Remembering 16 victims of Humboldt Broncos bus crash

On the 6th of April, 2018, a coach carrying the Humboldt Broncos junior ice hockey squad to a postseason match crashed into a commercial truck at a remote junction in Saskatchewan, leading to the loss of 16 lives and causing injuries to 13 individuals.

Last month, Jaskirat Sidhu, the driver of a Calgary-based transport truck, was sentenced to eight years in prison after pleading guilty to 29 counts of dangerous driving causing death or bodily harm in January.

Here’s a brief look at the 16 people who were killed, including two coaches, 10 players, a bus driver, a radio announcer, a statistician, and an athletic therapist.

Tyler Bieber

A co-worker mentioned that Tyler Bieber, who was 29 years old, served as a play-by-play announcer for the Humboldt Broncos during his initial season and collaborated with the nearby station 107.5 Bolt FM.

“He unquestionably possessed an inherent aptitude,” remarked colleague Steven Wilson. “He was genuinely passionate about sports.”

Logan Boulet

Logan Boulet, 21, is being honored as a hero for his choice to contribute his organs.

Boulet, who sustained critical injuries in the accident, was kept on life support until suitable donors for his organs could be located.

He shared the story of how signing donor cards led to a surge in people willing to donate their organs, and he mentioned that his father told him he wanted to donate his organs, which ended up saving at least six lives.

Dayna Brons

Dayna Brons, 24, served as the athletic therapist for the Humboldt Broncos. She was the sole female on the team bus.

Brons was raised on a farm in Marysburg, near Saskatoon, where she says her family loved sports and she was one of the few girls who played hockey. She attended school in Lenore Lake.

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At her funeral, friend Curtis Strueby described her as altruistic, dependable, and perpetually cheerful.

It was Carol’s mother’s aspiration to assist in organizing a wedding ceremony alongside her daughter.

“We did accompany Dayna down the aisle,” she stated, “but we weren’t escorting a bride, we were escorting a casket.”

Mark Cross

Mark Cross, 27, served as the assistant coach for the Humboldt Broncos and played for the York University Lions men’s hockey team in Toronto.

Expressed in an internet homage, his cousin Graeme Cross conveyed, “I can sincerely affirm that I was unaware of a more compassionate, benevolent, considerate, and generally pleasant individual.”

Mark was one of those people who brought a special spark and made you feel safe when he was present.

Glen Doerksen

Glen Doerksen, who worked as the bus driver for Charlie’s Charters in Tisdale, Sask, is remembered as a great family man and for his passion for hockey.

“He always ensured the happiness of our family, and he had a deep passion for his work,” stated his son Cameron Doerksen.

“He enjoyed chauffeuring all those young men, all those groups, and he did it with a smile on his face.”

Darcy Haugan

Darcy Haugan, aged 42, fulfilled the roles of both the head coach and general manager of the Broncos. Haugan is remembered by his partner and their two offspring.

“One of his former players in Peace River, Alta. Expressed, ‘The coach never abandoned anyone. He was consistently present for each and every one of his players… We all strived to achieve victory for him,’ they further stated.”

Adam Herold

Herold, the youngest casualty in the accident, had recently joined the Broncos solely for the playoffs. According to his father, Adam Herold, aged 16, would have been the fourth in line to contribute to the family’s farming legacy, possibly after pursuing a career in ice hockey.

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“He was an intelligent, modest child who always had a smile,” stated his father, Russell.

John Smith, the manager of Herold’s previous team, the Regina Pat Canadians, recalled Herold as “one of the most exceptional young individuals I had the privilege of leading,” emphasizing his strong work ethic.

Brody Hinz

Brody Hinz, 18, gathered data for the Broncos and served as an intern at the local radio station 107.5 Bolt FM.

Following his high school graduation, Hinz’s aunt, Sharon Streuby, mentioned that he intended to maintain his engagement with the Broncos, and that he had intentions to enroll at the University of Regina to pursue sports management.

Gardiner Reid, a professional hockey player, was aware of Hinz’s extensive knowledge and passion for sports, particularly the Broncos, as he tweeted, “He had an unparalleled understanding of the team that surpassed anyone I was acquainted with.”

Logan Hunter

Logan Hunter, 18, is being commemorated for his constant eagerness to engage in games or mini-stick matches with children.

Rene Cannon, a host mother who welcomed Hunter into her household, remarked, “Throughout his stay, he often wore a self-assured grin that could have given the impression of slight arrogance.”

“However, he was genuinely this gentle person who laid down on the ground and spent quality time with our young dogs.”

Jaxon Joseph

Jaxon Joseph, a 20-year-old, served as a forward and emerged as one of the leading goal scorers in the postseason of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League.

Blaine Neufeld, Joseph’s previous coach in British Columbia, expressed, “One unique aspect of Jaxon was his distinct smile. It brightened the entire room.”

Jacob Lightweight

Jacob Leight, 19, was a native of Humboldt who played as a left winger on the Broncos squad.

Keenly cherished by him, his family and values were deeply ingrained in a person whom his girlfriend, Kayleigh Feschuk, recalls as possessing “the bravery of a lion.”

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Did we encounter someone similar to that at the age of 17 and 19, which is not something you anticipate happening every day, yet we remain grateful for it.

Conner Lukan

Conner Lukan, 21, was a striker in his inaugural season with the Humboldt Broncos.

Throughout his life, Lukan had many different nicknames — Squirrel, Con-Man, Lukes, Connie — but one thing dedicated people around him was his thing.

Former Broncos president Kevin Garinger, who also hosted Lukan, recalls sending his best wishes to Lukan before the playoff match.

And he exclaimed, ‘We’re still in progress!’ I replied, ‘Hey Connor, our task is not yet completed.’ One of the recent topics we discussed through text was…

Logan Schatz

Logan Schatz, 20, served as a team captain for the Broncos for four years and played in the center position.

“He was exceptional. There’s nothing negative you could say about that person,” stated Brennan Hall, a companion of Schatz.

Schatz received the player of the month accolade in February 2018 from the league, after his remarkable display in eight out of nine matches.

Evan Thomas

Evan Thomas, 18, served as a right forward during his inaugural season with the Humboldt Broncos.

Thomas thrived in the field of science during his time in school and was contemplating a career as an orthopedic surgeon.

Scott’s father expressed, “He was my closest companion. I’ll never have the opportunity to sit next to him on a golf cart, enjoy a drink, and share a good chuckle.”

Parker Tobin

As a goalie in his inaugural season with the Broncos, Parker Tobin, 18, is well-remembered for his resilience and intelligence.

According to Ryan Rechner, a former coach of his, “he was typically one of the smarter people in the room, but he also liked to talk too much at times. Beyond those years, he was an incredibly intelligent individual.”

Stephen Wack

Stephen Wack, 21, was a defenseman who competed for the Humboldt Broncos for a span of two seasons.

One acquaintance recalls him as a “kind-hearted titan.” His sibling, Justin Wack, reminisces about his knack for creating captivating videos.

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