU was physically assaulted, shouted at, and violently accosted by protesters who barricaded a room.

Riley will not stop boldly educating people about the dangers of women’s sports in males’ biological context. She will continue to speak the truth against the radical left, understanding that there is no longer a difference between women and men.

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Thursday evening, the university’s student-run newspaper, Golden Gate Xpress, reported that around 100 protesters mobbed the campus to oppose the swimmer’s appearance.

Most of the activists arrived at the event at 6.43pm, where Gaines spoke. However, instead of entering the crowded room, Gaines spoke in the hallway outside, and most of the attendees were not allowed to enter.

Those present could hear the protesters shouting slogans and stomping their feet, overpowering Gaines’ speech.

One protester appeared to have been given permission to join the conversation and was seen participating in discussions with other attendees while causing disturbance to the swimmer.

Gaines allegedly attempted to calm tensions, stating: ‘I’m here to guarantee that everyone has their equitable area to feel at ease.’

Following the barricade in a separate room, Gaines had to be accompanied by the police out of the room and along a corridor, where the pandemonium reached its climax.

The protesters were moved to a safer location as they chanted slogans like ‘go the f**k home’ and ‘trans women are women’, while transgender flags were placed along the walls.

Golden Gate shared images of TPUSA staff members being held up and escorted out of the venue during the protests.

‘Keep things peaceful’, protestors asking and tensions de-escalate to trying and situation the attending seen was Trudell, Chris of Students Dean Assistant.

The event concluded at 8.26pm and seven police vehicles were spotted outside the location at 9.10pm.

Gaines stayed locked in her room until she was finally spotted exiting the campus at 11.38pm.

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Riley Gaines, a spokeswoman for the Independent Women’s Forum (@iwf), strongly condemned the violence perpetrated against women in the sports category, specifically the physical assault and ambush that occurred during a speech at @SFSU.

Gaines also garnered backing from British advocate and creator of organization Standing for Women Kellie-Jay Keen, who distributed video clips of the demonstrations.

Gaines replied on Twitter, stating: ‘If you truly considered this moment, I was able to square my shoulders and courageously give them, knowing that you could do the same. Keep fighting.’

The counter-demonstration to Gaines’ speech was stated to be in a statement to Fox by a TPUSA spokesperson, which was arranged by SFSU’s Queer and Trans Resource Center.

The representative stated that the unruly demonstrators outside the chamber ‘stormed in once the occasion had concluded’.

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