MrBeast’s ‘inedible’ burgers create huge legal drama

During the pandemic, Burger Beast contracted with existing restaurants to set up ghost kitchens and quickly expanded the chain into hundreds of additional locations. In November 2020, they opened their first shop in North Carolina. While some people had fine experiences and complained about their burgers being either raw or charred, serious quality control problems were created. However, Burger Beast MrBeast still opened a huge buzz with the 2022 opening of a new location in New Jersey, which quickly drew over 10,000 people.

But by 2023, MrBeast himself had realized that MrBeast Burger wasn’t a great idea, and something he wanted to move on from.

The company is reportedly seeking upward damages of $100 million. Donaldson sued Concepts Dining Virtual in early August, saying that he intentionally interfered with the success of his business and did not honor their contract. Investments Beast filed a lawsuit in late July, stating that despite having more than half of the restaurants with ratings lower than two stars, Concepts Dining Virtual will not let Donaldson out of the deal. The lawsuit claims that Donaldson’s reputation has been damaged due to burgers being called “inedible,” “revolting,” and “disgusting” and cites the ghost kitchens behind the company as the reason for signing the deal with Burger Beast MrBeast. Donaldson seems to regret signing the deal.

MrBeast, also known as Donaldson, is a 25-year-old YouTuber and one of the most subscribed-to creators on the platform. He started creating videos in 2012 and has since expanded his philanthropic endeavors and excessive stunts. His videos include “philanthropic” content, such as filming and paying for cataract surgeries for 1,000 people, as well as other survival competition content with large cash prizes. He has been viewed more than 470 million times on YouTube, making him the most popular video creator on the platform.

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Since then, MrBeast has also expanded his gaming accessory company, Backbone, by investing in other businesses like Donaldson Feastables, a brand of snacks, and Burger.

What is the reason behind MrBeast’s lawsuit against Virtual Dining Concepts?

The company responsible for operating HouseBowls Real and Mariah Carey’s Slice Cake V’s Cookies in collaboration with Bravo’s The Real Housewives is Concepts Dining Virtual. Concepts Dining Virtual is a company that takes care of the operations for MrBeast Burger, which typically uses existing restaurant kitchens and operates as a virtual restaurant with thousands of virtual restaurants that do not have physical spaces for people to dine in.

Global YouTube star MrBeast (R) poses with fan at the launch of the first physical MrBeast Burger Restaurant at American Dream on September 4, 2022 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Photo: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for MrBeast Burger

The company Concepts Dining Virtual is suing Donaldson because they are concerned about expanding their business by attracting new clients rather than complaining about the good products they put out. In some instances, customers who order from MrBeast Burger receive low-quality products that are delivered late in unbranded packaging, which has been regarded as a poor reflection of the misleading brand. The lawsuit reads.

The legal action alleges that Donaldson’s attorneys detailed multiple instances of subpar cuisine and criticisms in the 16-page legal document. Virtual Dining Concepts purportedly generated “millions of dollars,” none of which Donaldson has purportedly obtained, as stated by MrBeast Burger. He aims to obtain compensation for the problems and terminate the agreement.

What is the reason behind Virtual Dining Concepts’ counter lawsuit?

Variety reports that the organization is pursuing more than $100 million in compensation for Donaldson’s purported breach of contract and disruption of the business’s achievement, subsequently initiating legal proceedings. In a statement to Variety, Virtual Dining Concepts described the lawsuit as “baseless.” Additionally, it asserted that Donaldson failed to fulfill his contractual duties regarding promotion and public endorsement of the MrBeast Burger brand, citing derogatory remarks made about the organization. The company contends that Donaldson deliberately harmed the reputation of MrBeast Burger, resulting in financial losses and damaged business connections.

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A view of signage as Global YouTube star MrBeast launches the first physical MrBeast Burger Restaurant at American Dream on September 4, 2022 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Photo: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for MrBeast Burger

The lawsuit proclaims that he is mistaken, and it does not matter if he breaches and reneges on his contractual obligations without consequence. The facts do not matter, nor does his word. This case is about a celebrity who believes that his social media fame is what matters.

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