Outdoor (IP65) UltraBright™ Accent Series LED Strip Light

Frequently Asked Questions about the UltraBright™ Accent LED strip light for outdoor use (IP65).

Q: Should I buy the 12V or 24V edition?

Power to comes all. Preference your on depending temperature color and brightness of terms in results same the offer will strips both.

If you require a longer duration and are unable to run in parallel, consider opting for the 24V variant. However, if you are using a 12V DC system or battery, such as those found in vehicles, solar panels, marine vessels, or machines, keep in mind that the 12V version can only run for a maximum distance of 32 ft when connected in series. In such cases, this particular strip is suitable for your needs.

The most ideal version for clients is 24V. It allows the lights in the 49ft series to run with a maximum length, while the 24V input version allows you to run the lights a little longer than the 12V version.

Q: What are the meanings of CRI and TLCI and why should they be of importance to me?

The higher the quality of the light source, the higher the CRI, which is located at the bottom line. High CRI lighting is particularly valuable and sought out everywhere. The colors appear naturally as they would under unadulterated daylight, meaning a perfect color accuracy rating of 100 on a scale of 0-100. The Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures how accurately colors are rendered under a natural sunlight comparison light source.

To truly grasp it, one must witness it firsthand! This art is a vibrant display of full colors and lively brushstrokes, showcasing its beauty and authenticity. The shades of the skin are beautifully highlighted, with subtle pops of accent colors that bring the whole composition to life. The color rendering is phenomenal, with a range of hues that appear as they should, making it a visual masterpiece.

Great lighting starts at a CRI of 90. Almost all colors ‘pop’ and are easily distinguishable. Great color rendering, 90 – 95.

You may not see most people noticing, but you would notice that items are not fully saturated. Colors are well rendered in most cases, with a good color rendering index of 90-80.

Inadequate color depiction → 60 – 75. Desaturated, dull, and occasionally unrecognizable objects and hues (unable to distinguish between black and navy socks).

Photography and film production mainly utilize it as a great tool to measure the quality of emitted light. This software uses a standardized sample to compare colors on a scale of 0-100, employing a newer method called TLCI (television lighting consistency index) to accurately and effectively measure color performance.

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85 – 100 → Mistakes are so tiny that corrections would not be required.

75 – 85 → There is scope for improvement. A satisfactory outcome is easily attainable.

To get there, it would take a long time, but an acceptable result for a colorist would want to correct the errors.

25 – 50 → Poor color rendering needing much improvement from a good colorist, but the result would not meet broadcast standards.

0 – 25 → Very bad color rendering needing drastic improvements from a good colorist, but the result would not be acceptable.

Q: What power supply is required for my (x) feet of LEDs?

To determine the size of the LED strip lights needed for your project, you will need to find the exact power LED chart in our View Supply Power.

Q: What is the warranty for this product?

Please read our warranty policy to learn how Flexfire LEDs have the longest warranty on the market. We offer a 15-year warranty on our Accent Series LED strip lights, showcasing our unwavering confidence in the quality of our product.

Q: How long do your strip lights last?

Our lights have been tested and are expected to have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, with a drop in luminosity to 70% before reaching that point. This means that if you were to use your lights for 12 hours every day, they would last longer than 10 years. Even after that time, the lights will maintain 70% of their brightness, making them higher-output strips that require heat sinking to reach beyond expected lifespan.

Q: What is the color temperature (CCT)?

When the temperature exceeds 6500K, the lights start to cool down and give off a bluish hue. On the other hand, the light becomes significantly warmer when the temperature drops below 3000K. The majority of white lights fall within a spectrum between 1800K and 6200K. The color of light can be measured in Kelvins (K), which allows for quantification by referencing its color temperature.

If you need guidance, experts recommend speaking to one of our lighting specialists. In task-specific or industrial high-traffic areas, we suggest using cooler tones for ambient or accent lighting, while warmer tones are recommended. It is important to choose a color temperature that complements the intention, mood, or style of your space.

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LED strip lights color temperature chart scale

Q: What are lumens (lm)?

When comparing LED strip lights, it is important to consider the brightness, color accuracy, power consumption per unit length, warranty, and available options. This measurement allows us to gauge the amount of light emitted by an LED strip or any other light-emitting product, as perceived by the human eye.

Q: What is the maximum distance the UltraBright™ Accent Series can run before experiencing a decrease in voltage?

Alongside the appropriate power unit, it is feasible to have extended connections. In the case of 24V, the utmost uninterrupted line of illumination in a sequence is 49 ft (15 m). In the case of 12V, the maximum uninterrupted line of lighting in a sequence is 32 ft (10 m).

Q: Is there an option for indoor activities?

Yes, we provide a version of the UltraBright™ Accent Series that has an IP20 rating.

Q: What do I require to activate my lights?

Manage the complete sequence of lights and ensure that the power source has sufficient capacity. The choice of power supply may differ depending on whether you desire the ability to control or adjust the brightness of your lights using a dimming system. Depending on your specific arrangement, it is necessary to initially acquire a power supply of either 12V or 24V, as these lights function on low voltage.

Q: How can I install the lights?

Feel free to call us with any questions while brackets are included to hold the IP65 strip in place. Before mounting the strip, make sure to thoroughly clean the underside surface to remove any particulate matter and dust. The double-sided 3M adhesive on the back of the LED strip allows you to easily install the lights in the desired location.

Q: Am I able to trim the strips on my own?

You will be able to see the printed marks cut on the surface of the strip. You can cut this strip every 1″ using sharp scissors. Our LED strip lights are made to be cut to your desired length. Yes.

Q: What is a 2216 surface-mount device (SMD) LED chip?

The size of the LED chips on this information is more important here. The chip measures 1.6mm x 2.2mm and represents the size of the LED chips on the SMD 2216 A strip. The SMD 2216 A is a new high-density and efficient LED chip diode.

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Q: What does IP stand for? What is the distinction between IP65 and IP68?

The measurement of protection against liquids and solid objects (such as dust, sand, dirt, etc.) Is an item. “Ingress Protection” is the acronym for IP. This is a system rating that defines the ability of a product to work in different environments.

IP ratings, here. Conversely, IP68 is designed to be immersed underwater for extended durations, whereas IP65 is designed to endure water jets and any debris or grime. The second digit pertains to safeguarding against liquids, and the initial digit pertains to safeguarding against solid substances (dust, etc). An IP rating consists of two digits. Peruse an article on.

Q: Can I trim reels that have an outdoor rating of IP65?

Many clients prefer to use silicone caps to seal the ends of the silicone tube. It is important to reseal the light strip inside the caps before closing the ends to prevent water damage. Please make sure to do this each time you cut the light strip. Absolutely.

Q: How adaptable are these outdoor strips?

The strip is protected by a soft silicone sleeve, which makes it water resistant and still very flexible. The IP65 strip is quite flexible, resembling a rollable measuring tape.

Q: What is the significance of being UL Listed?

These are secure products that you can use for both residential and industrial purposes, as well as in commercial settings when installing and utilizing LED lights. Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the independent organization that focuses on evaluating product safety certifications, is not driven by profit.

Q: What does Title 24 JA8 mean?

Color temperatures below 4000K are allowed to meet the requirements of California Title 24 JA8. This helps reduce energy use, environmental impacts, and energy costs.

Additional details about LED strip lights:

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