New Timeline, 911 Call Details Emerge in Missing NYC Boys’ Baffling River Deaths

Subsequently – and with days in between, two boys from New York City who disappeared in unison one Friday afternoon this month, and were subsequently found deceased in separate rivers, top officials from the NYPD disclosed additional information on their ongoing investigation into the matter on Wednesday.

The baffling disappearances of 12 May rocked their families and communities, as Warren Garrett, a 13-year-old from Harlem, and Barrie Alfa, an 11-year-old from the Bronx, said they weren’t even aware of each other.

On that particular Friday evening, the pair mysteriously disappeared before and after providing a comprehensive overview of the gaps in the timeline on Wednesday. NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig made efforts to address these gaps. According to their family members, this behavior was completely unexpected from both individuals. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that they did not reside in the same borough and did not attend the same school.

The investigation into the deaths of the boys, which were considered tragic, aimed to determine if any criminal activity was emphasized. The NYPD was actively working with the Manhattan district attorney’s office, the chief medical examiner’s office, and other entities, indicating that the investigation was ongoing. Additionally, he mentioned that they were collaborating with various parties.

Essig stated, “Furthermore, we have a responsibility towards the general populace.” “We have a responsibility towards the families for resolution. Additionally, we have a responsibility towards the general populace,” as he mentioned the Harlem River, where Warren’s corpse was discovered and where the boys were last seen on the evening they vanished, Essig expressed, “We desire to ascertain precisely what transpired on that river.”

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Berrie departed from school at 12:15 p.M. And rendezvoused with Wilson at some juncture later in the day.

The trio traveled in an easterly direction, and at 6:43 p.M., A third young person joined them, as reported by Essig. It was observed that Warren and Barrie were riding a Citi Bike together near the intersection of West 143rd Street and Lenox. According to Essig, the boys initially gathered at around 3:30 p.M. On May 12 and were subsequently traced to multiple locations throughout Manhattan, including a seafood market, a residence, and a delicatessen.

At 7:04 p.M., Only the third adolescent is spotted and fourteen minutes go by before any of the three boys are observed on video once more. Despite highlighting that the video footage was captured from afar, Essig mentioned that two individuals were witnessed scaling a fence and entering the water. The trio crossed a pedestrian footbridge between 6:43 p.M. And 6:50 p.M.

The police were informed by an anonymous 911 caller that two kids had been seen pushing each other near the edge of the river. When the cops arrived at the scene, they found that both of them had fallen into the water. The dispatcher tried to engage with the caller to gather more information, but the caller hung up. The incident was reported at exactly 7:04 PM, and the third youth went into Colonel Young Park two hours later, at 9:04 PM.

According to Essig, in the shallower section of the river and along the coastline, the harbor and aviation divisions conducted a thorough search of the nearby area that evening. Detectives later interrogated the third teenager on the same night. In the subsequent days, several children who had been present in the park during that evening were found and subjected to interviews.

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None said they saw what happened at the river’s edge, Essig says. It was a crowded Friday night at the park, too.

“Essig pleaded for individuals to reach out to us if they have witnessed or have knowledge of any recorded visual content or have come across any auditory content – we are aware that children capture footage, upload footage, and share footage on social networking platforms. It is important to emphasize that you will not face any repercussions for disclosing this information promptly.”

The previous week, towards the end, the forensic pathologist determined that his demise was a fortuitous submerging. Warren’s corpse was initially found – in the Harlem River, which flows amid the Hudson and East rivers, nearer to the location where the New York Police Department had been investigating.

The medical examiner’s office stated that further study is pending regarding the manner and cause of death of Barrie, when his remains surfaced in the Hudson River. Authorities did not recover the remains until Saturday.

How could Warren’s body have gotten so far from Barrie’s if they went into the water at the same spot at the same time? The families have lingering questions amidst their blinding grief.

Officials said that there are differences in the density or fat ratio of bodies in seemingly disconnected places and seemingly disconnected times. On Wednesday, NYPD executives expounded on this point, explaining why these seemingly disconnected places and times could be connected. An expert in marine life told NBC New York that it’s plausible for a body to drift from the Harlem River to the Hudson River.

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According to a member of the NYPD’s Harbor Unit, it is believed that the current can have an impact. The longer a body remains in the water, the further the current may transport it.

NYPD Harbor Unit Inspector Anthony Russo stated, “If there is a current flowing outbound during that time, a body on the surface could easily travel north in the Harlem River and then into the Hudson River, starting from the south and coming out of Spuyten Duyvil Creek. Currently, the Hudson River flows south towards the ocean. However, when there is an outbound tide, the Harlem River flows north and feeds into the Hudson River.”

Russo mentioned that when an object moves through water, it is not frequently completely visible or immersed.

He said, “They’re not very high on the surface. It would be very difficult to see if it’s hard. You’ll only see the small back of the person. Hang down their legs and arms. You’ll only see the back of a person.”

If anyone has any information regarding the case, please contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

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