Travis Barker: The plane crash that nearly killed the drummer

Travis Barker was the only survivor of a horrific plane crash, in which he suffered severe injuries and burns and sadly, his recently married friend Kourtney Kardashian died.

Recently, Travis Barker, the drummer for the punk pop band Blink-182, got married in a lavish wedding in Italy to Kardashian Kourtney.

The Kardashians are famous for their way of life, with Kardashian/Jenner brand appearances occurring worldwide.

Being able to hop on a plane and travel to the other side of the globe, one can explore the world and enjoy vacations all over.

However, the most recent official member of the Kardashian family has had a harrowing history with flying, being unable to fly for more than a decade.

Travis Barker was a passenger on a plane that crashed in 2008, killing everyone on board except himself and one other passenger.

According to information recounted by the British newspaper ‘The Mirror,’ on September 19, 2008, the plane carrying Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker crashed while en route to Los Angeles.

The private Learjet, which had departed from Columbia, South Carolina, experienced a tire blowout during takeoff resulting from a decrease in pressure. Unfortunately, it never reached its intended destination.

The aircraft swerved off the runway’s end and collided with a fence before erupting into flames following the decision to abort takeoff.

Three of Barker’s closest friends died in the horrific accident, and he was left with burns covering 65 percent of his body.

Goldstein ‘DJ AM’ and Adam Barker were able to escape the plane, which was engulfed in flames caused by fuel. The famous drummer was covered in the fire, but Goldstein ‘DJ AM’ and Adam Barker managed to make it out.

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Following his descent down the aircraft’s wing in order to flee, Barker had no choice but to come to a halt and execute a rolling motion in order to extinguish the fire. As a consequence of the burns, he was dangerously close to the possibility of amputating his foot.

Barker is presently the sole survivor from that sorrowful day, as Adam succumbed to a drug overdose a year later.

Travis Barker, who didn’t fly for 13 years after his horrific accident in 2008, posted a photo of himself standing in the front of a plane with Kardashian in 2021, captioning it “Anything is possible.”

Travis recounts the horrifying event and the injuries he sustained from the burns.

Since then, Barker has discussed on the 2019 UFC veteran Joe RoganExperience about the torment he endured that day.

I was in such a hurry to get out of the plane that I jumped right into the emergency exit when the plane blew up. I jumped out of the plane when the fuel was full.

“My entire body illuminated. I had aviation fuel all over my body. I expelled aviation fuel for nearly three months.”

“I found myself soaked in aviation fuel as it continued to ignite…Unbeknownst to me…That is what my intuition was indicating…I hastily removed my garments…I began sprinting…Upon leaping into the reactor.”

“My right foot barely survived. My footwear and socks got drenched the most.” Chaos of sirens and such.”

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The ones that were the longest on fire were the ones that they were so. The only thing that was still burning was my feet, and I got up when I hit the ground and rolled.

According to information obtained by ‘Mirror,’ Travis stated, “receiving morphine on a daily basis,” that he spent a duration of four months in the hospital following my accident. The report also reveals that he underwent 27 distinct surgeries and skin grafts during his 11-week hospitalization.

Barker acknowledged, “I don’t have any recollection of anything.” I didn’t have the idea that the pilots had died. I didn’t even realize that two of my friends had died in the hospital, and I was on so many medications.

He suffered from the trauma of the airplane crash for an extended period of time.

The horrors of the accident did not cease on that day, as the musician was haunted by the incidents for months afterwards.

I was utterly mad. I wasn’t in the finest of spirits. Following that, I lost my sanity… I believed everyone was in separate chambers. Until a fortnight prior to my departure, I persisted in thinking that everyone, including the two aviators and my closest companions, was in the medical facility. He exhibited self-destructive tendencies.

Following the surgery, I underwent extensive post-traumatic therapy in the hospital to alleviate the situation. Gradually, I began to experience an improvement in my condition. His tattoos significantly faded away.

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