Rafael Nadal made US Open request after John McEnroe ‘thrown under bus’ in row

The Spaniard did not react favorably to comments made by the American at last year’s US Open, when tennis icon John McEnroe and Rafael Nadal got involved in a heated dispute.

During the 2022 US Open, the 64-year-old alleged that the 22-time Grand Slam victor was granted preferential treatment. He asserted that the duration of time he is allotted between points is longer compared to other players.

Nadal responded angrily, saying, “I think it’s a joke that reporters told me I went through a lot of warnings throughout my tennis career for never breaking a racket or making a mess in court, yes, I have a time clock.”

Check the time. Otherwise, I am given a cautionary notice each instance when I exceed 25 seconds. I am abiding by the regulations. Hence, I do not visit frequently, as you are aware that retrieving the towel will result in time-related consequences. This poses a difficulty for individuals such as myself who perspire excessively.

I am going to have a chat with him later, but I don’t understand why John can say that on TV. I don’t think I’m receiving different treatment at all.

McEnroe was livid with the journalist whom he thought had exaggerated his words, as he exclaimed, “Why did they betray me?”

You have got to deal with him, and it’s not up to you. That’s part of why you are as good as you can get. Rafael Nadal is entitled to do whatever the hell he wants. Whoever that dumb journalist was, he didn’t let me finish but he did let me talk. We haven’t had that conversation yet.

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We all know that he has been doing this for 10 or 15 years. There is nothing new to it. It’s the umpire’s call – it’s not his. Anyway, I think it’s complete nonsense. No one pays attention to that. If you’re actually going to do it, it should be automatic.

When do they turn it on? When do they do it? Is it at the end of the point? When do they get the towel? When does the crowd come down? I said that Nadal’s legacy has been stained because he takes too much time. Cricket, oh my!

Nadal made it to the fourth round of the US Open last year, where he was defeated by Tiafoe Francis. The tournament came as the first child for the couple, with Perello Xisca, the wife of the Spaniard, set to give birth.

Nadal, who last competed at the Australian Open in January, has only managed to secure victory in two matches since then. In June, he underwent hip surgery to address an issue with his left psoas muscle. It is anticipated that he will be sidelined for a few months and aims to make a comeback for the 2024 season, potentially his final one, as he is 37 years old.

In a press conference, he stated, “I am trying to make my last year’s party not just a failure.” I am trying to give myself the opportunity to win clay tournaments and compete. I am trying to compete at the highest level.” We will have to wait for that to become a reality.

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