The Match 2022 final scores, results: Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth dominate Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy under the lights

The “Competition” of the 2022 version came out on top, with Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth facing off on Saturday night, four of the most prominent figures in golf.

In the 12-hole event at Pelican Golf Club in Belleair, Florida, Rory McIlroy, the world’s No. 1 golfer, and his good friend Tiger Woods easily defeated the team of two.

However, his trash talk remained as cutting as ever last week. Additionally, he has been struggling with plantar fasciitis, a condition that has hindered his ability to walk and compelled him to pull out from his own tournament, the Hero World Challenge. Woods appeared noticeably out of practice in his initial televised round of golf since The Open Championship in July.

Spieth and Thomas looked dialed in to start from and finish. Thomas made several clutch putts to win holes 8 and 4, while Spieth hit an incredible shot on the 10th hole and rolled in a putt to secure the victory.

In the beginning of the year, the occasion collected funds for individuals affected by Hurricane Ian in the southwestern region of Florida. It was one of the initial instances we had the opportunity to witness renowned experts compete in the evening, rendering it a distinctive affair.

Here are all the key moments you might have missed from the head-to-head battle in “The Match” 2022. Sporting News will be tracking live updates, scoring, and highlights.

On the 12th hole, on the 11th hole, on the 10th hole, 1 down, 1 down (Wins 3&2) On the 9th hole, Even, Even On the 8th hole, Even, 1 down (3 up) On the 7th hole, 1 down, Even (2 up) On the 6th hole, Even, Even On the 5th hole, Even, Even On the 4th hole, Even, 1 down (3 up) On the 3rd hole, Even, 1 down (2 up) On the 2nd hole, Even, 1 down (1 up) On the 1st hole, 1 down, 1 down Thomas-Spieth Woods-McIlroy

‘The Match’ real-time updates, highlights from 2022 golf competition

(All times Eastern.)

Spieth and Thomas emerge as victors with a 3&2 score. Rory successfully sinks his birdie putt, but Jordan flawlessly follows suit, effectively concluding this match. The game is officially finished at 9:42 p.M.

JT and Spieth beat Tiger and Rory 👏 Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth are your #CapitalOnesTheMatch winners ️

The putt made by JT or Jordan is very close, knocking it well and then hitting a loose shot off the green towards the middle. Tiger hits a bit of a loose approach shot and miraculously pulls off a miraculous approach shot to stick it tight there. However, on hole 10, Jordan hits his drive into the right side of the pine straw, right at 9:39 p.M.

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At 9:25 p.M., Spieth taps his putt near and it’s given for a par. McIlroy steps up, but his birdie attempt rolls past the left side. Ultimately, Tiger has an opportunity to secure the hole… And narrowly misses the left side. That putt appeared to be going in for a very long time, but it didn’t drop. Now, Thomas and Spieth have guaranteed at least a playoff, as they lead by 3 with 3 holes remaining.

Birdie a is desperately needed by McIlroy and Woods. Tiger finally hits a beautiful shot, earning the closest-to-the-hole honors with a shot of about 15 feet, while Rory hits a shot of about 18 feet. It goes into the greenside bunker, and then JT leaves it just a little short, safely hitting the middle of the green. With a victory on the 9th hole, a par 3, Thomas and Spieth can win the match here at 9:15 p.M.

It was a significant swing. JT manages to regain the 3 up advantage, but Tiger fails to make his putt and misses it to the left. Jordan and Rory both hit the ball too far, while Thomas retaliates with an excellent shot of his own. Tiger excites the crowd by hitting the ball to about 5 feet, and the players approach the tee on the par 3 8th hole at 9:03 p.M.

Pouring ’em in 🕳 📺 TNT

Finally, McIlroy and Woods’ team has won the first hole of the evening. Thomas’ putt slides into the hole on the low side, forcing JT to make a great birdie putt to halve the hole. Rory hits the green and proceeds to the hole, while Jordan and Rory approach the green. After that, Tiger joins them at 8:55 p.M.

Tiger and Jordan both hit their shots to the left, but JT manages to make a great recovery shot and gets it back onto the fairway. Meanwhile, Rory hooks his shots into the trees on the left, but on the 7th hole par 5, all three players find the fairway with their tee shots. The time is 8:39 PM.

At 8:30 p.M., Tiger’s putt just lips out from the high side of the green, cheekily conceding par to Rory. Jordan and JT draw plenty of laughs from the studio, as it bites them back when Thomas misses his short birdie putt.

This could turn into a blowout. Rory and Tiger both face a long putt for birdie while Spieth misses the green. JT puts one tight with a beautiful approach on the 6th hole, a par, at 8:25 p.M.

Rory and JT both missed the opportunity to cut into the deficit by sliding their putts into the hole. Rory hit his putt closest to the pin, safely avoiding the other three players’ misses on the left side of the green, while Spieth missed the 5th hole par by about 8 or 7 feet. This happened at 11:8 PM.

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Spieth and Thomas are currently in the lead. They have decided to donate $500,000 to charity and are hoping to secure another victory by sinking a crucial putt. With a beautiful shot using a 5-wood, JT successfully sets himself up for a very makeable birdie near the hole. He skillfully cozies up to it as the clock strikes 8:00 PM.

Thomas and Spieth hold the upper hand. A birdie putt is arranged by a pleasant approach from Spieth to approximately 20 feet, whereas Tiger hits his ball too far beyond the green. His fourth shot will be played from that spot, but McIlroy manages quite admirably by hitting it up close to the green. He must employ a 3-iron, which adds to the challenge of the intimidating shot towards the green. McIlroy eventually finds himself in the pine straw at 7:58 p.M.

The emerald dispatched Thomas while the verdant struck it up safely just shy of both Tiger and Jordan. It landed somewhere far into the forest and mishit it. He attempted to execute a breathtaking elevated fade over the trees (and spectators) but encountered a depression on his initial shot and suffered an unfortunate setback. McIlroy suffered an unfortunate setback and encountered a depression on his initial shot at 7:52 p.M.

Tiger mysteriously refused to say which club he was using, but he aimed about 50 yards right and slung a crazy draw into the fairway adjacent. Then, using a 5-wood, McIlroy hits it down the middle and Thomas slices it into the trees on the right, using a 4-iron. Spieth goes first, using a 4-iron, and interestingly, each player has to pick a single club to use from the tee all the way to the green on Hole 4, which is considered a challenging club.

7:37 p.M. — Spieth drains his putt for another birdie to take a 2 up lead! They’ve got all the momentum early.

At 7:32 p.M., Tiger comes up short in the bunker on the green, and his shot goes past it. McIlroy and Thomas then follow it up by safely knocking it onto the green, with Spieth hitting a great tee shot to about 10 feet. Spieth takes the lead on the par 3 No. 3 hole, with Thomas and McIlroy trailing behind.

7:26 p.M. — Following McIlroy’s close miss, Thomas sinks the birdie putt from a considerable distance to give his team the advantage!

JT with the shrug after sinking this putt 🤷‍♂️#CapitalOnesTheMatch

At a distance of 15-20 feet, McIlroy and Thomas successfully locate the putting surface and are presented with birdie opportunities, whereas Spieth, on the other hand, fails to do so and instead lands his ball in the greenside bunker. Tiger, unfortunately, performs poorly on his approach, resulting in a lengthy pitch shot for his third stroke. The subsequent hole, which is the second hole, is a more extensive par 4 and is scheduled for 7:21 p.M.

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The Woods family must have experienced a significant event. That must have been a remarkable moment for the Woods family! He stated that his son, Charlie, recently surpassed him in driving for the first time. He single-handedly led the team in that instance. Woods calmly sinks his birdie putt to tie the first hole. 7:12 p.M. —

Tiger admits his son, Charlie, hit a longer drive than him the other day. Charlie’s only 13 years old 😳#CapitalOnesTheMatch

Rory McIlroy didn’t hit a great shot while facing a long birdie putt on Tiger’s pitch. He conceded the birdie putt and chipped up within a few inches of the cup, just before 7:10 p.M.

Three other players came up while McIlroy ended up in the rough on the right, just short of the green and faced a pretty easy pitch shot. They’re off on the drivable par 4 opening hole, and it’s 7:06 p.M.

Spieth highlighted a potential concern regarding the greens’ limited depth perception. The players have previously discussed the unique challenge of playing at night, as evidenced by their remarks at 7:03 p.M.

6:59 p.M. — The pre-match festivities are over and the players are heading for the first tee. Time to play some golf.

6:35 p.M. — Eternal.


From July onwards, we will observe Tiger’s appearance as he gets ready for his inaugural televised golf event. The golfers have transitioned from the press conference room to the range at 6:34 p.M.

At 6 p.M., Tiger provided a fascinating response when questioned about the debate between LeBron and Jordan.

Tiger gives his take on LeBron vs. MJ 😂#CapitalOnesTheMatch

5:56 p.M. — The banter has officially started.

Justin Thomas got jokes for Tiger 👴😂#CapitalOnesTheMatch

5:42 p.M. — It appears that Justin Thomas acquired this knowledge through a difficult experience…

“If you call Charles Barkley a fatass they will not give you the drink that you requested on the golf course.”@JustinThomas34 is sticking to the rules for his first #CapitalOnesTheMatch 😅

What time is today’s golf contest called ‘The Match’?

  • Date: Saturday, December 10th.
  • The event will begin at 7 p.M. Eastern Time.
  • “The Match” is scheduled to start at 7 p.M. ET on Saturday at Pelican Golf Club in Belleair, Fla. The weather forecast predicts ideal conditions with clear skies and temperatures around the mid-60s Fahrenheit.

    How to Stream ‘The Match’ 2022 in the United States.

  • Television channels: TNT, TBS, HLN, and TruTV.
  • Live streaming: TNT application, Sling TV.
  • TruTV and TBS will simulcast the broadcasting of “The Match,” the main broadcast of which will be carried by TNT. Brian Anderson will serve as the host, with Kathryn Tappen, Trevor Immelman, and Charles Barkley providing course reporting and analysis.

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