Oklahoma man charged with killing 4 cyclists, dismembering their bodies

During a press conference on Monday, District Attorney Carol Iski, who represents Okmulgee County, a region located south of Tulsa with a population of approximately 36,800 individuals, made an official statement revealing that Joseph Kennedy, a 67-year-old individual, has been formally accused of committing four instances of first-degree murder. The victims in question are Mark Chastain, aged 32, Billy Chastain, aged 30, Mike Sparks, aged 32, and Alex Stevens, aged 29.

Kennedy possesses a junkyard that the four individuals biked to when they departed from an Okmulgee dwelling on October 9th and were last observed.

The dismembered corpses of the individuals were discovered in the Deep Fork River on October 14th, prompting a large-scale search by authorities when the men did not come back to their residences the following day.

Iski stated on Monday, “Michael Sparks had both arms removed. Furthermore, four victims had their waists transected and suffered gunshot wounds.”.

Kennedy was apprehended several days later in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida, approximately 1,200 miles away from the initial location of the crime, while being in possession of a vehicle that had been reported as stolen.

It is believed that Mark Chastain’s phone retrieved footage from a local gas station surveillance vehicle, showing that he traveled to a nearby gas station in the vicinity of Kennedy’s Cruiser PT, pumped fuel, and left the site around 8 p.M. On October 9th. Iski stated that the data retrieved from Mark Chastain’s phone indicated that the device was located at the scrap yard.

The suspect, Iski, claimed that his phone had traveled to a scrap yard, located second from the gas station, and stopped transmitting location data.

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After executing a search warrant, the police discovered four bodies in the first scrap yard they searched. They also found a broken set of dentures, some personal items, and a tree that had been struck by a bullet of caliber 7.62.

During a voluntary and undated interview with the police, he informed investigators that he had been experiencing a series of thefts on his property. He also mentioned that on October 9th, he had surveyed his lot in an effort to catch those responsible.

Iski stated that according to Mark Chastain’s phone records, it is believed that the victim or victims were also there when the defendant acknowledges being at the scrap yard, while adding that Kennedy claims to have not seen anyone at that particular moment.

Isaki also mentioned that Kennedy admitted to being romantically involved with a woman.

Kennedy came to her residence the morning after the murders are believed to have occurred, the woman informed police on Oct. 18.

Isaki mentioned, “She mentioned [Kennedy] was behaving very oddly.” She declared that he had delivered to her a bike that he had left for her child.

According to the district attorney, Kennedy made a second visit to the woman’s residence at 3 a.M. On October 15th.

Isaki conveyed that she would never encounter him again and he was departing, expressing great restlessness and informing her. When she inquired about the reason behind his distress, he disclosed that he began firing uncontrollably, overwhelmed by the feeling of being ostracized. Subsequently, she informed him that he proceeded to harm them physically after the shooting incident.

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Billy Chastain rode his bicycle to the yard scrap the day he went missing, and it is believed that he gave it to the woman named Kennedy.

Isaki stated that DNA proof from the blood additionally links him to the killings.

Isaki stated that they have not yet determined the punishment they will seek, and inquired whether they plan to pursue the death penalty for Kennedy.

She mentioned, “That particular choice, we have not yet finalized at this juncture, so usually, we determine that subsequent to having an opportunity to convene with the families.”

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