Madonna’s Super Bowl half-time show

The Super Bowl half-time show is known for its magical moments, but this year’s performance by Madonna was particularly memorable. With an average budget that rivals some of the biggest personalities on the planet, Madonna’s appearance was a collision of pop culture and football. With over 100 million viewers tuning in, it was the biggest event of the American football calendar. Despite all the hype, Madonna’s first public appearance to promote her album MDNA was surprisingly low-key.

The entrance.

Why can’t we all just get along? The tour of Les Folies Aphrodite by Kylie Minogue immediately started a frenzy among fans, with similarities and the battle of who-copied-who. It is characterized by a frenzied desire to pit female artists against each other, as if it were a gladiatorial battle. Unless we want Pop fandom in 2012 to be like the entrance of Cleopatra as portrayed by Elizabeth Taylor in the 1963 film, it’s hard to mistake Madonna’s fantastically overblown arrival as anything other than a direct homage.

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During her guest spot, MIA’s involvement in a song by Madonna resulted in a moment that was criticized by Pitchfork, a music website known for its puritanical and opinionated stance. This obnoxious moment apparently short-circuited the morality meter of the website, prompting an almost immediate apology from the easily offended Hipster League Football National. It is unclear whether they are angry or confused about MIA’s involvement, but it certainly flipped the bird at America’s easily offending sensibilities.

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If you are the type of person who wanders away from the Super Bowl halftime show when Madonna lip-syncs and shakes her head, you may need to show some appreciation for Ed Sheeran’s performance at this year’s Brits. They may be disappointed that most of the vocals are clearly not mimed, but Green Lo Cee will be pleased by his completely oversung contribution. While vocal live fans may not be thrilled, they will be pleased by his contribution.

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Next Saturday, at G-A-Y, there will be two or maybe one attempt to recreate it, but it’s intentional to try out a different style. Then, when you’re halfway through your trip on the street, you’ll feel a little bit like you’re doing that thing she announced. “I’m sexy and I know it,” she triumphantly declares, before executing a backward spin in the air and waving her hand around. On the stage, Madge puts both of her hands in Redfoo’s cape and interferes, but it’s still hard to tell whether it’s intentional or not. After repeated viewings, it’s still difficult to determine whether it’s intentional or not. While LMFAO and Madonna perform their whole dance-pop party style, the most notable move of the entire performance is the ludicrous legwobble of one dancer.

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What is that noise? It’s the unmistakable sound of the world’s bombs and guns as Madonna descends the pitch-black stage and finishes the show with a simple “message: Peace World.” Are you listening, Kylie fans? Are you listening, Pitchfork? Let’s hug this one out.

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