Panthers’ Frank Reich says top pick Bryce Young is starting QB

“Indeed, he is the starting quarterback,” Reich stated following the initial day of training camp at Wofford College.

Reich said it’s no surprise that Dalton Andy, a veteran in his early development, has taken over the starting job from the winner of the 2021 Heisman Trophy.

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  • The brief NFL offseason, lasting for five months, condensed into a five-minute read: Everything you absolutely must be aware of.
  • Panthers' Frank Reich says top pick Bryce Young is starting QB

  • “When we decided to pick Bryce, QB1 he’s saying today here standing, Reich said we saw and imagined that vision.”

    The Chicago Bears have traded for wide receiver DJ Moore from the Carolina Panthers, moving up to the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft with the 9th overall pick.

    Young, who was previously limited as a prospect due to his height (5-foot-10, 204 pounds), expressed gratitude for the immense opportunity he currently holds.

    He expressed, “I hold high regard for the coaches and I am willing to do everything within my power to fulfill any role I am assigned in order to assist the team.” “Therefore, being designated as the starter carries great significance. Personally, it entails ensuring that I approach each day with a focused mindset. My aim is to continuously enhance my skills and continue to develop.”

    “The Panthers are more pleased with the way he has taken command of the offense, but Young acknowledged that there is still a long way to go.”

    Reich observed a significant amount of mental “carryover” from the former star of Alabama during Wednesday’s offseason workouts, as he adjusted to the pressure and avoided making big mistakes, resulting in a lot of time on the ball.

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    Adam Thielen, the veteran, completed his first three drills with the Young team and missed the last two. He also had three straight misses in the drills group, but he managed to get rid of the ball and had a solid day overall, according to Young’s feedback.

    During practice, wide receiver DJ Chark showcased his skills by completing a pass of at least 40 yards, successfully evading two defenders. This impressive play happened late in his peak performance, leaving everyone in awe.

    “So in addition, we will also strategically and cleverly play the most efficient and intelligent way,” Young stated. “When we have opportunities to attack, we will seize them and make the correct decisions, and our defensive philosophy emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities.”

    “That’s truly the mindset and the perspective. We don’t believe that philosophically we’re disregarding anything.”

    In sweltering, muggy weather, Young was just as relaxed and lighthearted during his press conference after practice as he was on the field with his parents – Craig and Julie Young – observing.

    Later confessing that he communicates nearly every day, he playfully bantered with journalists that he conversed with his parents perhaps once a month. While keeping the identity of the song he will perform a secret, he also enjoyed discussing his forthcoming singing presentation in the novice talent exhibition, mentioning that he rehearses while showering.

    Brian Burns, the edge rusher who was unable to practice against Young during the offseason due to his ankle surgery, was pleased with what he witnessed on Wednesday.

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    Burns, who has received permission to engage in unrestricted practice, expressed, “He excels at improvising. He possesses the ability to prolong the play and venture beyond the pocket when necessary. Apart from that, his primary concern is the challenge he must undertake as a rookie later on. He should certainly make a noteworthy impression.”

    Throughout the assessment procedure, Young has excelled ever since Carolina selected him as the first choice, reaffirming all that general manager Scott Fitterer and Reich observed.

    Fitterer stated, “He remains calm under pressure.” We saw him at the pre-draft dinner. He is a grown man. He appears young in the face. He truly looks young. He is a grown man.

    Once more, Reich escalated the situation to a greater extent, abstaining from explicitly declaring that Young will start Week 1 in Atlanta as expected.

    “This is a man grown, thinking about how he wants it done and what he knows he wants. He is in control. That’s a good place to start,” said Reich.

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