Drew Barrymore makes rare dating confession: ‘I had a lightbulb moment’

Drew Barrymore, the Actress known for her relatable views on romance, is gearing up for a new term in 2023 with a star-studded dating scene.

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In the latest episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the host revealed what she called her “lightbulb moment,” describing the new term that fans of her hit programme and social media are early in agreement about.

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Labels or commitments are mandated prior to the pressure and excitement of engaging in exclusive dating, referred to as cas-monog’s. Personally, I had a moment of realization that there wasn’t a specific term for this stage in a relationship. We are introducing a new term for dating in the New Year, as Drew informed the viewers.

What are our thoughts, HELLO! Readers… Will Drew’s term ‘cas-monog’ become popular? If you’re curious, ‘Cas-monog’ is short for ‘casual monogamous’.

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Responding to the new dating terminology, the celebrity’s Instagram followers wasted no time, with one commenting: “You’re not the only one! I desire a non-committal, exclusive companionship, without the need for cohabitation, marriage, or intertwining our lives… I don’t require it.”

Another person expressed their enthusiasm by saying, “Um, LOVE!!!! Let’s establish this term as the standard.”

“If it’s the correct matter, they lack the desire to attempt to perceive. You must be fully committed immediately or males would come on board. The solitary individual, you are not!”

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Building on her recent experience, there were additional remarks as one supporter expressed to her: “Cas-monog is FLAWLESS,” and another penned, “You are certainly NOT the sole individual in this situation Drew. I’m 52 and finding a partner is challenging.”

Drew Barrymore.

And I was that individual. I shattered. “How the heck did they arrive?’ And witness them so shattered and wonder, ‘How the heck did they arrive?’ And witness them so shattered and wonder, ‘How the heck did they arrive?’ And I was that individual. “It simply brought me down,” she confessed, including: Drew recently conversed with People Magazine, disclosing how her separation in 2016 affected her deeply.

Despite having walked down the aisle three times (in 1995 with ex-husband Jeremy Thomas, in 2002 with Tom Green, and in 2016 with Will Kopelman), Drew admitted, “I don’t feel like I can take another breakdown in marriage.” Over the past few years, the star of Never Been Kissed has made her views on marriage very clear.

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Drew and April were discussing Kaley Cuoco’s confession, where she explained her firm position on the matter and reiterated that she did not want to be judged anymore for not wanting to try to want this thing anymore and not realizing that it’s not good for her. She also expressed that she no longer wants to be romantic at weddings and that she’s not anymore like it’s almost that it’s not romantic anymore.

If you experience a break-up, it can feel like the biggest divorce in the world, but I don’t feel that way again.

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