Donnie Wahlberg, the singer and actor, returns as the host of the fourth season of Very Scary People, an original series on HLN. Each two-hour episode of the show chronicles the twisted lives of some of the most diabolical characters in recent history, focusing on their heinous criminal acts and the elusive miscreants behind them. This season promises to uncover the dark secrets and traces of justice to eventually bring these terrifying individuals to the road of punishment. The premiere is set to air on May 31, 2022, in Los Angeles.

Traveling alongside his musical group New Kids on the Block, Wahlberg is presently a prominent cast member on the successful CBS series Blue Bloods. Furthermore, his remarkable professional journey encompasses television, cinema, and music, captivating audiences across the globe.

The original series on HLN is a dedicated part of the network’s internally developed true crime programming.

The first season of the podcast, hosted by Donnie Wahlberg, takes listeners inside the enigmatic and twisted story of the DeFeo family’s gruesome mass murder, which has become an iconic haunted tale. It held the top position in the true crime podcast category for several weeks, as well as reaching the #1 spot across all podcasts on Apple Podcasts. The season premiere of HLN’s Very Scary People and CNN Audio’s podcast also reached #1 on the charts.

Starting from Monday, June 6, the series will be accessible to pay TV subscribers through cable operator platforms and also on CNNgo, wherever it is accessible. Pay TV subscribers can watch Very Scary People live on CNN.Com and CNN OTT and mobile apps under “TV Channels,” or on CNNgo.

Very Frightening Individuals debuts on June 5th at 9 pm ET/PT on HLN.

Descriptions of episodes and dates of their premieres:

The Ken and Barbie Murderers (June 5).

Shockwaves reverberated across the globe when the general public discovered the scandalous particulars of the offenses and the other individuals implicated, following the discovery of disturbing video recordings. However, the story was far from concluded, despite their certainty in identifying the culprit: a middle-class accountant residing with his attractive spouse in a charming pink residence in the suburban area. Over a span of more than five years, Ontario authorities collaborated with FBI profilers in pursuit of the perpetrator behind a series of heinous crimes, which encompassed rapes, abductions, and murders of young women just north of the U.S.-Canada border from 1987 to 1992, constituting one of the most chilling and horrifying crime waves in North America.

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The Back to School Murderer (June 12th).

In a story filled with twists and turns, the viewer is taken behind the investigation of how a local star athlete named Matthew Jesse Jr. Became the key to bringing justice to a murderer. The community was shaken to its core when authorities led the search for answers, as it was least expected that he would be the unlikely suspect who cheated death and killed and kidnapped two young women.

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Gravano Sammy, the last of the mobsters from a bygone era in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, is a riveting tale of survival, betrayal, and murder. Drifting back into the criminal world, Gravano ended up as an informant for the government, infiltrating the inner circle of the mafia. Despite having a bounty on his head, he was supposed to quietly slip away and live a normal life under the Witness Protection Program. However, the notorious gangster could not resist the allure of his new face and name. After agreeing to testify against his former boss, Gravano broke the sacred oath of silence and committed the ultimate sin: he testified against the mafia, describing the cold-blooded murders of his close friends and business partners. His shocking testimony helped put Gotti and dozens of others behind bars, devastating the organized crime hierarchy. As the highest-ranking mobster to defect, Gravano was feared as one of the most notorious mobsters in history, the right-hand man to John Gotti, the mafia kingpin.

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The true identity of the Hillside Stranglers was ultimately revealed through a strange and twisted family saga, after two murders that occurred over 1,200 miles away served as a catalyst. It took nearly another year for the killings to abruptly cease, after a total of ten women had been brutally murdered in late February of 1978. Despite the establishment of a sizable task force, every lead they pursued led to a dead end. The fact that the culprits could potentially be members of law enforcement added an extra layer of terror to the situation. It was a sudden realization for detectives that they were not dealing with a lone serial killer, but rather a deadly duo working in tandem. Reports started flooding in about two suspicious men flashing police badges and coercing women to pull over, which only intensified the killings. The victims, young women, were discovered naked, displaying signs of torture, and discarded on hillsides. The media quickly dubbed the unknown killer as “The Hillside Strangler,” plunging the city into a state of overnight terror during the autumn of 1977.

The Cross Country Murderer (July 10th).

It was just a normal night for 18-year-old Samantha Koenig, who worked at a coffee kiosk in Anchorage, Alaska. She was closing up the shop, like she had done many times before, when the last customer came in. Samantha was known in the community as a caring father and a local business owner. But lurking beneath this seemingly anodyne surface was a ruthless killer and rapist with a penchant for randomly selecting victims throughout the country. His reign of terror ended when detectives played a game of cat and mouse with Keyes, revealing some details about his crimes and the missing victims in the process. This led to an intense manhunt and a cross-country investigation that ultimately brought an end to Keyes’ reign of terror and the kidnapping of Koenig in Israel.

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This episode explores how this common street thug became one of the most powerful crime families in the world, finally bringing down the FBI’s secret operation. Gotti, considered an unpredictable and dangerous enemy by law enforcement, seemed unstoppable for years. He became the #1 public enemy, making a name for himself as the godfather after the brutal murder of Castellano, the boss of the Gambino family. Gotti was determined not to let anyone or anything stand in his way, and he worked his way up the ranks of the Gambino crime family, becoming a vicious capo and a solid earner. John Gotti was feared to be a ruthless gangster who ordered hits on anyone who crossed him, whether they were friends or enemies. However, in the 1980s, Gotti also became one of the biggest celebrities, earning the nickname “Don Dapper” due to his swagger and expensive suits.

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