Trump and 18 allies charged in Georgia election meddling as former president faces 4th criminal case

18 allies of former President Donald Trump, including mobsters, aides, lawyers, and other individuals associated with a “criminal enterprise,” were indicted in Georgia by state prosecutors using a statute that is typically used to accuse mobsters in order to overturn his loss in the 2020 election. (AP) ATLANTA.

The nearly 100-page indictment details numerous actions by Trump or his supporters in an attempt to overturn his loss, such as pleading with Georgia’s Republican secretary of state to discover sufficient votes for him to secure the battleground state, intimidating an election worker who was falsely accused of fraud, and trying to convince Georgia lawmakers to disregard the voters’ choice and appoint a different group of electoral college electors who would benefit Trump.

It involves the theft of data and unauthorized access to voting machines in a rural Georgia county by a voting machine company, which also highlights a scheme in a particularly audacious incident involving one of its attorneys.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who brought the case, stated during a late-night news conference, “Instead of following Georgia’s legal procedure for contesting elections, the defendants participated in a criminal racketeering operation to overturn the outcome of Georgia’s presidential election.”

John Eastman, Sidney Powell, and Kenneth Chesebro, lawyers who promoted legally questionable concepts to invalidate the outcomes, were also charged. Moreover, Mark Meadows, former White House chief of staff, Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s attorney and former mayor of New York City, and Jeffrey Clark, a Justice Department official in the Trump administration, who assisted the former president in his attempts to reverse his defeat in Georgia, were charged as well.

Willis plans to collectively prosecute the defendants and aims to secure a trial date within a span of six months. Additionally, she mentioned that the defendants would have the option to voluntarily turn themselves in by noon on August 25, according to Willis.

The indictment bookends a remarkable crush of criminal cases, in which Trump, someone who simultaneously balances the roles of presidential candidate and criminal defendant, would be a daunting mind for anyone, never mind someone in a different city each month for five months.

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The assault on the foundations of American democracy, which occurred during the Capitol riot in January 2021, has led to extensive investigations. After two-and-a-half years, the special counsel appointed by the Department of Justice has charged Trump with participating in a widespread conspiracy to overturn the election, highlighting the significance of the events.

The indictment brought by special counsel Jack Smith against Defendant Trump names only 19 defendants, who stand apart from the tightly targeted case. However, the indictment covers some of Trump’s allies who made attempts, including disrupting the electoral vote count at the Capitol, in the same ground as Trump’s recent indictment in Washington. Additionally, the case in Georgia is part of the sprawling web of defendants.

The indictment in Georgia asserts a level of illegal behavior that goes well beyond just the former president, as it charges Trump associates who were identified by Smith solely as unindicted co-conspirators.

The indictment charges the former president, ex-New York mayor, and former chief of staff of Trump’s attorneys with being members of a criminal “enterprise” and “organization” that operated in other states and Georgia. The leaders are accused of conjuring the seedy underworld of gang bosses and mob leaders, and engaging in racketeering under the state’s law.

The document, which Reuters published, said that the former President would be brought against a list of criminal charges. This caused a chaotic day at the courthouse, with a brief and mysterious posting on a county website capping off the indictment.

In the afternoon, a spokesperson for Willis stated that the Trump legal team refused to provide any additional comments regarding the ongoing investigation’s integrity, but they did mention that an indictment, which had already been issued, was deemed “inaccurate” by them.

Trump’s allies and Trump himself immediately seized on the apparent error in the investigation, characterizing it as a politically motivated process, claiming that the fundraising campaign aimed to rig the process, since the email with the embedded document was sent out and then deleted.

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Today’s unfolding events, starting with the absurd and shocking leak of a presumed premature indictment, have been explained as the result of a statement issued by Trump’s legal team after the grand jurors had deliberated and the witnesses had testified before the District Attorney.

“Prosecutors said lawyers relied on witnesses who harbored their own political and personal interests, presenting their case against the accused.”

Trump responded to the complete report on alleged fraud in the 2020 election by announcing a news conference next week, nearly three years after the election.

Prosecutors said that they violated their pledge to the public by soliciting against the law in Georgia. In order to overturn his election loss, Trump urged Secretary of State Raffensperger to “find” the 11,780 votes needed, which has already gained widespread attention in the indictment outlined in Georgia, including many of his associates and the numerous acts by Trump himself.

In the 2020 election, approximately 300,000 ballots were inexplicably inserted into the records, over 4,500 individuals cast their votes despite not being listed in the registration records, and Ruby Freeman, an election employee from Fulton County, was alleged to be involved in a scheme to manipulate votes. Additionally, Trump is charged with fabricating statements and documents in relation to a set of assertions he presented to Raffensperger and other election authorities in the state.

Meanwhile, Giuliani is accused of making false statements, allegedly lying to lawmakers by claiming that more than 96,000 mail-in ballots were counted in Georgia, despite there being no record of them having been returned to a county elections office, and that a machine voting in Michigan recorded 6,000 votes for Biden wrongly, casting doubt on the accuracy of the results.

Giuliani was labeled the indictment as an “insult to American democracy” and “simply the subsequent installment in a compilation of falsehoods,” but he did not directly address the accusations in his statement.

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Furthermore, people whom prosecutors allege aided Trump and his followers in Georgia to exercise power and bully election workers are also being charged.

Allegations that were swiftly discredited, but circulated extensively throughout right-wing media — claims that both women engaged in voter fraud, accused Trump and his supporters of seizing surveillance footage from November 2020, testified before Congress last year Freeman and her daughter Shaye Moss. One man, Stephen Cliffgard Lee, who was charged, allegedly visited Freeman’s residence “with the purpose of influencing her testimony.”

Both Black women encountered death threats following the election.

Powell’s comment to decline an attorney has focused long on the conspiracy theories that accuse Dominion Voting Systems, the producer of tabulation machines, of stealing data and tampering with voting machines in Coffee County, Georgia. The indictment also accuses several co-defendants of tampering with voting machines.

According to evidence disclosed by the congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot, Trump allies purportedly replicated data and software while focusing on Coffee County to find proof supporting their claims of extensive voter misconduct.

Trump is facing two separate federal indictments, one of which accuses him of falsifying business records and charging him in a New York state case, as well as hoarding classified documents illegally. In addition to these cases, there are also two election-related cases against him.

Trump, the leading Republican candidate for president in 2024, often invokes the distinction of being the former president to portray himself as the victim of Democratic prosecutors. He uses these themes of fundraising and campaigning to mount indictments as the only criminal charges he may face.

On X, the platform previously recognized as Twitter, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy expressed, “Americans perceive this desperate deception.” Republican supporters once again swiftly came to Trump’s aid.


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