See Bruce Willis Celebrate His 68th Birthday With Wife Emma, Demi Moore and His Kids Amid Dementia Diagnosis

Willis celebrated his big day beautifully, commemorating the occasion with singing, cake, and a blended family consisting of his five children, his ex-wife Demi Moore, and his current wife Emma Heming.

Demi took to Instagram to share a cute video of the aforementioned singing and cake presentation as a kind birthday wishes occasion.

Actress wrote, “We all feel warm wishes and love for you — warm wishes and love for everyone. Thank you.” She added, “We are so glad that we could celebrate your happy birthday. Our family loves you, BW!”

Meanwhile, Tallulah, the 29-year-old daughter of Bruce, shared a slideshow of candid and contemporary photos of her famous dad, including a few on-set pics from his younger years.

“Happy birthday to my number one, Bruno!” Exclaimed Tallulah. “I am feeling delighted and awash with all the good energies. I love him so much and I love the way Willis is heading with this love!”

The actor, who revealed last February that he had been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia – a condition that affects communication and causes struggling with aphasia, had a particularly difficult time during the joyful festivities and sweet wishes amid the family’s come together.

Scout, Bruce’s 31-year-old daughter, posted about the wide range of feelings evoked by her father’s special day, considering the circumstances, and the overwhelming display of affection and encouragement.

He carried her around as she rested her head on his shoulders, with a heartwarming photo of a little girl asleep on her dad’s shoulders. Scout captioned the photo with, “Happy birthday to my best friend, the gentle dad and action hero, the master of duality, the Pisces king. Sending all of my love, care, tenderness, and prayers on his birthday.”

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She continued, “Having the privilege to have this man as my father, I have learned so much about life through his art, mischief, joy, and deep love. I will always pay the price of grief to truly understand the depth of our love and to feel such profound emotions. Today, I am trying to be present with both the grief and the love. Today is not an easy day, but it is a day filled with deep love and the opportunity to learn and grow.”

Emma, the wife of the movie star, also shared a commemorative message on Bruce’s first birthday since his diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia, expressing how great the feeling of sadness was on this special day.

Today is one of those days where I feel sadness and grief. However, I am lucky to feel the love and warmth that comes from your stories, messages, and the connection that helps me understand your journey deeply. It is my hope that by sharing gratitude, dementia awareness, grief support, and FTD awareness, I can help you in a small way. I am grateful for the way it helps both you and me. Thank you for sharing all of your stories and messages.

In the midst of his battle with dementia, she feels sadness and grief, which is why she got a candid video about her husband’s 68th birthday from Heming.

The 44-year-old expressed to the camera, “I believe it’s important for you to see all sides of this. I started crying this morning, as you can see from my swollen eyes and runny nose. Today is my husband’s birthday.”

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I always get this message, but I don’t know how you tell me, oh, you’re so strong. Also, I wish I knew how to raise two kids like you.

Heming, who has daughters Evelyn, 8, and Mabel, 10, continued by mentioning that she needs to remain resilient, despite her sorrow.

Today, on his birthday, I’m truly experiencing it – sorrow each day, anguish each day. However, I do encounter moments of melancholy daily,” she expressed. “And that’s precisely what I’m doing – summoning our inner strength and tackling it head-on. Occasionally, we must confront such challenges in our lives.”

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