Want To Know What The Ideal Body Shape Is?

Move and pack your luggage in anticipation of unexpected events, such as discovering the desired physique for a woman. Do you believe you have an idea?

When your entire job revolves around beauty, you tend to get firsthand insight into the perpetual pursuit of the unattainable ideal social physique that most of us see as perfect.

It is a fact that many of your clients are attempting to fight off the ‘so-called bulge’ in many places around the globe, but it is not true that the same standard holds in other parts of the world.

In an experiment conducted by Doctors Online Superdrug group in the UK, female graphic designers in 18 countries were given a brief to Photoshop the image of a woman. The results of this experiment are not only a reminder of the innate fact that women are beautiful in every size and shape, but also surprising. If you take a look at the following set of eye-opening images, you will learn to discover something refreshing about finding clients who might see the ideal woman.

It is not surprising that there is no universally ideal woman, as the extensive and dramatic variations in beauty reflected in social media images show. Below the images, you will see minimal alterations, reflecting the fact that the designers were given the completely original, un-touched image to work with.

Discover here how AI defines the perfect Australian woman’s appearance.

1. Argentina

Argentina is well-known for its obsession with plastic surgery, as the king reigns with long-defined legs and a slim waist, and a well-endowed bust adds to the attractiveness of the stakes.

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2. Republic of South Africa

With a sun-kissed and slim physique, the preferred body shape in South Africa is not entirely surprising, given that the country experiences warm climate for over half of the year, leading to a substantial amount of time spent outside.

3. Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

In a nation infamous for its beauty pageants focused on cosmetic surgery, the perfect Miss Venezuela appears surprisingly curvaceous and natural.

4. España

In a country where food-centered activities are central, the ideal Spanish body type represents a bunch of figure that conveys love for a healthy attitude towards eating, without fixating on restrictive diets, while also embodying enduring fascination with soft, womanly curves.

5. United States of America

America has a lot of mixed messages when it comes to living healthy, with conflicting obsessions of calorie restriction and an abundance of fast food, along with the notorious thigh gaps and minute-eight abs, few women would ever be able to attain the ideal image of the body here.

6. People’s Republic of China

The portrayal of the ideal woman in China’s submissions is far from reality, with an elongated and extremely thin body, exaggerated eyes, and a tiny waist. This distorted and eerie depiction appears to be a far cry from the original image, giving her a BMI below 17, which is considered anorexic.

7. Colombia

Colombia may have suddenly climbed a few notches up on many women’s travel lists, as it represents a far more achievable and ideal physique for women, indicating strong self-confidence and a healthy body image.

8. Republic of the Philippines

The Philippines is a culture that epitomizes the ultimate beauty of female sexuality and womanliness, upholding attributes such as shapely hips, a slender waist, and a proud bust.

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9. Holland

With her fiery red hair, column shaped physique and elongated forehead, the Netherlands woman epitomises Western European notions of mystical, statuesque beauty.

10. Syrian Arab Republic

With a distinct focus on the pear-shaped physique, the perfect Syrian woman embodies femininity, motherhood, and voluptuousness.

11. Peruvian

Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor embody the alluring charm of the golden era of cinema, exuding a captivating presence reminiscent of sirens. They possess an ideal feminine physique, with voluptuous breasts and hips accentuating a slender waist, perfectly exemplifying the coveted hourglass figure.

12. Land of the Pharaohs

Egypt’s ideal female body type is characterized by a strong sense of sexuality, athleticism, and power, featuring a petite waist and muscular, robust legs.

13. Romania

Feminine contours, with a distinct focus on, seems noticeably less exaggerated, Romania’s portrayal of the female physique, one of the more voluptuous representations.

14. Italia

The Italian beauty’s image as a runway model may just be one of unattainable appeal, with her red underwear accentuating her ultra-sexual allure, pert breasts, tiny waist, and forever long, stunning legs.

15. Ukraine

Ukraine’s red siren lingerie also maintains some of the original beauty of the female image, while dramatically slimming down her body, waist, and limbs, and preserving the soft and feminine image.

16. Mexico

Taking inspiration from the United States, the perfect woman in Mexico embodies a physique resembling that of the Kardashians, characterized by a significantly slimmed waist and voluptuous hips.

17. United Kingdom

Megan Fox and Charlize Theron are reminiscent of statuesque bodies, with narrow hips and a column-like physique, representing the shapely beauty of the UK’s less decidedly.

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18. Republic of Serbia

Complete with a Serbian woman’s ideal look from the 1950s, this pin-up girl figure takes its cue from the classic hourglass shape, with a slimmed-down waist and enhanced facial features.

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