No Charges Filed Against Heckler After Beer Hurled at Comedian at NJ Comedy Club

The comedian’s standup video went viral after she handled not only a heckler but also the responsible person who hurled a beer at her onstage.

According to a press release by the Point Pleasant Beach police, it was reported that there had been contact between Elias Ariel, a comic at Vinnie’s Uncle Comedy Club, and the individuals involved in the incident on Saturday night. The police were unable to witness the person who threw a beer can at Elias, but he/she informed them that she did not wish to file a criminal complaint or press charges. The visibility of the individuals involved was hindered by the stage lighting, making it difficult for the police to identify the person who threw the beer can.

In order to accomplish that, she would need to go back to the city if she wished to file charges, Elias informed Newsweek, “and I won’t do that unless someone compensates me for it.” Furthermore, she expressed in a Twitter message to a reporter from the Asbury Park Press that it is “truly disheartening if (the supposed beer thrower) doesn’t face any legal repercussions.”

Although Elias did provide a humorous perspective on the matter, he informed the journalist that “in the end, he must confront his own conscience, which is likely sufficient retribution.”

The woman in the crowd started heckling her when Elias, who was convinced that she had voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 election, apparently wasn’t too happy about it. It all stems back to her gig on October 8th.

“I could tell by your jokes you voted for Biden,” the heckler can be heard saying from her seat in the audience.

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Without skipping a moment, Elias was prepared to retaliate.

Audience members cheered as the comedian said, “If you’re still talking about not wanting to vote for Trump, there’s no one who wants that.”

Her regular pattern shifted as she moved towards Elias, and things quickly became more intense. Suddenly, on stage, she threw a beer can filled with liquid at him. It smashed into the brick wall behind her and sailed towards Elias.

She grabbed the thrown can and gulped down the remaining liquid, as the crowd erupted into a boisterous ovation. However, it was Elias’ subsequent action that propelled her to internet stardom – the spectators were utterly astonished.

Dino Ibelli, the proprietor of Uncle Vinnie’s, exclaimed, “Absolute comedic brilliance!” However, the way she dealt with it, rather than the actual circumstance, was pure comedy gold when she took a gulp from that container.

The container was seemingly recorded on the club’s security cameras, Ibelli mentioned. Her spouse is the individual who hurled the container towards the stage, and subsequently escaped, Ibelli stated. However, she obeyed when she refused to cease the disruptive behavior, and he had requested the woman to depart, Ibelli mentioned.

“Yeah,” he introduced his friends. He told me his last name and actually introduced his friend to me. We can see him throw the ball. NBC informed Ibelli in New York, as NBC informed Ibelli.

The video has been watched by millions of online viewers, receiving praise from big comedians like Patton Oswalt, Whitney Cummings, and Jim Gaffigan. They called her a total and super funny act in class, saying that Elias exhibited poise and rock ribbed confidence.

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Elias wasn’t just happy, but he also said that he can’t tell if people are feeling entitled or okay with it.

As for the comedian, well, she has done what she excels at: Sharing humorous anecdotes about the circumstance.

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