5 Best Smart Door Locks With Camera

5 Best Smart Door Locks With Camera

With a smart lock camera, it frees you from the hassle of carrying around two physical keys. It doubles up as a security camera, taking out the equation of physical keys. This way, you can conveniently unlock the door when you reach home. Moreover, you can check who’s at your doorstep even when you’re not around. Additionally, if you have a visitor at the door, you can also use the camera to see who it is. Sounds interesting? Here’s how you can set up keyless entry door locks at your home.

Prior to that, here are a few articles that we believe might capture your interest -.

  • If you’re not particularly enthusiastic about the camera, a intelligent door lock with a fingerprint scanner may be a viable choice.
  • You can also acquire a wireless video doorbell with Alexa assistance to monitor visitors.
  • Safeguard every corner and crevice of your residence by utilizing home surveillance cameras equipped with local storage.
  • Now, let’s move on to the intelligent deadbolt locks equipped with a camera.

    Camera quality: 1080p.

    The real-time stream from the integrated camera on your smartphone is visible immediately upon receiving a doorbell notification. Nevertheless, it is disappointing that the camera cannot be accessed unless the doorbell is rung, according to user feedback. The Nyober intelligent lock offers five distinct methods to unlock your door, prioritizing security.

    Having a bright porch light can resolve this problem. The camera’s performance declines at night, but according to reviews, it functions well during the day. The smartphone app allows for unlocking through various methods, including a physical key, keyfob, passcode, and the most convenient option, a fingerprint scanner.

    2. Revolo WFV01

    Camera quality: 1080p.

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    Along with the doorbell chime, there are a few additional perks with Revolo’s smart door lock. For starters, you can converse with the person at the door using just your voice, as the app on your smartphone supports both Alexa and Google Assistant. Additionally, there’s a built-in speaker and microphone, allowing you to communicate with the person at the door.

    The quality of the image is good, and faces can be clearly identified. It is recommended to try positioning the lock on your door as high as possible. If the camera’s wide angle is not sufficient to capture faces when the door lock is installed at a lower height, the reviews do not mention anything. If you leave the door unlocked for a set duration, the lock will automatically lock. Another feature that adds to the safety is the ability to set an auto-lock duration.

    Occasionally, it may not be possible to summon Alexa / Google Assistant to manage the lock, a concern that some users have raised is that the lock often loses its connection to Wi-Fi.

    3. Blusafe Triple-function Smart Lock

    Camera quality: 1080p.

    The video display will not encounter any problems, so even if you place the lock in the conventional location, the Blusafe lock effectively reduces the same. When positioned near the bottom of the door, the camera on the Revolo lock was unable to capture facial features. A slight adjustment in design can significantly enhance the functionality of a product, and the positioning of the camera on the Blusafe lock exemplifies this well.

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    The ability to speak to the person at the door and record via the camera is disappointing. There is no chime for the doorbell, nor do you have the ability to get an OTP note for entry. Additionally, there is an onboard fingerprint scanner along with other typical features.

    If you can tolerate this restriction, consider acquiring the Blusafe 3-in-1 intelligent lock. Despite its excellent positioning, the camera is only capable of taking a photograph when the doorbell is pressed, and it is unable to record or provide a live stream. This is a missed chance.

    4. Eufy Security S330

    Camera resolution: 2K.

    Since the focus is majorly on smart locks, it is important to get a camera that provides a good image quality. The Eufy S330 has been mentioned as the best camera on this list, which comes with a fairly wide lens that should be able to accommodate visitors seamlessly, apart from benefiting from its pixel-dense resolution.

    You can connect Alexa or Google Assistant to enable the Wi-Fi features of the door lock. Through the smartphone application, you can communicate with anyone outside your door. Eufy also includes a doorbell chime with the S330 smart lock, similar to what Revolo offers. The camera serves as a storage device for the chime, which also offers additional features.

    The majority of reviews for the Eufy S330 are positive. Although Eufy also offers its own cloud storage solution with a monthly subscription fee, if you prefer not to store the footage locally, you can choose that option. Additionally, you can record footage on the smart lock camera and insert an SD card into the chime, to end that.

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    5. Lockly Sight

    Camera quality: 1080p.

    The brand’s door lock provides enhanced security by incorporating additional safety measures for reorganized and rearranged digits. The Lockly Vision, unlike other smart locks that have a separate key for each digit, combines three numbers into a single key, resembling the T9-like arrangement familiar to those who used keypad phones in the past.

    Additionally, the remaining functionalities such as app-based communication and live notifications are included. Lockly is considerate enough to provide a 32GB SD card for local video recording when you purchase their product. You have the ability to monitor the video feed from the camera at all times. Moreover, the lock is equipped with a fingerprint reader, eliminating the need to use the keypad every time.

    According to most reviews, the Lockly Vision is dependable and the camera captures high-quality images. It is disheartening, given the higher cost, that a doorbell chime is not included.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Door Locks Featuring a Camera

    Protect Your Residence

    If you desire to safeguard your home while also enhancing entry convenience, any of the aforementioned locks will serve you effectively. You need not be concerned about acquiring multiple devices and establishing an ecosystem, as smart door locks equipped with a camera resolve multiple issues with a single solution.

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