On the second occasion of their superfight on Saturday, Ryan Garcia took a beating from Davis “Tank” Gervonta. Garcia was floored by a perfectly placed left hand shot to the liver, which had a delayed stinging effect. He then dropped to one knee. This event took place in Las Vegas.

On this occasion, Garcia did not surpass the count.

In a highly anticipated boxing match at the T-Mobile Arena, Davis emerged victorious, but the conclusion was both conclusive and anticlimactic. Despite Garcia still being on one knee, struggling to catch his breath, Referee Thomas Taylor reached a count of 10 after 1 minute and 44 seconds into the 7th round.

If a catchweight bout at 136 pounds, which was preceded by months of hype and trash talk, takes place, then Gervonta Davis, one of the top pound-for-pound boxers, will solidify himself as one of the biggest stars in the sport with a single left hand knockout (29-0, 27 KOs).


Ryan Garcia took a chance and lost, but boxing is better for it


Boxing pound-for-pound rankings: Did Gervonta Davis make the top 10?

In the 7th round, Garcia ended the match with a punch to the torso, but recovered and endured a knockdown, also in the 2nd round, in his most successful win over Olympic champion Luke Campbell. Frequently undervalued, Garcia once more demonstrated his strength, amidst his attractive appearance and 9.8 million followers on Instagram.

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Now, Garcia will go back to the junior welterweight division, where he will pursue his inaugural world title.

Campbell, who endured a 15-month layoff following a wrist surgery and addressed his mental health, said, “I plan to fight at my best weight of 140 pounds, just like Garcia, the fighters’ top choice.”

“I agreed to the agreement, and that’s the end of it,” Garcia stated. “However, I cannot justify myself. I didn’t sense any strength in my legs. I felt slightly feeble while entering the boxing ring.”

If he were to lose, only Davis had the capability to invoke his right to a prompt rematch, however, the agreement included a provision for a second fight.

Garcia stated, “This is a rare matchup that requires boxing, and it’s why I will do whatever I need to in order to make the fight happen between two prime stars.”

The primary organizer of the fight, including compromising on the weight, and also receiving a smaller portion of the earnings – both boxers were promised to make millions, according to sources from ESPN, from an event that was anticipated to bring in a large sum of money from ticket sales and pay-per-view – were part of those initiatives.

Showtime exclusively battles on and is associated with PBC, which was the main network for the pay-per-view. Golden Boy Promotions, possessed by Oscar De La Hoya, is with Garcia and he competes on DAZN.

Throughout various sports, including the ranking of top athletes, Davis is expected to ascend to a whole new level in the realm of boxing’s finest fighters, while Garcia, who hails from Los Angeles, will need to reassess his strategy and start over from scratch.

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From the NFL to the NBA to music and movies, the top names were ringside to soak it all in Saturday night.

Instead of being placed under house arrest, a plea agreement that could have spared Davis from serving time in jail was already turned down by the judge overseeing the case. A total of four individuals, including a pregnant woman, sustained injuries in a hit-and-run incident that occurred in November 2020, to which Davis admitted guilt on four charges related to the incident. Davis is scheduled to be sentenced on May 5 in his hometown of Baltimore and will additionally have to face the consequences of his legal issues.

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