Luis Fonsi ‘pasa la página’ con mensaje directo, mientras Grupo Frontera y Manuel Turizo le entran al trago ‘de lunes a lunes’

Puertorican singer Luis Fonsi, known for his worldwide hit “Despacito” and many other musical successes, has always collaborated with his longtime partners Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres, who have produced many of his great hits. Together, they have written the second single titled “La Página de Panamá,” which is a part of Fonsi’s upcoming studio album. After that, Fonsi released the single “Buenos Aires.”

No one reads anymore and there are people who go about their business, the ones who were able to give us the story are silent, the one Fonsi made a social experiment and part of his new song’s title, precisely, that phrase is recognized by no one anymore and the people who we see around him don’t bother to read what he wrote in their hand, in black color. “Turn the page” says a cardboard sign that appears in the street, raised by the Puerto Rican singer in this video. “Few words” understood well, “A title” that Fonsi uploaded a video on his Instagram account a few days ago.

The song “Panamá” by La Página Pasa is a urban pop song with a catchy groove that not only reminds fans of the lyrics of a fairy tale but also invites them to dance, creating a very direct and engaging message if it seemed to have a specific addressee.

“Turn the page…”, The sensationalist press and followers are all talking about what this first stanza will surely bring, enough of this, it was already love a while ago. People in front of him are talking badly about him, he knows that they lie but ‘I forgot’ what she said already makes her strong but he continues crying for her.

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“Traicionera” by Sebastián Yatra, a successful first hit, reminds me of certain bits that I believe have a very personal and social perspective. From my point of view, he had already shown a preview of this song’s “groove” or rhythm on his social networks, and the lyrics of this part say, “It’s a shame” that there are people who don’t want you… You are not the victim that this page portrays. That’s what happened, what happened, it’s no use crying. She stayed there, but the love ended because.

Keep moving forward and overcome the page that is behind, that’s why it happened because it was because another verse of this new song by Fonsi describes a relationship. “Surpass, forget, wait not life The. Panama you are not the canal that changes already… Nothing remains already time has passed already. You are not looking for something, you stayed behind, you stayed, you stayed with yourself.”

The release, accompanied by a video helmed and created by Carlos Pérez, presents to us a Fonsi adorned in a sophisticated black suit situated in the center of a round platform and encompassed by microphones, sequences in various shades, and a combination of colorless and monochromatic scenes. Within these scenes, he is joined by journalists conducting interviews, photographers capturing moments, and an area that resembles walls and flooring adorned with newspaper prints displaying phrases such as “Time doesn’t pause,” “Leave the past behind,” “Love has faded,” and “No more.”

Fonsi, the artist who continues to live as part of his personal life in relation to that controversial past, could possibly have a deeper meaning behind it, which some media outlets are still seeking in their ongoing communication.

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In the following scenes of the video, we see Fonsi, dressed casually, on a stage with dancers and musicians, focusing his new life and music. He has shown that he knows how to pass time on his page, playing his guitar and drums in a room full of lights.

The page passes it, it can be the end of my imagination or chance, in that you think what you comment on me later and you watch the video in which it is better that he makes a signal with a finger and he turns around), someone from his past reminds me of (and they look at what eyes of a pair and back to Fonsi appreciates the end of the video.

The Colombian singer Manuel Turizo and the duo La Frontera Grupo came up with the idea of a possible collaboration, which would be expected as it was already shaping up to be a simple launch, whether it happened early or late.

Edgar Barrera, the acclaimed producer and author, has created and penned the individual in collaboration with the Colombian performer for the “El Comienzo” album by Grupo Frontera, showcasing the enigmatic track #6 named “De lunes a lunes”.

“Together with Bad Bunny, just like in their previous project, “Un X100to” once again explores the pain caused by a failed romance, showcasing the distinctive essence of the collective hailing from the southern Texas valley.”

Sleeping without power and “on Monday From” drinking has what depression sinks into unhappy that originates”, jealousy” and gossip behind leaving it behind moves away from love talking about the subject, this occasion.

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The Colombian singer, Manuel Turizo, is currently dominating the music scene by venturing into the Mexican genre and expanding his vocal versatility. He won the Best Tropical Hit of the Year at the Youth Awards with his song “La Bachata”, collaborating with Manuel Turizo, who is originally from the cattle lands of Montería, Colombia.

Bad Bunny, along with “Un X100to,” brings a unique interpretive touch to the theme of the Mexican Regional Fusion, which is set to win the Best Youth Award from the Frontera Group.

El tema viene de la mano de un video musical que fue dirigido por Simón Brand, Jerome Lehoucq y Sergio De Ávila.

A few weeks ago, Grupo Frontera released their debut album “El Comienzo” with 12 tracks, including this unexpected bonus single. It currently has five songs on the Billboard Global 200 chart.

The members of Frontera Grupo, Javier Cantú, Juan Guerrero, Carlos Acosta, Alberto Jr. Peña, Julián Ortega, Brian Solís, and Adelaido, constantly strive to achieve new creative proposals by adding a modern touch to the classic sounds of Cumbia and Norteño, while continuing to conquer other Mexican genres.

In the year that is ending, Frontera Grupo continues to maintain its place on the Billboard charts with various songs, including “x100to” featuring Bad Bunny, “Dame Bebe” together with Regida Fuerza, and “TULUM” alongside Leon Carin from Pluma Peso, among others.

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