‘I have world’s biggest boobs – they weigh as much as watermelons and won’t stop growing’

The lady with the ‘world’s biggest breasts’ has amazed followers on Instagram by flaunting her enormous bosom.

It seems that Chelsea, the busty beauty from the US, wants to step back into the limelight after posing for a number of sexy snaps. However, it appears that she has stayed out of the spotlight for the last few years.

Centre-stage assets her make which recently ensembles racy of number a in pose to page Instagram her to taken has blonde the.

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In a different photo, she barely managed to contain her assets in a small pink dress, whereas in another picture, she tightly fit her breasts into a striped strapless top, which managed to remain in position.

Chelsea Charms claims to have the ‘world’s largest boobs’

In a seductive pool picture, she also donned a minuscule swimsuit, as she positioned herself for the camera, a stylish blue top further accentuated her attractive figure.

Fans have been actively appreciating the poses, with some describing her as “gorgeous” and many inquiring about her contact details.

She states in her biography: “The sole authorized record of the largest breasts in the world.”

In 2011, Holly and Schofield interviewed her when she appeared on This Morning, ITV’s TV show in the UK, during Chelsea’s last time.

At that time, she mentioned that her breasts were size 164XXX, but the surgery she underwent resulted in their continuous enlargement.

Chelsea, 47, had her breasts enlarged by means of a now illegal procedure in which polypropylene string was implanted into each breast.

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She formerly said her boobs were size 164XXX

The material induces irritation to the inner layer of the mammary glands, leading to a fluid that boosts the size of the breasts, a occurrence that could endure indefinitely.

In 2011, she mentioned that their growth rate was one inch per month.

She did mention at the time that she would eventually undergo breast reduction and have the polypropylene removed, although she hasn’t provided any additional updates yet.

Chelsea, who hails from Minneapolis, expressed, “I’m simply anticipating that occurrence,” while discussing her procedure with Holly and Phil, referring to the fact that the majority of other girls who underwent this procedure have ceased at some stage.

“She referred to that pair as Itsy and Bitsy and informed her that being an exotic dancer in the adult entertainment industry helped her make a comfortable living.”

Chelsea had a now-illegal procedure which meant her boobs kept growing

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing as she disclosed she had difficulty consuming food and needs to rest on her posterior.

Chelsea claims that she faces difficulties in fitting into airplane lavatories and has to engage in regular workouts, as two substantial watermelons, with similar weights, provide support to her breasts.

Daytime viewers were left gobsmacked by the appearance of the exotic dancer and stripper, as they thought she was more suited to a late post-watershed show.

At that time, someone tweeted, “Just watched Chelsea Charms on This Morning…WHY?”.

She calls her boobs ‘Itsy and Bitsy’

Nevertheless, some spectators were amused.

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