Hoda Kotb Shares Rare Photo of 3-Year-Old Daughter Hope After Her Hospitalization

Courtesy of Hoda Kotb/Instagram

Following her recent time in the hospital, Hoda Kotb offered fans a unique peek into her daughter Hope’s recuperation. A large, joyful household!

Swensen Karen journalist Fellow and her daughter, Catherine, joined Kotb and her two kids, Hope, 6, and Haley, 3, on Tuesday, June 3rd, as they uploaded a sweet pic on Instagram. The photo, captioned with a simple red heart emoji, showed the family on the floor. Kotb shared the family photo via her Instagram account, with 58,000 followers, where she is a correspondent for the Today show.

The broadcaster, who had been absent from the airwaves, updated viewers on the cause of her two-week absence from the NBC morning show. This occurred three months after Kotb disclosed that her youngest daughter had been admitted to the hospital. In the photo, the group appeared cheerful.

“I’m simply delighted,” she clarified on the March 6 installment, “I’m incredibly thankful she’s back home. … I was eagerly anticipating that day to arrive. And we are keeping a close eye on her.” “My youngest [daughter], Hope, was in the intensive care unit for a few days and in the medical facility for slightly over a week.”

Guthrie became emotional as she spoke about personal matters to cohost Savannah. “Do you know what Savannah? You helped so many people, and the amount of gratitude I have for that is immense,” she said. “I am also grateful to my family and to the incredible nurses and doctors at Cornell Weill.”

Schiffman and she, the former CBS News anchor, called it quits in January 2022. The twosome began dating in 2013 and later got engaged after six years. Amid her romance with Joel Schiffman, both of her adopted children from Oklahoma were involved.

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Source a that was ex-fiancé.

Shortly after, I opened a letter that was addressed to me in somebody’s handwriting and it was something along the lines of “How dare you be bringing a child into this world at your age? Don’t you know what you’re doing as a parent?” I will never forget the letter I got and it reflected on Hoda Kotb’s episode in April, where she recalled facing criticism for her choice to adopt as an older parent, and how it scared her after seeing the health scare of a little one.

“I pondered over that,” she proceeded. “Am I aiding or am I ultimately causing damage? Is this an intelligent decision for me to make?” I was thinking, ‘Is this a wise choice for me to make? Am I assisting or am I ultimately causing harm?’ I was filled with fear. That truly was my moment of pain. It continued incessantly and left me breathless.”

“Therefore, I pondered upon that as well. It can strike you in a spot where you’re the most susceptible,” she expressed. “I am aware that it was valuable every moment of that duration. I am familiar with the basis he departed,” the author of I Really Needed This Today recollected the teachings she had acquired from her deceased father. Despite the pessimistic communication.”

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