Joe Biden says ‘I have seven grandkids’ after acknowledging four-year-old Navy

During his initial interview, Joe Biden acknowledged that he possesses a combined sum of seven grandchildren, encompassing Navy, the four-year-old offspring of Hunter Biden.

“Each day I either message or phone them,” the chief executive stated, “you know, five of ’em mature enough to converse on the telephone, I possess seven grandchildren.”

The president was conversing with On Purpose with Jay Shetty, a podcast, regarding the significance of psychological well-being.

Hunter Biden, the president’s surviving and scandal-ridden son, met Lunden Roberts, whom Navy Biden is the daughter of, while struggling with addiction.

I’m not proud of it. We would need to satisfy our immediate needs else little. Since my divorce, I had hardly been dating women, “that Hunter Biden wrote in his memoir 2021, Beautiful Things, about struggles like such.”

He wrote, “I had no memory of our meeting,” referring to Roberts as “the lady from Arkansas who gave birth in 2018 and alleged that the baby was mine.”

Hunter Biden, who was confirmed as the biological father through a DNA test in 2019 during Roberts’ lawsuit, currently sells certain artworks that he plans to designate for his child as a component of the support agreement reached this year, with some fetching prices in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In a column by Maureen Dowd of the New York Times last month, the issue of Joe Biden not publicly acknowledging Navy Biden as one of his grandchildren gained significant attention.

Under the headline, Mr. President, it’s about his seven grandchildren. Dowd stated that Joe Biden has consistently emphasized the significance of family, which has been at the core of his political story. Empathy, stemming from personal family tragedies, has been his main asset. However, causing harm to Navy’s life in a heartless manner, just as it begins, undermines this narrative.

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Dowd added that the president’s view of family, which is 80 years old, is outdated and lacks genuineness. Dowd pointed out both personal and official mentions of Joe and Jill Biden having a total of six grandchildren.

For decades, the President has been sending a message to America that he wants to lead and stay in sync with it. He counteracts the coldness in the heart and shoulder of the President with every message he sends.

Biden, in his statement on Friday, acknowledged the Navy as the best choice for all of our grandchildren, including his wife and himself, for their first-time recognition.

Lunden, the mother of the Navy’s daughter and Hunter, our son, are working together to foster a relationship that prioritizes the best interests of their daughter while also preserving her privacy. It is important to note that this is not a political matter but rather a family issue.

Biden allegedly desires to rendezvous with the Navy. The timing and manner of the meeting remain uncertain.

In the year 2020, Beau, Hunter Biden’s child with his second spouse, Melissa Cohen, came into the world and was given the name of Hunter’s late brother who passed away in 2015. Hunter Biden has three grown-up daughters from his initial marriage to Kathleen Buhle Biden, as well as two offspring who are below the age of five. The ages of the president’s grandchildren vary from three to 29 years old.

Each day, Biden remarked that he phoned or messaged his grandchildren, “five of them mature enough to have a conversation over the phone,” as he conversed with Shetty.

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“You. To embrace you. To embrace you. Simply because there will be someone who understands. You, because there will be someone who understands. It makes such a difference and it is important for me to think that way,” he said.

I’m pondering about you. And by the way, the reality that you would phone – even individuals you are not acquainted with, but you have encountered. Fifty percent of it is simply appearing.

“I’ve acquired this knowledge through my personal experience.”

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