How Is a Body Placed in A Casket and “Secrets” Of Funeral Homes

However, nevertheless, the superior, the more delayed. Ultimately, all of us are bound to pass away, and we must prepare ourselves and bear in mind that coping with it is one of the most arduous tasks in life. It is not simple to discuss death, and.

Shouldn’t you mean “doesn’t it” when you say that someone loved you but died? It’s obviously impossible to think about. Maybe reading about what people do at a funeral and what happens to the body will help you gain clarity and take a step back from the home funeral.

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There are plenty of natural processes that begin once the person has died. Here are some of the most interesting to know:.

The body does consume itself

The eyes will bulge. The bacteria in the gut, which can produce noxious gas to eliminate the bloated body, will convert food cells. After three days of death, enzymes in your body will begin to consume the body.

However, if the body is preserved, the procedure will decelerate, preventing the eyes from protruding further.


The quality of the chemicals used for embalming also matters a lot, as it can block the decomposition of the body for a very long time when the body is buried.

In the case of the arid and dry environment, moisture is the main factor that damages the bodies, so the Egyptian mummies will last longer. The embalmed body is also placed where it matters.

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There is a project out there addressing the issue of overcrowded cemeteries by composting the deceased bodies, thereby creating soil-enriching materials and contributing to urban ecological solutions.


Adipocere, a wax-like substance that forms on the buttocks, breasts, cheeks, and abdomen fat, can protect the body and slow down decomposition, making it resistant to bacteria in the grave.

Adipocere can form within one month of death and preserve the body for over a century, as long as it remains inaccessible to insects.

Should I use a concrete vault or not?

Anyone opting for the “dust to dust” approach should avoid embalming, a sealed casket, and a concrete vault.

When a solid vault is accompanied by plastic, it may take up to 500 years for the body to begin decomposing.

The easiest way to eliminate dirt from your body is through cremation. Instead of using embalming and wood/casket, anyone looking to come back to the earth should go with a biodegradable casket.

Bursting coffins

Unpleasant fluids and gases have the potential to leak out from within the casket, however, it will not burst like an excessively inflated balloon. The casket assumes the characteristics of an excessively inflated balloon under heightened pressure. Once a body is enclosed in a sealed casket, the gases produced during decomposition are unable to escape any longer. Although this occurrence is infrequent, it does exist.

What are the responsibilities of individuals working in funeral homes?

When organizing a memorial ceremony, the various aspects they handle are mostly unfamiliar to us. Besides managing the funeral service itself, the majority of us possess limited knowledge regarding the actual responsibilities of funeral directors, to be honest.

Here are some of the most fascinating things to know about:

They operate minivans

When you come to think of it, you rarely see a dead body when vans are used to pick up the body for funeral homes because it’s only during the funeral ceremony that hearses drive for that purpose.

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They possess a multitude of undisclosed information.

Superglue is also employed on a deceased body to seal all needle puncture wounds. A small amount of superglue can effectively achieve the desired result, thus occasionally the usual attempts to keep the eyes shut are ineffective.

Additionally, when the arms continue to fall and it is essential to keep the deceased person’s hands folded at their abdomen, the issue can be resolved by securing the thumbs with a ponytail band.

It does require time to perform facial care

Obtaining it may appear simple, but it can actually require a substantial amount of effort. According to some funeral directors, one of the most difficult tasks is establishing the desired features, such as a serene face adorned with a gentle grin.

Morticians utilize small spiked cups to secure the closure of the eyelids and avoid the collapse of the eye. In order to expedite the process, a few employ a needle injector machine. They stitch the area between the nasal cavity and the jawbone with a curved needle and thread, effectively suturing the mouth closed. Occasionally, cotton is employed by morticians to fill the throat and nose.

It is obvious that certain individuals will require more preparation than others.

It is not feasible to be interred beneath a tree.

It’s typical for people to have a romantic take on the matter, wishing to be buried beneath a beloved. Not everyone likes the idea of embalming, so they would go with a “green burial” instead.

Due to the condition of your physique, you have a desire to prevent the demise of the tree. If you seek an ecologically conscious burial, it is the most proximate option available, although it does not occur directly beneath the tree. Funeral directors emphasize the necessity of burying the body a minimum of four feet away from the tree in order to safeguard the tree’s intricate root network.

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If you imagine yourself being placed under a tree, you can still obsess over the image of new shrubs or trees growing roots over your body in this grave.

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Funeral directors have the ability to instruct you on how to independently prepare a deceased body

Some individuals in the funeral home industry believe that people can also arrange the bodies of their loved ones at home, when a chemically preserved body loses some of its natural resemblance and feeling.

The process of accepting and coping with grief can even help. A dead body should always be treated with the same respect as a living body. After a person has died, you can clearly see that they have passed away. After a person has died, you can clearly see that they have passed away. Once the body starts decomposing, it becomes pale and begins to naturally drop.

Home funerals are now legal in all 50 states, even though the involvement of a funeral director is required in 10 countries.

All fluids flow down the sink

The fluids are rinsed away from the surface, flowing directly into the drainage system. Conversely, it is completely false that the substances and bodily fluids used in embalming are eliminated as biohazardous waste. Some individuals might hold that belief.

Eventually, all substances are discharged into water bodies. They enter the communal sewage network along with the chemicals used for preservation. When 120 gallons of “funeral waste” (including excrement, blood, and the previous contents of internal organs) are present, they can undergo the process of embalming.

Pacemakers can also detonate

Prior to the process of cremation, it is important to inform the funeral director about the presence of a pacemaker in order for it to be removed. The pacemaker’s explosion has the potential to cause significant damage to the retort, which is the cremation machine. It is worth noting that pacemakers, similar to caskets, are also capable of exploding.

Not all morticians witness the deceased

After a number of years, a few funeral directors encounter a deceased individual for the initial time. When the body is dispatched for the ceremony, it is typical for a funeral director to solely witness the deceased individual. Consequently, they forward the death notices to the newspaper, complete the necessary paperwork for the death certificate, acquire permits, and revise the death notices. The majority of the responsibilities of funeral directors revolve around documentation.

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