It Luggage: 2022 Brand Review and Rating

If you have limited funds, It Luggage is an excellent option, ranking third among budget-friendly luggage brands, just behind American Tourister. and Coolife.. On our ranking list, this brand holds the 11th position, scoring 70 points on CleverJourney’s Best Luggage Brands.

Here you can see how we determined the total score. We’ll go more in-depth into each category further down in this article.

The Beneficial

  • Similar to American Tourister., It Luggage provides additional value due to its increased durability. While Rockland. is marginally less expensive, if you require a softside carry-on, anticipate spending approximately $50-100. It Luggage presents a variety of truly reasonably priced suitcases. Economical.
  • If you’re in search of a lightweight carry-on, It Luggage is definitely your top choice. We couldn’t come across any other brands offering carry-ons weighing less than 5 lbs. This will give you an idea of how exceptionally light it is – their most lightweight model weighs a mere 3.8 lbs.
  • Despite the fact that people acknowledge that It Luggage is not the most long-lasting brand available, they continue to prefer it due to its affordable prices and lightweight design. It is worth mentioning that a considerable number of customers have remained loyal to It Luggage for more than ten years.
  • Luggage is well known for its lightweight suitcases, which customers tend to ignore if they are very durable and perfect for leisure traveling. The quality is great.
  • The Negative

  • If you are a frequent traveler, you should probably consider getting something more durable like Riley & Briggs or Travelpro. suitcases, as they can last around 5-8 years, with an expected usage of 1-3 times per year, but only if you go on vacation. These suitcases are not specifically designed for frequent travel.
  • It is probably wiser to obtain a replacement, so in the event that you damage your luggage, it can be difficult to obtain assistance from their customer support, as we have been informed. The warranty solely applies to fundamental manufacturing defects and remains valid for ten years, despite its limited terms.
  • The Decision

    Coolife. and American Tourister. brands are quite similar in terms of durability. Some customers have complained about their suitcases being checked, so we would suggest opting for carry-ons instead. We said that they would be good enough for semi-frequent and leisure travel, but they are far from being the most durable on the market. Their bags are actually a pretty solid choice, taking only the 11th place on our leaderboard for Luggage.

    On the other hand, you could choose Samsonite. or Chester.. However, if you have the means to spend a little extra, it would be smarter to invest in Travelpro., which is also quite lightweight but significantly more long-lasting. Saving 2-5 lbs on just the carry-on is extremely valuable, so It Luggage is a sensible choice, even if it is slightly less sturdy. Airlines frequently impose carry-on weight restrictions of only 11-20 lbs. For individuals seeking a lightweight carry-on, you will not discover anything lighter than It Luggage.

    Highly-Rated It Luggage Suitcases

    The top choice is the World’s Lightest New York with an editorial rating of 4.1. Coming in second place is the Encircle with the same editorial rating of 4.1. For the best hard-shell carry-on option, the Quaint is recommended with an editorial rating of 4.0. The World’s Lightest Los Angeles is the top pick for the best soft-sided carry-on, with a high editorial rating of 4.3. If affordability is a priority, the Sprightful World’s Lightest is the most affordable option with an editorial rating of 4.2. Lastly, for the best coaster, The Lite Intrepid is the recommended choice with an editorial rating of 3.9.

    Important Information About It Luggage

    They know that in Europe, especially in retail stores worldwide, they can buy the most lightweight suitcases at an affordable range. They were the first company to start importing luggage from China to the UK, which allowed them to sell luggage at competitive prices. They were registered under a different name, Landor Ltd, at that time. It was established in London in 1985 and is known as Traveler International Ltd for short.

    Much more common in retail, you will also come across them in certain online stores. Retail establishments place a greater emphasis on them because they are somewhat of a traditional brand.

    They ensure that suppliers comply with the Modern Slavery Act by working under appropriate conditions, and they also ensure the quality and proper standards of the manufacturing process by overseeing it through their dedicated offices. It’s worth noting that the Luggage is manufactured in China and Vietnam, indicating their openness about this aspect.

    Evaluations (20/30)

    People who are happy and pretty like to purchase items with their hands. We could get all the reviews that we read. Rockland. and SwissGear were ahead, but Coolife. or American Tourister. were not well reviewed. Similarly, compared to other affordable brands, the luggage did not cost much.

    However, there were also a few reviews that included complaints. Many customers on Amazon stated the same remark, saying that they have bought numerous models that lasted for a long time. On several forums, people who have used Luggage’s suitcases for over five years said that they did not experience any noticeable issues. Most of their products on Amazon are reviewed with ratings ranging from 4.4 to 3.9 stars, which is a pretty good result for an affordable brand.

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    Among all the reviews we read, the most common complaints people had were related to these matters:

  • Some models are advertised as 22 inches but actually measure 23 inches in length.
  • Their textile suitcases are crafted from a delicate material that tends to become soiled rapidly.
  • Individuals are worried about quality concerns since their bags feel remarkably weightless.
  • Some believed that due to the curved edges, It Luggage sacrificed storage capacity for improved aesthetics.
  • The handles and zippers have a low-quality feel.
  • Highly recommended It Luggage exclusively for carry-on purposes.
  • Because of the design of certain suitcases, they have a tendency to topple over if not held securely.
  • There should be certain concerns regarding durability, as many individuals acknowledge that due to the lightweight and inexpensive nature of their bags, it appears that people are generally satisfied with It Luggage. However, in general.

    Here is another brief testimonial from one of their clients:

    Grade (13/20)

    Polycarbonate is less durable and cheaper than ABS or polypropylene, which are usually used to make hardside bags. Most of their fabric suitcases are made from polyester, which is more affordable. We researched the materials they are made from and found that they use mostly polyester for their fabric suitcases, especially the cheapest ones. Naturally, you shouldn’t expect them to last. Luggage It is an affordable luggage brand.

    We didn’t find many people complaining about broken handles or wheels, despite all the reviews. They perform pretty well, but their suitcases also feel pretty cheap, with zippers, handles, and wheels that are not very sturdy. The primary focus for Luggage’s weight is that they can’t be too thick, which means they use lighter and thinner materials compared to other affordable brands. It’s worth noting that you would find what you’re looking for in terms of lighter and thinner materials in other affordable brands.

    Many people have been warned about checking in It Luggage suitcases. Although Luggage’s carry-ons are good bags because they are incredibly lightweight, they can be too fragile to be checked in. It is also advised that people check their bags when they are packed full, as suitcases are more likely to break from the weight of other suitcases on top. Some customers even recommend adding a flexible plastic sheet inside the thin frame to prevent items from sticking out when packed inside.

    That’s quite impressive, considering it’s a budget-friendly luggage brand. Individuals who have utilized It Luggage’s carry-ons have reported that they can endure 3-5 years of moderate use, despite being constructed from inexpensive materials and sacrificing durability for lighter weight. All in all, the quality is relatively decent.

    Characteristics (12/15)

    Other brands, besides choices, are sometimes better and here we will cover their most essential features. However, most affordable luggage brands do not focus on innovation.

    Extremely Lightweight

    The International 19-Inch Travelpro. Maxlite is considered one of the most popular and lightest carry-on luggage options in the world, weighing just 5.3 lbs. In comparison, the average weight of the most popular suitcases is around 7.9 lbs when empty.

    So, it appears that their “Lightest World’s” may actually be true. In fact, we couldn’t find any suitcase from any other brand that is even below 5lbs. We looked around the web and couldn’t find anything lighter than their “World’s lightest” collection.

    Fiberglass, which It Luggage has chosen to utilize, is even lighter. Typically, fabric suitcases are strengthened with a sturdy wire or aluminum framework. It Luggage has employed a ‘frameless’ construction, delicate fabric, and lightweight handles and wheels to reduce the overall weight.

    Eight Wheels in Place of Four

    With them, you can be as gentle as possible, aren’t the wheels the most affordable luggage brands, like Lucas. and Merax., saying that the double ones are smoother to roll and more durable. We can say that the double ones with dual spinner wheels and single spinner wheels are better, as we have tested dozens of bags. Instead of regular ones, you will find double spinner wheels on most of their suitcases.

    Travel Security Administration-Approved Locks on certain Hardshell Suitcases

    TSA-approved combination locks commonly come with their hardside suitcases, most commonly found in large checked, medium checked, and carry-on sizes. For example, the Asteroid Luggage Spinner has TSA locks available in all three sizes.

    Not every hardside suitcase on find will have a TSA lock, but Carry-On Hardside Quaint Luggage does not have one. However, it’s nice to have a feature on a bag that costs less than $100. Usually, bags that cost over $100 come with TSA locks, so you don’t have to purchase a separate lock if you’re looking to secure the contents of your bag. These locks are nice.

    Spacious Main Compartment with Broad Handles

    The “World’s Lightest” collection features models with retractable handles that are quite spacious, concealing the inner part of the handle in the corners of the main compartment. However, the presence of two rails in the middle of the suitcase often results in inefficient utilization of space within the main compartment.

    The suitcases that come with retractable handles don’t have straps wide enough to fit around the handles, making it difficult to carry them. However, for those who like to store their backpacks on top of their carry-on bags, this system is not ideal, as it doesn’t provide a good solution for that.

    Essential Packing Characteristics

    Luggage’s expandable zippers will allow you to increase the volume of the bag by an additional 25%. Some of their hardside models also come with compression straps to hold down your clothes. Additionally, you’ll find several exterior pockets for organization, as well as one or two inner pockets. Essentially, you’ll get laundry pockets, shoe pouches, toiletry compartments, and other advanced packing features.

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    Despite having basic packing features, we’ve given a reasonably high rating to It Luggage because their bags are so light, even when fully loaded. That’s why they are almost the only brand that can close with the weight of 15 out of 12.

    Conceptualization (11/15)

    While the “World’s Lightest” collection from It Luggage may appear simple, some of their other models are more intricate.

    The attractive suitcase, although not very popular, is sure to catch some attention. Additionally, they offer a variety of other options such as the It Luggage Metamorphic spinner carry-on. However, this particular option is almost four times the price. It bears a resemblance to the Delsey Chatelet collection and the It Luggage Valiant 22-inch carry-on in Cream color with Almond Trim is quite aesthetically pleasing.

    We’ve scored their design as 11 out of 15, which is why it’s quite evident that they’re manufactured in China. Their most fundamental models appear rather inexpensive at first sight, but on the other hand, we believe that they’ve executed a rather subpar job in terms of design with some of them.

    Guarantee (5/10)

    We have found some bad stories about their customer support, and their shipping isn’t covered. Their warranty terms are pretty bad, but in reality, it’s actually a pretty good deal that you might think at first glance. Luggage’s suitcases come with a 10-year warranty.

    What Does the 10-Year Warranty from It Luggage Cover?

  • Only faults in the manufacturing process are included.
  • Airline damage, typical wear, mishaps, and abuse are not included.
  • In order for the warranty to remain valid, it is necessary to retain the proof of purchase.
  • The guarantee does not transfer to a new proprietor.
  • The client is responsible for all shipping expenses.
  • All warranty claims should be emailed to [email protected].
  • The guarantee is applicable for a duration of 10 years from the day of acquisition.
  • If the wheel of your checked-in bag breaks while in transit, it would be best to claim compensation for the damaged luggage. As for the warranty terms, they are quite basic, so you shouldn’t expect them to cover anything too serious.

    Nonetheless, their warranty should not anticipate much from you truly, considering their reasonably priced rates. Rather than attempting to contact them, it would be more advantageous to simply buy a new bag most of the time, it is reasonable to assume. It is likely a cause for concern that they had not received any communication for weeks, according to some individuals. Additionally, there were complaints about the difficulty in reaching their support team, as we also witnessed.

    Cost (9/10)

    When it comes to It Luggage, you can anticipate paying approximately:

  • The price for a softside carry-on is between 50 and 100 dollars.
  • The price range for a hardside carry-on is between 60 and 150 dollars.
  • A three-piece fabric luggage set costs between $150 and $200.
  • The price range for a 3-piece hardside luggage set is $150 to $300.
  • These prices are a little more expensive than Rockland. but very comparable to American Tourister. and SwissGear.

    In actuality, it is nearly half of that amount when one would anticipate it to be priced at a minimum of $100 if one were specifically seeking the lightest carry-on in the world. This is particularly valid for their collection labeled as the “World’s lightest,” and we would assert that It Luggage is genuinely a favorable bargain in terms of the value it offers (the level of quality and usability one receives for the price one pays).

    How Does It Luggage Compare to Other Brands of Luggage?

    Luggage It is positioned in the middle as an option among other brands, with aspects that are not highly ranked compared to other brands. If we were to compare it to other brands, we would say that it ranks pretty highly among affordable luggage brands.

    Regarding reviews, Luggage It is not as great as Coolife. and Merax., but it still maintains a loyal fanbase mainly because of its stunning designs and vibrant colors. SwissGear, Merax., and Rockland. are brands that offer similar, minimalistic, and subtle-looking luggage. Luggage It also ranks somewhere in the middle when it comes to design.

    If you’re looking for solid luggage that will last you a long time, even for a fairly long period of leisure traveling, you should definitely consider brands like Ricardo, Samsonite., and Beverly Hills. These brands offer great value for your money, with Tourister American and SwissGear being similarly rated highly for their durability and keeping customers satisfied for many years. While Rockland. may not be as good as Tourister American in terms of warranty, it still offers a good rating in terms of durability. This is exactly why Luggage is such a great value for your money. It is the main selling point of Luggage’s suitcases.

    It Luggage still offers great value for your money.

    Reviews of It Luggage Suitcases by Individuals

    Top Pick: It Luggage World’s Lightest New York Medium Checked

    The suitcase, which is made from high-tensile polyester, still does its job of ensuring that the bag lasts for a few trips. However, it is not the best option out there. The New York Lightest World’s Luggage is an affordable option that comes with added durability. Let’s start with the newest addition to the Lightest World’s Collection.

    On a spontaneous decision, you will also discover that you need to obtain entry to other items or files that are located outside the pockets of a few couples. Compared to the previous models in this collection, this particular one has a few additional features like easy maneuverability for eight durable spinner wheels and extra protection for the sturdy fiberglass frame.

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    As we step inside, we are greeted by a look inside the main compartment, which is pretty large and comes with two straps to keep everything in place. The great thing about this bag is that it comes in various colors and is the lightest in the world. It might not seem like a lot, but there is a single mesh pocket and a main compartment that keeps everything in.

    So, in general, this examined suitcase by It Luggage is a good option if you don’t travel often.

    Second Place: It Luggage Encircle Medium Checked

    This suitcase doesn’t seem to have a significant effect on the durability, but it doesn’t come with a fiberglass frame. The Encircle The bag is made from polyester, just like the Lightest World’s bag we reviewed above. The Encircle Luggage Checked Bag is a great option as it comes with a few extra features compared to the Lightest World’s bag in New York. It is similar to the Encircle Luggage collection in terms of being the Lightest World’s bag.

    The main differences between the two suitcases are the wheels, which are usually the first thing to break. The innovative design of Infinispin wheels adds additional durability and makes maneuvering around the bag effortless.

    On the inside of the New York Lightest World’s bag, there is only a slight difference: there are a couple of elastic pockets along with a main compartment, where you can place some of your accessories. Additionally, there is a mesh pocket and a couple of straps that always keep everything tight while handling the suitcase.

    When considering the suitcase, it’s a great alternative to the world’s lightest checked bag, as it comes in a few different colors.

    Top Hardside Carry-On: It Luggage Quaint Hardside Carry-On

    Something that surprises us is that the leather look of the Quaint Luggage It carry-on makes it one of the most beautiful carry-ons. It is nice to find at least one great hardside carry-on bag from Luggage It, which generally makes softside bags. The Quaint Luggage It carry-on was the only suitcase worth mentioning that was hardside. The suitcase is made from ABS, which is not the best material for it, but it does its job well.

    Based on the feedback from the majority of customers, the wheels are fairly resilient, despite their inexpensive appearance. Additionally, the inclusion of eight spinner wheels enhances its maneuverability. To facilitate transportation on buses or trains, the suitcase is equipped with a side handle, a top handle, and a retractable handle, making it significantly more convenient to carry.

    You will also be getting a couple of X-shaped straps to keep everything nice and tight. Since there is nothing special inside the main compartment, you will only find a mesh pocket and the interior.

    Typically priced below $60, this bag is easily identifiable by its main distinguishing factor. Comparable options, such as the SwissGear Vaud 19-inch carry-on, offer similar features and can be found in the same range.

    So, if you’re in search of an affordable hardside carry-on, this is your top choice.

    Top-Quality Softside Carry-On: It Luggage Los Angeles Carry-On, the Lightest in the World

    The Lightest Carry-on in the World, like the New York models, is also known for its extra durability and sturdy fiberglass frame. Made from high-tensile polyester, this particular carry-on outperforms many other softside carry-ons in the affordable range. It is the Lightest Carry-on in the World, just like the ones available in Los Angeles.

    The bag comes with a large retractable handle and two wheels at the back, making it easier to maneuver. It also has top and side handles, as well as two pockets for all your travel essentials such as ID, tickets, and passport.

    Once you delve into it, we’re met with a variety of great colors that can add to your accessories and shoes, as well as four mesh pockets and the main compartment that you can use to split up your clothes.

    The SwissGear 4010 18-inch carry-on is a great option if you need a lot of space. It is the lightest carry-on in the world, making it a fantastic choice for a week-long trip to Los Angeles.

    Top Budget-Friendly Softside Carry-On: It Luggage Sprightful, the Lightest in the World

    This is another model from the Lightest’s World collection, called the Sprightful Luggage. It is a great and affordable option that comes with all the features you would expect from the Lightest World’s suitcase. We have already talked about the durability of similar models above, but it is worth mentioning again that this bag is not the most durable. However, it does a good job and is made from polyester and features a fiberglass frame.

    The bag is equipped with eight spinner wheels and handles for effortless transportation, as well as a main compartment and a mesh pocket on the interior. Both internally and externally, you will find similarities to some of the previously reviewed models, including a few outer pockets.

    The Lightest Luggage in the World, the Sprightful, is a great value for your money. Not only is it much more affordable than similar brands like the American Tourister. Belle Voyage 21-inch carry-on, but it may also lack some of the features you would find in those brands. The best thing about this suitcase is that it’s pretty cheap.

    Top Underseater Choice: It Luggage The Lite Intrepid Underseater

    Inexpensive suitcases, like many others, are typically constructed from polyester. This suitcase, like many other affordable suitcases, is made from polyester. You won’t have to check it in, and it has ample space for a decent amount of clothing, making it ideal for a weekend getaway. Suitcases such as the It Luggage The Lite are perfect for weekend trips because they can accommodate a good amount of clothing, and underseat luggage is generally not the top choice when considering purchasing a suitcase.

    This specific underseater is mainly targeted at those who want to bring their laptop along on a trip, since it comes with a special pocket for it. Additionally, it could also fit some of your accessories or clothes.

    If you are planning to bring more electronic devices on an extended trip or if you want to bring along some accessories on your weekend trip, you can make it even better by adding two sets of spinner wheels and a retractable handle to this underseater. Additionally, the bag has numerous pockets both inside and outside, making it convenient for storing items.

    The American Tourister. 4 Kix is an excellent selection if you are looking for an underseater that can accommodate a substantial amount of garments. On the other hand, the It Luggage The Lite is a remarkable alternative.

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