‘Ella nunca se recuperará’: la pierna de Jeremy Renner puede necesitar ser amputada

Recently, actor Jeremy Renner suffered a terrible car accident that left him in critical condition. The aftermath of the accident revealed changes in his health, as stated by the series’ media statements, which mention that he may never be able to walk again. The accident forced him to undergo surgery and be placed in intensive care.

Jeremy Renner is most famous for portraying the Marvel superhero Hawkeye and William Brandt in Mission: Impossible.

After a recent incident, the actor’s acquaintances are worried that he may never regain the capability to walk.

At that moment, the Sno-Cat suddenly started rolling in the snow and collided with Jeremy as he tried to sit in the driver’s seat to stop the moving car. The actor managed to get the car out of the snow, then went out to inspect it. One of his friends’ cars got stuck in the snow and, to clear it, Renner brought a Sno-Cat, a snowplow that weighs nearly 14.5 pounds (6.5 tons). The accident occurred in the early days of the new year, when Jeremy Renner was at his residence in Tahoe, where he spends time with his family.

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Renner was airlifted to the hospital, where he remained unconscious for several hours in the intensive care unit, after which an ambulance was called. However, the actor was able to escape danger and is now awake in critical but stable condition. The members of MCU offered their support and prayed for Jeremy Renner’s speedy recovery, as many friends were concerned about his condition.

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“On the special night, everyone wished and proceeded to carry out what was shown, where the actor published a story on Instagram on the night of January 13th.”

The actor, who has been nominated for an Oscar twice, could not do much with his leg, although doctors managed to treat the serious injury in his chest, as reported by news outlets. From celebrities in Hollywood to bloggers, everyone expressed their support and love for the actor who was hit by a snowplow and despite the doctors’ inability to do much with his leg, they were able to treat the serious injury in his chest.

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It cannot be repaired: amputation may be necessary, the leading doctors concluded logically since the machine severely crushed the bones in his leg. But the actor’s condition is stable, the family members and fans feel relieved after the initial shock about Jeremy Renner’s condition in the intensive care unit.

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