Investigators: Man who killed Wisconsin officers had history of domestic problems

The man who fatally shot two police officers during a confrontation on a roadside in northwestern Wisconsin last month was reported by state investigators on Friday to be dealing with a divorce and harboring resentment towards law enforcement, according to a report.

Perry Douglas Glenn, aged 50, was hit during an exchange of gunfire and later died from his wounds. On April 8th, Officer Hunter Scheel and Officer Emily Breidenbach of the Cameron Police Department, as well as Officer Chetek of the Auburn Police Department, were killed in the line of duty while responding to a traffic stop in Auburn, New York.

The Justice Department of the state has been investigating the incident and released approximately 1,000 pages of documents that outline its discoveries.

According to the report, Perry’s former spouse informed investigators that she believed Perry had schizophrenia, kept firearms in his car, and kept a gun under his pillow. She mentioned that he conversed with “objects that do not exist” and made threats towards various individuals, including court personnel who were part of their divorce proceedings.

As per the records, she mentioned that the names of both women were redacted. She stated, as stated in the documents, that at a certain point, he possessed five firearms in the trunk of his car. Expressing that the nation was heading towards war, he purchased firearms on a weekly basis and his conduct “gradually began to decline”. Perry was employed as a truck driver when she encountered him on a dating application approximately two years ago, as disclosed by a former girlfriend to the investigators.

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Since his enrollment in the sheriff’s department in 2017, Jonathan Fick, a deputy at Barron County Sheriff’s Office, informed investigators that he had numerous interactions with Perry, typically through traffic stops and incidents related to Perry and his former spouse. He characterized Perry’s divorce as “extremely troubling” and mentioned that Perry had faced allegations of stalking and tormenting his ex-wife. On occasions, Perry would exhibit erratic behavior and attempt to engage in physical altercations with law enforcement, according to Fick.

The email stated that law enforcement should exercise caution when interacting with him due to his known possession of weapons and deteriorating mental condition. Deputies from the sheriff’s office informed investigators that a captain sent an email in the morning of the occurrence, indicating that Perry had an active warrant for unpaid child support.

Kari Deputy Storberg was the first to respond to the shooting on the patrol afternoon that she heard Breidenbach inform dispatchers that she had located Perry’s vehicle and planned to stop him, but Perry didn’t acknowledge the transmission about the cautions from the relay dispatcher.

According to one of Perry’s friends, whose name was also redacted, Perry was distressed by his ex-wife spreading rumors that he was involved in domestic violence and was an inadequate parent. The friend mentioned that Perry expressed frustration in a text message, alluding to the idea of causing harm to someone. Additionally, Perry expressed dissatisfaction with the county court system regarding his child support payments.

The friend stated, “He would dispute the matter and commence shooting if he perceived any danger. Perry informed him that if he were stopped by the authorities and disagreed with their actions, he disliked being ‘bothered or intimidated’ by law enforcement.”

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Cameron, situated in northwestern Wisconsin, is a small village with a population of 1,700. Located approximately 9 miles (14 kilometers) southeast of Chetek, Cameron is a city with around 2,200 residents.


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