Nick Foles’ legendary Super Bowl run was somehow even more impressive than we realized

There can never be sufficient praise given to Nick Foles in Philadelphia.

The former Eagles quarterback turned absolutely legendary in a stretch of postseason games, becoming the first MVP in the history of the Super Bowl franchise.

Foles achieved a total of 971 yards with an average of 9.2 yards per attempt, scoring six touchdowns and throwing only one interception. Additionally, he obtained an impressive passer rating of 115.7. Out of his 106 pass attempts during the playoffs, Foles successfully completed 77 passes, which accounts for a remarkable 72.6% completion rate.

As if that wasn’t remarkable enough, Foles accomplished it all while coping with discomfort that resulted in restricted arm power.

In the recent press conference, Frank Reich, the current head coach of the Indianapolis Colts and former offensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles, highlighted King Peter’s performance during this week’s game in FMIA column.

Nick Foles, backup quarterback, led a crew of backups (plus impressive rookie wideout Alec Pierce, on a first-drive scoring drive Saturday. “We’ve wanted Nick here for some time,” Frank Reich told me. “You know what he told me? ‘Frank, my arm is so much stronger than it was back in ’17.” That’s when St. Nick led the Eagles to the Super Bowl stunner over New England and when, telling almost no one, his elbow was hurting all down the stretch. Reich says Foles’ arm in camp has been terrific

It’s a little curious that we never heard about this sooner. Then again, it’s not like Foles to seek out extra credit.

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Foles, who was dealing with elbow pain, missed a lot of training camp time in the 2017 season. It shouldn’t come as a shocker if you recall. We even wrote about it at the time.

Though I’m certainly no doctor and I don’t know the full nature of Foles’ injury, it’s hard to believe his elbow is going to get better if he continues to throw. It’s also hard to believe the Eagles are holding him out for precautionary reasons when he’s missed so much time.

“The Eagles should really pray that Wentz doesn’t get injured this year.” Is the concluding statement of the article titled “The major Eagles worry that is being overlooked” regarding the team’s backup quarterback scenario, obviously, this information was derived from it.


Delighted to have been mistaken about that particular thing.

Despite being hindered, Nick Foles performed exceptionally well in the NFC Championship Game, throwing big downfield passes that reminded us of his ability to make plays like the flea flicker to Torrey Smith or the deep bomb to Jeffery. It’s pretty crazy how he managed to come through, proving the main point here.

If you take into account the preseason, the season lasted for a total of 23 games, and I’m certain that numerous injuries were sustained by other players. Throughout the entirety of that season, Jeffery persevered through a shoulder problem. Naturally, Foles was not the sole Eagle who battled through injuries.

However, it is quite remarkable to consider that Foles’ exceptional performance was even more remarkable than we initially understood.

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Wishing BDN the best as he supports Matt Ryan in Indianapolis this year.

… Or potentially assumes control of the Colts’ starting position if/when Ryan encounters difficulties or sustains an injury?!

In the Super Bowl, the turnover occurred when a ball rebounded from Alshon Jeffery’s hands. Nevertheless, Foles managed to escape without consequences when Keanu Neal failed to intercept the ball in the Divisional Round.

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