New York Strip vs Ribeye Steak: What’s the Difference?

The risks are even greater (pun absolutely intended) when ordering a pricier steak such as the New York Strip or Ribeye.

At first sight, both steaks appear very alike.

To assist you in maximizing your funds while buying steak, we will elucidate the primary differences and the ideal techniques for cooking these premium meat selections.

The main difference between a ribeye and a NY strip is that the ribeye has a greater quantity of internal marbling or fat.

The New York Strip steak has a thick layer of fat running along one edge that is not really edible.

The Ribeye is a great choice if you are looking for a tender steak with a smooth, buttery texture and plenty of flavor.

The Ribeye, known for its generous marbling, is a forgiving cut that is easy to cook. The fat content not only adds flavor but also helps to keep the meat delicious and moist, even if you accidentally overcook it.

It can be served either without bones or with bones.

The New York Strip, known for its closer texture and distinct grain, is favored by those who enjoy a slightly chewy steak. Additionally, most New York Strip steaks feature a generous amount of fat on the side, enhancing its robust flavor.

If you’re struggling to differentiate between your NY strip and Ribeye, the video below offers a direct comparison of these two beef cuts.

Both the Ribeye and the New York Strip are sliced from the longissimus dorsi, a pair of muscle strips that extend along a steer’s spine, on the exterior of the ribs.

This muscle, commonly referred to as the loin or backstrap, is uncommonly used in cattle. It is more tender and less active than the other muscles, making it ideal for cutting steaks that lack muscle groups.

The Ribeye, a well-marbled slice with a velvety consistency, originates from the rib area at the anterior part of the longissimus dorsi. The Ribeye adds a savory beefy taste to the meat, courtesy of marbling, which refers to extra fat dispersed within the muscles.

The Strip New York, cut from the loin section towards the rear end of the dorsi longissimus, has less marbling and a tighter texture compared to Ribeye.

Feeling famished? Take a look at our guide to the top-notch steak delivery businesses.

Rib Eye

Where it’s located

The Ribeye comes from a section of the steer’s upper rib cage, specifically the area from the neck to the close ribs, spanning from twelve to six ribs.

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The majority of Ribeye steaks are cut from the longissimus dorsi muscle, where it may also contain sections of the complexus and spinalis muscles, depending on the cut.

Other common names

In the US, the Ribeye is frequently marketed as the beauty steak, the Delmonico steak (named after the renowned New York steakhouse), the cowboy cut (if presented with bone-in), or the Spencer steak (if presented without the bone).

The Entrecôte, which means “between the ribs,” is what the French call the Ribeye.

In Australia and New Zealand, the scotch fillet is known as the ribeye.


When prepared correctly, this fatty cut of meat will dissolve in the mouth. The Ribeye is renowned for its abundant marbling and decadent taste.

Ribeyes that consist of the longissimus and spinalis muscles possess a distinctive layer of fat that divides the two tissues.

How to buy

Ribeye cuts should be easily accessible at all grocery stores and butcher shops.

Search for beef cuts that have a minimum thickness of one inch, preferably of choice or prime quality.

If you truly desire to indulge yourself, we strongly suggest trying the American Wagyu ribeye steak from Snake River Farms.

Best cooking methods

If you are cooking with charcoal, make sure to heat up area one, as it is hotter. If you want to set your gas grill, set burner one to medium and burner two to high. The best way to grill a Ribeye is by creating a two-zone fire. Grilling a Ribeye is best done with a two-zone grilling method.

When using a meat thermometer, keep in mind that the most effective method to determine if your steak is cooked to your liking involves searing your Ribeye on the high heat section to achieve a browned exterior, and subsequently transferring it to the moderate heat section to complete the cooking process, according to your preferred level of doneness for steaks.

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The abundant fat in a Ribeye can result in flare-ups, so be vigilant with your steak and have your tongs readily available.

“Disregarding the reverse sear, the suggestion to ‘lock-in’ the juices by searing your meat is completely incorrect and contradicts widely accepted practices.”

We have a complete recipe for reverse-seared ribeye that you can explore, or you can follow the instructions provided below.

In order to prepare your Ribeye using the reverse sear technique, heat up your oven or grill to approximately 225-275°F.

For a perfect medium-rare, briefly sear each side and grill the hottest part of it. Alternatively, throw it into a hot skillet with a knob of butter. Monitor the internal temperature of the meat with a thermometer until it reaches around 90-95°F.

New York Strip

raw new york strip steak on brown parchment paper with rosemary

Where it’s located

Situated beneath the spinal column is the brief loin primal and is derived from the New York Strip, which is a segment of the longissimus dorsi and a slice from the loin towards the posterior of the creature.

The New York strip is one half of a T-bone steak.

Other common names

The Strip Steak in Kansas City, served with the bone-in if desired, is topped with Steak Cut Hotel and Steak Loin. The Steak Shell, along with many other names including Steak Club Country and Steak Ambassador, is among the top steaks in New York City.

In Australia and New Zealand, the beef is marketed as a porterhouse or sirloin.


Coming from the same underused muscle group as the Ribeye, the New York Strip is a thick and tender steak with a characteristic chew and rich flavor.

While cooking, the thickness aids in preventing it from becoming dry as the New York Strip might not have the same amount of marbling as the Ribeye. It is often sliced to a thickness of one inch or even more.

These cuts of meat can still have a beautiful marbling, but they won’t have the same amount of fat as the ribeye.

How to buy

Since New York strip steaks contain less marbling, it is advisable to purchase the highest quality that fits within your budget.

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Look for a cut that has a relatively even width from bottom to top and a more narrow, wavy shape on one end or sirloin steaks.

You can receive high-quality New York strip steak delivered from Snake River Farms.

Best cooking methods

The fast and hot cooking of a New York Strip makes it the best due to its inherent tenderness. It is better for grilling than a Ribeye because it has a smaller amount of marbling, which means it is less likely to cause flare-ups.

Make sure to use a thermometer to bring up the perfect temperature for how you want your steak done. Check out our New York Strip recipe, which uses simple flavors and is grilled on a charcoal grill.

You can use a thermometer to bring the temperature up by about 5°F and then throw your steaks in the hot smoking pan. You can also pan-fry your New York strip in a frying pan.

To prevent overcooking, since the temperature of the meat will still increase immediately after it is removed from the heat, remove your steak from the heat once it reaches that point.

Allow your meat to rest for approximately one minute on a wire rack positioned over a tray.

“The Culinary Chief Advisor, Kenji López-Alt, calls it ‘Fat-Flash.’ Before serving the steaks, he pours them back into your still-hot pan and reheats them.”

Which steak is healthier?

The New York Strip is the leaner of the two cuts of meat, although there isn’t a significant difference to consider. However, if you prioritize a healthy diet, opting for the New York Strip instead of the Ribeye might be a good choice.

The best kind of problem

Both Ribeye and Strip are excellent cuts of beef, tender and beautifully flavored. If you find yourself in a win-win situation, having to choose between New York Strip and Ribeye, chances are you’ll be satisfied with either option.

However, they cannot be used interchangeably.

So, the next time you desire a velvety smooth consistency and mouthwatering rendered fat, you are aware of selecting the Ribeye.

If you want a leaner steak with less fat, strip the tender New York beautifully but still pick to know you, chew it a little more and a little less fat.

Please share in the comments section below if you possess an infallible technique for preparing these two cuts of meat that has not disappointed you thus far. Do you have a preference between the two? We would greatly appreciate it!

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