How to Cut Long Hair in Layers – The Ponytail Method

Learn how to cut long hair with layers using the easiest and quickest method – the ponytail technique! Included in this tutorial video.

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I found two articles from Good Housekeeping on the subject of DIY haircuts that I wanted to share in this post I am writing. They were quite amusing.

  • Here’s Why You Should Never Trim Your Own Hair.
  • And the second is called:.

  • 10 Methods to Trim Your Own Hair.
  • Give it another shot and let it grow back or seek professional help if you make a mistake. The opinions or thoughts of others are irrelevant. Feel free to experiment with cutting your own hair if you’re interested. However, it may not be suitable for everyone. Pay attention, therefore.

    I prefer to cut my own hair because I have been doing it for several years now and plan to continue doing so.

  • It’s more affordable. And by more affordable, I mean it doesn’t cost anything.
  • I never trim excessive amounts.
  • It only requires me 5 minutes.
  • woman with long layered haircut

    Maintaining long hair can be quite costly.

    More than 5 years ago, approximately $100 was the amount I spent on my previous professional haircut (only a small trim, without any coloring or styling).

    Since I do not require it to be flawless, a $100 “trim” is not something I desire. Personally, I do not utilize any dye, never expend more than a few moments styling my hair, and do not stay updated on the latest hair trends. That is the extent of it. I prefer my hair to be sufficiently long to tie into a mom bun or braid and appear tidy and presentable. Whether or not it is worthwhile likely hinges on your level of hair-related meticulousness. Now, I am not asserting that it lacks value.

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    I can ensure that it will remain long by trimming it myself. I prefer to maintain my long hair as it has been my preference in the past, similar to most professional haircuts. On multiple occasions, I have experienced several inches being cut off only to see that my long hair was trimmed only at the ends, which I find displeasing. Another reason why I enjoy cutting my own hair is that it allows me to have control over the process.

    I would rather take just 5 minutes to cut my hair in my bathroom, instead of finishing it up and sweeping. It’s not a big priority for me since I can’t justify spending several hours getting my hair done and making arrangements for the kids. But I know it’s a humbling look, lol. I don’t enjoy sitting in a salon, looking at myself in the mirror with wet, slicked back hair. Lastly,


  • Hair tie.
  • Precise scissors (you do not need any specific type of scissors).
  • woman cutting her own hair

  • Brush thoroughly washed and dried hair.
  • Pull your hair tightly into a ponytail at the front of your head, approximately 1-2 inches away from your hairline.
  • Secure the ponytail in the desired position, and then trim it straight across using a point cutting technique.
  • Undo the ponytail and examine the length. Repeat the process if you desire to trim further.
  • How to Trim Fringe

  • Utilize your fingertips to gather a symmetrical triangle of hair extending a few inches backwards from your frontal area.
  • Comb the collected hair towards the front and secure it with one hand at the desired cutting point.
  • Point trimmed directly across.
  • Questions and Answers

    Does this approach work for all individuals?

  • It’s probably not the best method even for those who straighten their hair perfectly. The ponytail method works only for medium to long hair. No.
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    What does point cutting mean?

  • When cutting your hair, use the point of the shears or scissors to remove length and give texture to your hair. This method is more forgiving and gives a blunt cut that suits it better than DIY haircuts.
  • Does it make a difference which type of scissors I use?

  • They have all worked fine. I could find that my kids are always stealing my good scissors! You can see in my YouTube tutorial on medical scissors that I’ve used fabric scissors and craft scissors. As long as your scissors are sharp, they are good scissors.
  • The average person wanting a free, easy, and quick haircut may not be able to tell the difference between sharp scissors and quality shears, but a trained eye probably can.
  • What if I make a mistake and dislike it?

  • If you’re not happy with your haircut, there’s probably a place and time for professionals to fix it, but if you’re conservative about cutting your hair too much, there’s no need to pay to have it fixed. You can let it grow out or have a DIY haircut if you’re pretty confident about it.
  • Comparison Between Wet and Dry Haircuts

    This method works well with wet hair, as it depends on your hair type whether you should cut it dry or wet. For wavy and straight hair types, a dry cut is more suitable. If you are going to curl or straighten your hair, it may be beneficial to cut it prior to doing so. I always curl my hair after brushing it out and cutting it dry. I have very thick and frizzy hair, so I always curl it to make it look finished and see how it looks. If any adjustments need to be made, it allows me to see how it looks right away.

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    ponytail method for cutting long hair

    An explanation of split ends

    Professionals warn that not using pro-level shears can lead to split ends, so I make sure to regularly get my hair cut every six months to keep it healthy and free of split ends. I rarely use heat on my hair and I don’t use any products, as I believe that this has a lot to do with the fact that my hair is very healthy and doesn’t have any split ends.

    Advice for cultivating lengthy, vibrant hair

    Hair loss is a common symptom of stress, which affects not only the appearance of nails and hair but also the essential functions that support the body, such as energy production. During times of stress, the body prioritizes vital organs like the lungs, heart, and brain, often neglecting the necessary cellular energy for proper hair follicle function.

    Achieving optimal overall health, which encompasses the health and growth of hair, can be accomplished by minimizing stress and inflammation while providing the body with proper nourishment to generate sufficient cellular energy.

    By abstaining from the use of chemical products, coloring, and excessive heat styling, you can preserve the well-being and stimulate the development of your hair.

    I consume both of these supplements, which include dried beef liver and a combination of mushrooms, on a daily basis to promote overall well-being. I would like to highlight two dietary supplements that provide nourishment to the body and help alleviate stress, derived from both plants and animals. Although this post primarily focuses on hair health, it is worth mentioning these sources briefly. By using the discount code HOPEWELLHEIGHTS10, you can enjoy a 10% discount on both of these supplements.

    Reishi is an incredibly effective and calming herb that can be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding to greatly reduce stress. It is also very effective in calming the entire season of childbearing. Included in the blend are Reishi mushrooms, which bind to receptors in hair follicles and inhibit the byproduct testosterone – DHT, effectively reversing female pattern hair loss and protecting against it.

    woman with long hair gathering eggs in a dress and apron

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    Dried Beef Liver.

    Blend of Mushrooms (including Reishi).

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