Shark FlexStyle review

The mechanism and kit-like Dyson of the System Drying & Styling Air FlexStyle Shark caught my attention, thanks to its One-Step tool.

The Shark FlexStyle Air Styling & Drying System offers options for different hair types, with the “straight and wavy hair” and “curly and coily hair” versions priced at $300 each, as well as a $250 “build your own tool” kit. Similar to Dyson, Shark claims that this tool prevents heat damage during styling. Additionally, the Shark FlexStyle utilizes Coanda Technology, which involves the use of pressure and airflow to suction and shape the hair around the attachments. This versatile hair tool comes with multiple attachments.

The wavy and kinky version incorporates the identical curling, oval brush, and concentrator nozzle accessories, along with a diffuser for preserving curls during the drying process. In terms of attachments, the one for straight and wavy hair consists of two 1.25-inch Auto-Wrap Curlers that enable you to curl your hair in either direction (away from or towards the face), an oval brush attachment that purports to eliminate frizz and enhance volume, a paddle brush attachment that strives to straighten and sleeken the hair, and a concentrator nozzle for improved precision and management while drying.

The basic tool, even without any additional accessories, functions as a hair dryer when it is connected in an L-shaped position. To create your own kit, you can select the three attachments that you would frequently use from either of the kits. All variations of the kits include the identical base tool.

FlexStyle can be found on Shark’s website, Amazon, and Best Buy.

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$300 at Shark..

What I appreciate about the Shark FlexStyle

The device functions like a typical hair dryer.

I used the dryer to zap some water to the nearest hair strands before fully styling my otherwise dry and wavy roots. Every time I used the tool, I tested it before using the round brush attachment to smooth my hair. However, I didn’t expect to care about this feature. FlexStyle can transform the hair dryer into an L-shaped hair dryer with just a click of a necessary attachment button.

Initially, I randomly air-dry it first, which takes me significantly more time compared to using a hair dryer brush on wet hair. The entire hair styling procedure was expedited by employing the dryer as my initial action. Prior to transitioning to the Auto-Wrap Curlers, I incorporated the circular brush attachment and ran it through my hair to make it straight. Overall, my hair was approximately 60% dry at that point.

It includes all the accessories required for a blow-dry hairstyle.

How much time you spend going over the same section of hair with a wand curler or a brush, you can control the strands the way you want – whether you want to add waves like a waver or flatten your hair with a straightener. This tool has you covered, allowing you to choose how tight you want your curls with the wands or how smooth you want your hair with the brush attachments. Additionally, it helps you dry your hair quickly if you want to get out the door.

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The blowout lasted all day long and resulted in voluminous and bouncy curls. I wanted to make sure that my curls were solidified, so I could comb through my strands with my fingers to achieve looser curls. However, I’m not a fan of ringlets. I was able to get semi-straight hair by holding the barrel on my hair for about 30 seconds, creating tight spirals. I was also able to straighten my medium-textured, wavy-curly hair by using a round brush on large sections of hair with a few passes.

The configurations are user-friendly

Despite its fancy appearance, the FlexStyle tool is not difficult to work with. It has three series of lights above the handle, indicating high, medium, and low settings. Each setting has its own corresponding button, allowing the user to control the airflow and temperature.

Throughout the process of styling, even without adjusting any settings, you can easily maneuver the handle to look down at the desired angle. To begin, there is a toggle switch located beneath the temperature and settings, allowing you to turn the tool on and off. Once you are ready to curl your hair, simply hold down the button located on the top of the handle to activate the air cooler. If you want to set your style and give it a cool shot, you can use the button to achieve the desired effect.

What I don’t like about the Shark FlexStyle

There is a period of adjustment when using the curling attachments

The tool can glide closer to your scalp and wrap around the top half of your hair, securely attaching the ends. Once the tool is attached, you can take a small section of hair and dangle it near the end of the curling wand, where air suction will wrap the strands around the barrel. Before using this Dyson Airwrap tool, I knew what to expect, as I have used it several times during testing. Unless you have used the Dyson Airwrap before, the attachments and settings of the tool may not be intuitive.

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I decided to practice and perfect my curling technique in one go. I realized that in order to achieve the perfect curl, I needed to divide my long hair into smaller sections and wrap them around the barrel.

Is the Shark FlexStyle a worthwhile purchase?

Indeed, if you desire a variety of tools in a single device

In my view, the $300 Shark FlexStyle is a truly worthwhile option, particularly when compared to the Dyson Airwrap that costs $600 and offers similar outcomes. If you’ve been eager to obtain the Airwrap, this is an outstanding substitute that is frequently out of stock, even if the price doesn’t discourage you. I believe it combines a hair dryer, hair dryer brush, and curling wand into a single device.

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