Suspect in deadly Northern California stabbings declared mentally unfit for trial

The former university student from Northern California, who stands trial in a college town, has been placed on hold after prosecutors agreed that he is not competent to stand trial. He is accused of fatally stabbing two people and injuring a third.

The judge dismissed jurors on Monday during Carlos Dominguez’s competency trial, which was supposed to be the fifth day of testimony. This decision came after county prosecutors informed the court last week that they no longer intended to oppose the defense’s claim by Dominguez’s attorney that he was not mentally capable of standing trial.

In the absence of it, deeming him a threat to himself and others, Judge Samuel McAdam of Yolo Superior Court last week mandated that the accused undergo medication despite Dominguez’s protests. To aid his lawyer in his defense and grasp his own position in the criminal case, a finding of incompetence implies that Dominguez presently lacks the ability to comprehend court proceedings.

According to court documents, three medical professionals stated that Dominguez suffers from schizophrenia. Jonathan Raven, the chief deputy district attorney of the county, mentioned that once a bed opens up at a state hospital and Dominguez’s competence is regained, the criminal trial will continue.

Prosecutors disputed the initial doctor’s report.

Raven stated in an email on Monday that prosecutors disagreed with the initial doctor’s report, and concluded that Dominguez was playing with the “system” and should face criminal trial.

Raven stated that they relinquished their endeavor following the acquisition of fresh data during the trial and the court’s instruction to commence involuntary medication proceedings.

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Dominguez, adorned in a vibrant green safety vest, made his appearance in court on Monday. Acknowledging his guilt, he expressed a heartfelt desire to apologize. It is worth noting that he had previously vocally expressed his disinterest in legal representation.

The statement emailed on Monday by USA TODAY informed that Deputy Public Defender Dan Hutchinson of Yolo County has had his competency restored. The doctors will determine when the suspended criminal proceedings will continue for Dominguez.

Hutchinson stated that the court will officially decree that Dominguez be confined to a state hospital during the upcoming court hearing on August 17th.

Previously, the police stated that after receiving reports from 15 individuals, they detained a person who matched the description of the suspect. Dominguez, a former student at the University of California, Davis, was accused of injuring three people and killing two others in a series of stabbings near the college campus earlier this year.

Until April 25, Dominguez was a third-year student studying biological sciences, but he was expelled.

Najm Abou Karim, a senior at UC Davis, was fatally stabbed at Sycamore Park. The second victim, identified as Henry David Breaux, was found hunched over a bench and unresponsive by the police at Central Park. Chief Darren Pytel of the Davis Police stated that the first victim was killed on April 27.

Kimberlee Guillory, the third victim, survived and her tent was stabbed multiple times during several incidents. Najm, who was found with multiple stab wounds, was heard by a nearby resident during the disturbance.

UC Davis and the city of Davis expressed in a collaborative statement in May that there is a significant amount of unease regarding the implications and actions to be taken, given that our typically tranquil and peaceful town has experienced three instances of stabbings resulting in two fatalities in a span of less than a week.

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Some students were too scared to even attend daytime classes as their parents pleaded for them to return home, and businesses closed early. The community was terrified by the attacks.

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