Is Shawn Mendes Really Gay?

Despite discussing the rumors below, the rumors about Mendes’ purported sexual orientation were not sufficient to suppress the ongoing speculation, even though he was in a committed relationship with fellow artist Camilla Cabello.

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Mendes has been facing gay rumors since the age of 15, as he chose to have his hair braided instead of engaging in wrestling with other boys, finding it “frustrating” and causing him to experience suffering. He sat for the way he was judged and the softness of his voice, which some had “issues” with.

On Dax Shepard’s podcast, Armchair Expert, the vocalist disclosed, “I truly struggled with that stuff,” and assume a posture of this feminine fashion, consistently being the first to cross my legs and sit, I’m like, ‘How do I position myself?'”

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I’m not gay, but there’s nothing wrong with being gay. If I were gay, it would be fine, but I’m not. But if I were fine, it would be fine. He wanted to say that at some point, Shepard told Mendes that he finds it tricky to respond properly to rumors that he’s a gay celebrity.

Additionally, he felt personally insulted on behalf of others who are truly homosexual.

Mendes clarified, “I felt genuine anger towards those individuals, and it was extremely frustrating for me because there were some people in my life who I was very close to and they happened to be gay.” “I feel terrified of coming out and it must be awful to hear derogatory comments about being gay, especially when there are so many guys who are still in the closet.”

Verification That Shawn Mendes Is Not Homosexual

In 2016, when Mendes’ supporters noticed the “homosexual aura” they perceived from him, it became the final straw. “To begin with, I am not homosexual. Additionally, it should not matter whether I am or not. The emphasis should be on the music rather than my sexual orientation,” he shared in a Snapchat story, in order to address the situation.

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This is the level of sensitivity that is crucial. That is something that causes fatalities. “I thought, ‘You freaking guys are so fortunate I’m not genuinely homosexual and extremely afraid of revealing my true self.'” To cite from an interview with Rolling Stone, presently he still experiences anxiety and seeks the assistance of a therapist to manage the pressure.

“Do you enjoy the music? Do you enjoy my company? Who cares about my sexual orientation?” Mendes expressed.

Shawn Mendes’ Connection With Camilla Cabello

Meanwhile, his prior association with Cabello baffles the minds of suspicious fans.

The only relationship that exists between Cabello and Mendes is their collaborative song, which is one of the theories. They have written an extensive array of songs for each other, and in 2019, their song “Señorita” propelled the couple to mainstream fame. Many fans still doubt the sincerity of their relationship, among others.

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Shawn Mendes still says that his relationship with girlfriend Camila Cabello is not just for publicity, and he explains that all the songs he has composed for his loving girlfriend with captions about Mendes while they lived together during the COVID-19 lockdown, also reflects how lucky he feels to be Cabello’s boyfriend.

The Split of Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello

Mendes and Cabello have recently declared the termination of their relationship. The announcement surprised many fans, and it failed to dispel the rumors about Mendes leaning towards homosexuality rather than heterosexuality.

These jokes, which make fun of the LGBTQ community while implying that the home singer is currently single, are never acceptable. There are now hundreds of social media posts discussing the possibility of him being gay, where fans are expressing their thoughts and sharing different perspectives.

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Experts have also chimed in to say that it can be harmful to question the identity of self-identified heterosexuals, despite the challenging task of suppressing the curiosity of die-hard fans.

Shawn Mendes Discussing His Sexual Orientation

Shawn Mendes has discussed his sexual orientation in several interviews throughout the years.

  • “I simply want to ensure that I am executing it correctly, rather than mindlessly following a popular trend,” he stated to Rolling Stone in August 2018. “Although I would prefer to claim that I do not dwell on this matter, that would be dishonest. This momentous occurrence for the LGBTQ+ community is transpiring, and I aspire to contribute to it in whatever capacity possible.”
  • “It’s simply about being truthful. You don’t need to conceal. Even if I were, it would be acceptable, but I’m not homosexual,” he conveyed to The Guardian in October 2018.
  • “I am an artist, and I possess a platform, and I aspire to utilize it appropriately,” he conveyed to The Sun in June 2019, “I am not homosexual, but even if I were, it would not present an issue.”
  • It is important to note that sexuality is an individual’s personal and private orientation, and it is up to each person to decide when and how they want to address it. It is not appropriate to speculate or disclose this information to others. I have a problem with people who have a problem with it, but I am not gay. “The Guardian told him in February 2021.”
  • Give them the space and opportunity to share their personal details on their own terms, and honor an individual’s need for privacy. As mentioned earlier in 2016, it is ultimately his responsibility to address any unfounded claims about his sexual orientation, and at present, the singer is not in a relationship. The speculation surrounding Shawn Mendes’ sexuality will diminish over time, depending on whether or not it becomes known.

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