T J Maxx — So Glenstone Ave Springfield, MO Hours and Location

At TJ Maxx, we offer a wide range of ever-changing designer and name brand fashion selections at prices generally below 20%-60% off regular store and specialty department prices.

Authentic brands, significant discounts, genuinely

  • We offer different brands from thousands of vendors around the world. We are not just a store outlet. Our prices for designer fashions and name brand merchandise are regularly 20%-60% less than specialty and department stores, without any gimmicks, coupons, sales, or promotions that traditional retailers usually have. We are not a typical store outlet that only sells single items of merchandise. Maxx J. T. Is an off-price retailer store.
  • We’re intelligent consumers, just like you

  • The designer of fragrances and the print of pillows have transformed into graphic educational materials, and the hoodies have been replaced with sneakers and bold ties, which have now become toys. Additionally, the hoodies have been replaced with sneakers and bold ties, which have now transformed into toys. The process of replacing the hoodies with sneakers and bold ties, and then transforming them into toys, has been repeated multiple times.
  • There are always lots of great choices for buyers to choose from, with many different fabrics, styles, and colors. We also have some merchandise manufactured for us, bringing you exceptional quality and fashion at an amazing price. We buy from all kinds of vendors, including one-of-a-kind gems, up-and-coming labels, as well as big brand names and designer boutique labels.
  • Our buyers are entrepreneurial and opportunistic, negotiating the lowest possible price on passes and products when other stores or designer brands overproduce.
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    No repetition of choices

  • Visit us frequently to explore our latest discoveries from renowned designers, available at incredible discounts. Unlike other retailers who purchase items based on seasons, we constantly receive new arrivals of both brand-name and designer fashion, with deliveries occurring multiple times every week.
  • The average T.J. Maxx store receives several deliveries per week, each containing thousands of items. Our customers love the shopping experience, which is like a “treasure hunt” because our assortments change rapidly. Almost daily, tjmaxx.Com adds new merchandise, with delivery available for each item.
  • The store managers often don’t even know what’s coming until they throw open the delivery truck doors. We don’t hold stock replenishment in the back rooms, so if you love it, grab it!
  • It matters what our customers love. We may buy a lot of times, and sometimes we buy a little, the amount we buy greatly varies from each brand.
  • There is No Singular Method of Purchasing

  • We can take advantage of a wide variety of opportunities, such as when a vendor wants to clear merchandise at the end of the season or when a manufacturer ends up with too much product, including store department cancellations. This brings tremendous value in many ways.
  • We offer amazing savings on both timeless classics and past season styles. Most of our merchandise is currently fashionable and comparable to name brand products. The majority of the products we sell are priced at 20%-60% less than comparable merchandise.
  • We are always seeking great value and quality all over the world. For example, we buy amazing soaps from Australia and merino and cashmere wool from Italy. We also purchase beautiful blown glass from Poland. When we see the right combination of price, quality, brand, and fashion in the marketplace, especially designed by our own fashion experts, we manufacture some of our merchandise for ourselves.
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    Managing Stores for Maxx Fashion, Maxx Discounts

  • We have no walls between departments, so we can easily contract and expand merchandise categories to respond to the changing tastes and newest fashion trends of customers. Our stores are as flexible as we are.
  • We love our modern, bright stores because they offer amazing fashion brands at a great price and quality. Don’t expect any fancy extras in our stores, but that’s okay because we pass on the spectacular savings to you.
  • When you visit us, you will find something fun and special, whether you prefer trendy and super stylish or understated and classic fashion. We always offer amazing merchandise at great prices, and our rapidly changing mix of high-quality and desirable items allows us to provide you with everything that matches your fashion values, be it eclectic or timeless.

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